Dear Patriots,

Events this week were once again disturbing and stressful. We are sad to have watched our warrior Sidney Powell be arrested, mug shot and given a $100,000 bond.

Sidney is NOT a criminal. Nor are any of the 18 co-defendants. Nor is President Trump. But like in a scene from an old WWII movie, we were forced to see attorneys criminalized for doing their jobs and raising questions about an election. It is a terrible time for the citizens of America.

Sidney is resolute and had these comments after yesterday’s debacle.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. Continue to pray for Truth, Justice, and a restoration of the Rule of Law.
And pray for those who persecute us.

I appreciated the professionalism of the women officers and others in the Fulton County Sheriff’s office.  

Stay tuned!

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It gets harder and harder to find good news, but, we persist.

1- The good news is that there are warriors working hard to uncover the truth of election fraud in Michigan. Go to the link below to see the photographic evidence.

The Gateway Pundit

HERE’S THE PROOF: The FBI and Attorney General Nessel Hid These from the People of Michigan – Piles of Fraudulent-Manufactured Ballot Registrations from the 2020 Election

QUOTE: Two weeks ago, The Gateway Pundit published our exclusive report on MASSIVE 2020 voter registrations fraud that our sources uncovered in Michigan.

The report included information on 8,000-10,000 fraudulent registrations and a police raid on a Democrat election registration group’s office in October 2020.

The police found semiautomatic weapons, silencers, burner phones, bags of pre-paid cash cards, and blank registrations in a GBI Strategies’ voter registration manufacturing center.

After several days Michigan Attorney General finally responded to our explosive investigation and confirmed our earlier reports.

We continue to hear back from individuals with intimate knowledge of this scandal.

Photos from a confidential source close to the Muskegon investigation reveal what far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel now admits is a stack of faked and fraudulent voter application forms with a return address at a Staybridge hotel, the base of operations for GBI Strategies in 2020 that sent out at least ten thousand fake voter registration applications for the election.

These photos and the source confirm that Muskegon Clerk Ann Meisch received these voter applications and received them in multiple batches, sometimes through the mail and sometimes in person.

This is possibly why Muskegon, far-left AG Nessel, and the FBI don’t want to give the Gateway Pundit access to the files: because the voter fraud is so obvious that all the voter signatures are in the same handwriting and just printed signatures, not real signings.

The fraud is so obvious here even an FBI agent could find it.

Why is no one being prosecuted for these crimes after three years? The Muskegon Police told the Gateway Pundit that they can’t get the FBI to return their phone calls about this case.

How far the ring of voter fraud extended across the state is currently suppressed by the FBI, coming up on the third year of its ‘investigation’ into voter fraud into the ‘safest and most secure election in history.’

2- It seems nothing much happens when the House investigates, but we pray there will be some swift action on this one.


Jim Jordan Probes If Fulton County DA Coordinated Donald Trump Indictment with Jack Smith

QUOTE: House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) launched a probe into if Fulton County’s district attorney coordinated the indictment of former President Donald Trump with federal officials.

Jordan opened an investigation on Thursday into Fulton County’s District Attorney Fani Willis, requesting all records related to the Trump indictment and if Willis communicated with Special Counsel Jack Smith or any federal officials. The special counsel indicted Trump in Washington, D.C., for challenging the 2020 election.

“Your indictment and prosecution implicate substantial federal interests, and the circumstances surrounding your actions raise serious concerns about whether they are politically motivated,” Jordan wrote Willis. “You did not bring charges until two-and-a-half years later, at a time when the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is in full swing,” he said. “Moreover, you have requested that the trial in this matter begin on March 4, 2024, the day before Super Tuesday and eight days before the Georgia presidential primary.”

“The timing of this prosecution reinforces concerns about your motivation,” Jordan wrote:

The House Committee on the Judiciary (Committee) thus may investigate whether federal law enforcement agencies or officials were involved in your investigation or indictment. It may also investigate whether DOJ raised any concerns about how your investigation impacted federal interests, and if so, whether and how those concerns were resolved.

3- Christopher F. Rufo, warrior against DEI programs, sees some shifting in attitudes.

Rufo on Substack 

Reshaping the Narrative: How the discourse on DEI has changed—in a constructive direction.

QUOTE: Last month, I published an op-ed in the New York Times arguing that DEI programs in public universities had created a “stifling orthodoxy that undermines the pursuit of truth.”

The Times has published six letters to the editor responding to my op-ed, under the headline: “University D.E.I. Programs: Do They Help or Harm Education?” Most of the letters were critical, though the editors made sure to include some supportive opinions, including this one from Wayne State University professor Jukka Savolainen:

The individual letters, however, are less significant than their reflection of the broader discourse. For years, the Left had insulated the DEI bureaucracy from criticism, creating the false impression that these programs were nonideological, nonpartisan, and noncontroversial.

This has now changed. In part because of my work exposing the ideological nature of DEI initiatives in public institutions, claiming such innocence for DEI is no longer tenable. We have “politicized” DEI—that is, we have subjected it to democratic debate, forcing the Left into a defensive posture. As a result, we have successfully moved left-liberal institutions such as the New York Times into the process of political settlement.

The debate is far from over, of course. But this incremental step indicates that our narrative strategies are yielding results. The prior certitude—DEI as an incontestable good—has turned into a question: Does DEI help or harm education? As is often the case, posing such a question is the first step toward answering it.

4- We must not be afraid to refuse this idiocy. We can not let them force us into these lies. Masks do not help anyone but those in power.

Issues & Insights

We Won’t Be Masked Again

QUOTE: A summer surge of COVID-19 has some wondering aloud if we should return to mask mandates. For now, the official line, despite the media effort to rekindle coronavirus hysteria, is that it’s unlikely. But we heard that before, in 2020, right before public health officials dropped their mask tyranny on us. If they do it again, we have an obligation to say no.

Are we calling for civil disobedience? Are we suggesting that Americans resist orders that are not laws but are instead decrees issued by despots? Absolutely, and without reservation.

Masks are dehumanizing.Masks project fear. Masks are vehicles for virtue signaling.

For all the fighting over masking, there’s no evidence that mask mandates work.

We understand that a small portion of the population is vulnerable to COVID-19 and other diseases that can be contracted in a similar way, and that proper face coverings can in some cases keep these people healthy. Anyone who needs to wear a mask, or simply prefers to, has every right to do so.

The rest of us, though, should refuse to be masked ever again. When government feels no resistance to its dictates, it knows it’s free to tighten the yoke another notch.

5- Another person has escaped from the dark side.

Legal Insurrection

Another Texas Democrat Bolts From the Party to Join GOP Over the Border Crisis

QUOTE: Kleberg County Attorney Kira Talip Sanchez, located in Texas, announced on Saturday that she is leaving the Democratic Party for the GOP over the disastrous border crisis and policies.

Kleberg County borders the Gulf of Mexico. Sanchez spoke to the Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC, confirming her switch at the PAC’s “2024 election season kickoff event.”

Sanchez served as Kleberg County Attorney in 2014. Her work involves overseeing Kleberg County’s Specialized Crimes and Narcotics Task Force.

6- The very brave warrior reporter Andy Ngo wins a battle against Antifa.

The Post Millennial

Judge rules against Antifa defendants in default, awards Andy Ngo $300,000 in damages over Portland attack

QUOTE: The court ruled in favor of Post Millennial senior editor Andy Ngo on Monday in his civil trial against the remaining three alleged Antifa defendants that had physically attacked him in June 2019 in Portland, Oregon.

Defendants Corbyn “Katherine” Belyea, Madison “Denny” Lee Allen, and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy were found liable by Judge Sinaplasai for assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Each defendant has been ordered to pay Ngo $100,000 in damages.

This court hearing was held in a virtual setting at the Multnomah County Courthouse on Monday after the three defendants were found in default on July 14 by the pre-trial judge for not responding to Ngo’s complaint, which is why they did not appear at the civil jury trial held earlier this month.

Defendants Belyea, Allen, and Schott-Deputy were allegedly involved in the June 29, 2019 attack on Ngo, in which he was brutally beaten by a mob of alleged members of Rose City Antifa while reporting on an event in Portland, Oregon, according to Ngo’s complaint. This attack received national attention and is most commonly referred to as the “milkshake” incident. Ngo was left severely injured and was admitted to the hospital as a result of this attack, which caused a significant injury to Ngo’s brain.

7- The good news is there are many countries studying the ill effects of the Covid injections. The bad news is that the USA is not doing research and are ignoring evidence.

Alex Berenson on Substack

On the cowardice of American scientists

QUOTE: Researchers everywhere are doing work that raises hard questions about the safety of mRNA Covid shots. Everywhere except the United States, that is. Why?

In only the last few weeks, researchers in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Italy have published papers suggesting mRNA-caused myocarditis is more common and may hurt the heart for longer than previously known, while South Korean cardiologists reported almost two dozen fatal mRNA-caused myocarditis cases.

Only yesterday, immunologists in Hungary reported the mRNAs over time cause people to produce more of a type of antibody that does not destroy the coronavirus, building on findings last winter from German researchers.

Meanwhile, Japanese scientists have published many studies and case reports on potential autoimmune side effects of the mRNAs, including thyroid disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Seeing a trend? The United States has used far more mRNA Covid jabs than any other country, giving roughly 650 million jabs to about 250 million Americans.

Since April 2021, when regulators began discouraging use of Johnson & Johnson’s jab, which used a different but somewhat less radical biotechnology and required only one shot, the mRNAs have essentially been the only Covid vaccine technology available to Americans. More than 95 percent of all Covid shots given in the United States have been mRNAs.

The United States has spent more on the mRNAs than any other country, of course. But it has also profited more from them. Pfizer and Moderna, which brought the mRNAs to market and have sold over $100 billion in jabs worldwide, are both American companies (Pfizer splits mRNA sales and profits equally with the German drugmaker BioNTech.)

8- The debate with the lower tier of candidates was underwhelming. We noted that (1) not one of the eight participants mentioned election integrity, and (2) not one of them expressed outrage about the 19 people indicted in Georgia earlier that day. We were stunned by the incredible number of people who viewed the commercial-free Tucker Carlson interview with President Trump.

While Fox News was reneging on their commitment to let Trump spokespeople into the spin room after the debate, there were over 237,000,000 views of the Trump/Tucker Twitter conversation.

(237.6 million views as of this writing and climbing still).

THAT is good news. Regardless of the candidate you favor, having access to them is essential. And that is the reason the left works overtime to censored the people they fear.

The National Pulse

Trump Tucker ‘X’ Interview Nears 250,000,000 Views.

QUOTE: Former President Donald Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson has so far received over 200 million views on X (formerly Twitter) within the first day of its release, generating far greater engagement and interest among the American electorate than the first Republican primary debate hosted by Fox News.

The interview has also received a staggering 200,000 reposts and more than 650,000 likes so far. The former President mocked the debate’s viewership without him, telling Carlson: “We’ll get bigger ratings using this crazy forum that you’re using than probably the debate, our competition.”

The 46-minute conversation between the two addressed a number of issues, including the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Barr’s weakness, and whether the former President fears for his safety. The pair talked January 6th and the 2020 presidential election, as well as keeping the FBI and CIA under control, and of course Biden’s incompetence.

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PRAY for divine intervention. PRAY for Sidney. PRAY for our enemies.

Hold Fast,
Defending The Republic


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