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Last week Sidney Powell spoke at the Women For Freedom Summit. Her topic was the Rule of Law.

Please watch this important lesson by Sidney.

1- This must have the left in a head spin. That is always good news!

The Federalist Papers   

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Blocks Jan. 6 Committee

QUOTE: Efforts by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion to examine phone records of the Arizona Republican Party chairwoman have been stymied by a member of the U.S. Supreme Court’s liberal wing.

Justice Elena Kagan on Wednesday temporarily blocked the panel from accessing the phone records of Dr. Kelli Ward and her husband, Mark Ward, according to The Hill.

Kagan’s order was terse, saying, “Upon consideration of the application of counsel for the applicants, it is ordered that the October 22, 2022 order of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, case No. 22-16473, is hereby stayed pending further order of the undersigned or of the Court.”Likewise, respondent T-Mobile USA, Inc. is temporarily enjoined from releasing the records requested by the House Select Committee pending further order of the undersigned or of the Court.

The Wards had sued to block access to their phone records. After losing their case at the district court level, they appealed, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit voted 2-1 to deny their bid to protect their records, according to CNN.

That prompted the emergency appeal to Kagan. “This is an unprecedented case with profound precedential implications for future congressional investigations and political associational rights under the First Amendment,” the Wards said in the appeal.

“In a first-of-its-kind situation, a select committee of the United States Congress, dominated by one political party, has subpoenaed the personal telephone and text message records of a state chair of the rival political party relating to one of the most contentious political events in American history—the 2020 election and the Capitol riot of January 6, 2021.”

2- So many people are fighting so hard for election integrity.  This is why everyone needs to vote on Election Day. It is not perfect yet, but we get closer every day.

Conservative Brief 

Wisconsin Judge Hands Win to Republicans Over Mail-In Ballot Lawsuit

QUOTE: A Wisconsin judge rejected an attempt backed by liberals to allow absentee ballots containing an incomplete witness address to be counted, saying that would disrupt the status quo and cause confusion with voting underway less than two weeks before Election Day.

The ruling was a win for the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature, which intervened in the lawsuit. The case focused on how much of the address of a witness needs to be included on an absentee ballot certificate in order for the ballot to be counted.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has said that an address must include three elements: a street number, street name, and municipality. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin sued, seeking a ruling that an address can only be missing when the entire field is left blank.

3- In a long story about Justice Alito remarks, many subjects were covered. Read the whole article for more detail. We find his calling out of law schools for failing in their responsibility to free speech timely and important.

Law and Crime 

Justice Alito Calls Out Law Schools for Free Speech Damage

QUOTE: Justice Samuel Alito delivered remarks Tuesday evening in friendly territory — where attendees revere him as the author of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade in what is arguably the crowning achievement of the conservative legal movement.

When asked about the status of free speech on college campuses and in law schools in particular, Alito called the status quo “pretty abysmal,” “disgraceful,” and “really dangerous for our future as a united, democratic country.”

“We depend on freedom of speech,” Alito said. “Colleges and universities should be setting the example, and law schools should be setting the example for the university because our adversary system is based on the principle that the best way to get at the truth is to have a strong presentation of opposing views. So, law schools should be free to speak their minds without worrying about the consequences, and they should have their ideas tested in rational debating.”

The justice said his opinions on the matter were being informed by various reports about controversies on law school campuses and conversations he has had with students. He did not name particular institutions.

He said some institutions — especially law schools — were “not carrying out their responsibility” toward protecting free speech in the manner he envisioned as appropriate and necessary given the societal interests at play.

4- In a monologue on his show, Tucker Carlson outlined some of the refreshing aspects of the current election season.


Kari Lake threatens the ruling class

QUOTE Tucker Carleson: … so one of the great and happy and unexpected surprises of this cycle is how many interesting people are running, around the country, people who have something to say that isn’t necessarily about them, people who have interests beyond just accumulating more power.

“None of these people has been in politics before, all of them seem to be listening to voters, listening, not just talking. And amazingly, all of them could win on November 8, and if they do, that’s a huge problem for the Democratic party and for the people in charge more broadly.

“These are not people who care about secret partisan arrangements, or even about partisan affiliation. They might actually try to change the country for the better. But no one running for office right now is quite as scary to people like that as Kari Lake. She’s running for governor of Arizona. Lake may be the most skillful communicator in American politics right now, but most terrifying of all, she spent 30 years in television news. So, when Kari Lake says the media are corrupt, she’s not guessing. She’s lived right in the middle of it for decades. This is a deeply unsettling message for democrats to hear, because it strikes right at the heart of their power.”

“Without the complicity of the media, there is no chance neoliberal democrats could get elected to office, not one of them, ever.”

“The Liberal Media? They’re not just annoying, they’re the key to the whole system. Take them away, and everything changes. So it’s essential to the people in charge that voters continue to believe that the so-called ‘news coverage’ they see and read is real, that it conveys facts and not simply crude North Korea-style political propaganda. But Kari Lake knows better, she knows the truth. Again, she has seen it, and they truly hate her for revealing this secret in public.”

“Once people know it’s all fake, this isn’t news, these are lies, and these lies are the key to keeping the people who are wrecking the country in power. Once people understand that, the game is over, it’s done. They have to stop Kari Lake.”

5- We are blessed that so many Americans stood up to fight the brutal battles to win election to school boards, city councils and commissions, state legislatures, Governors, House and Senate. Read here about two men named John who are shining stars.

Steve Cortez at National Pulse  

The Broadening Pro-America Coalition.

QUOTE: The America First movement continues to win over constituencies that previously predominantly pledged political allegiance to Democrats, from union workers to Hispanics. In addition, black Americans increasingly grow disillusioned with the liberal political establishment that takes their support for granted. A new crop of impressive and persuasive conservative black candidates emerges this cycle that could accelerate this movement with a significant GOP black caucus in the Congress.

Specifically, the GOP has a solid opportunity to emerge from November 8th with a total of nine representatives and senators, which would eclipse the previous high water mark from the Reconstruction era. Two of the most impressive of these rising black stars are John James and John Gibbs, both running for the US House, from Michigan.

Before detailing their strengths, note that our movement seeks an effortless diversity — not a dehumanizing quota fulfillment. We can never fall into the shallow leftist trap of simply viewing people as wholly defined by their immutable characteristics, such as skin color. As Americans, we all salute one glorious flag and bleed the same red blood of patriots.

Simultaneously, we recognize that important constituencies of the American family have shared cultural and demographic goals, challenges, and opportunities. In addition, growing this movement into the strongest political force in the Republic involves winning over groups that previously did not consider themselves to be right-leaning — or Republican.

Part of winning that voter support is presenting impressive candidates of the highest character and credentials. 

6- Despite what the elites who live and breathe in The Swamp want us to believe, most of us still think the government has too much power. This will always be good news. Now we need to push that message to get it up to 90% !

Sharyl Attkisson 

Majority continue to say U.S. Government is too powerful

QUOTE: A 54% majority of Americans say the federal government has too much power, while 39% say it has about the right amount of power and 6% say too little. Since 2005, no less than 50% of Americans have said they believe the federal government is too powerful, with some of those readings reaching 60%.

These results are based on Gallup’s annual Governance survey, conducted Sept. 1-16.

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