Dear Patriots,

It seems that just when we see some light at the end of the tunnel, it is actually the Covid-CCP train barreling down on us again.

The left REALLY ENJOYS this method of terrorizing and controlling American citizens.  Obviously they’ve found it very effective.  It’s stunning how quickly we gave up countless rights including freedom of association.

Here is some news you may not have run across. Our hope is that this may help you make decisions for yourself and those you love.

1- (The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast)

Reporter Sharyl Attkisson does an amazingly calm and sensible podcast giving many researched and science based answers to all the questions surrounding Covid-CCP. Should children be masked? Should children get the vaccine? How long do the vaccines work? What are common adverse reactions to the vaccine?

2- (Children’s Health Defense)

QUOTE: Vaccinated People May Play Key Role in Aiding Evolution of More Dangerous COVID Variants, Study Says

According to research published last week in Scientific Reports, the highest risk for establishing a vaccine-resistant virus strain occurs when a large fraction of the population has already been vaccinated but the transmission is not controlled.

3- (Washington Examiner) 

This is the kind of “study” being used to make universal decisions on mandates for dealing with Covid-CCP.

QUOTE: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study Friday backing up its stricter new mask guidance, one that concluded that people infected with delta variant may transmit COVID-19 even if they’re vaccinated, based on an outbreak at a Cape Cod beach party.

The study found that vaccinated subjects had nearly the same amount of virus in their bodies as the unvaccinated, suggesting they were as likely to transmit the virus to others.

Still, the authors included major caveats in the study, most notably that it only included subjects who happened to get tested, a limitation that could bias the results. The outbreak also took place in a setting that is not representative of the country as a whole — the beach town Provincetown, Massachusetts is a popular summer destination. Thousands of attendees gathered in densely packed crowds both indoors and outdoors, making person-to-person transmission more likely.

4- At this link you are able to download Vaccine Religious Exemption documents.

Use these for the COVID vaccine if it is mandatory for you at work, school, or in the military.

(America’s Frontline Doctors) – This site is also full of information. Here is a page on the LAW regarding the vaccine.  It includes sample letters and forms to use if you are being forced to vax.

5- (Children’s Health Defense) 

Children’s Health Defense is a great resource of information for all health issues related to children. It was founded and run by Robert Kennedy, Jr.

The link above takes you to a massive list of articles, studies and information regarding children and masks.

6- (Children’s Health Defense) 

Again, this is a great resource of links to massive information about the side effects of the Covid-CCP vaccines.

7- (American Thinker) 

Here is one person’s reasoned decision not to get the vaccine.

QUOTE: Individual freedom is an increasingly rare commodity in the world today.  It is under siege virtually everywhere.  Now in the one country that once epitomized liberty.  Making an informed decision whether to be vaccinated or not is part and parcel of the most fundamental of all freedoms.


We know that everything surrounding Covid-CCP is confusing and upsetting. The truth is, we have to learn to live with this virus and not ruin our children and our economy. We have the information to do that but it is being censored and deleted from view.

It is clear that the vaccine was not tested beyond a few weeks. We do not know the long term effects, especially on children.  We hope that these resources arm you with information on all sides of the issues.

At Defending the Republic we are working with many people who are having their freedoms taken away by the government over Covid-CCP issues.

If you are having problems, please contact us by using the form at our Covid-CCP page.

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken