Dear Patriots,

For many months, we have implored you to be strong, get healthy, gather and share information, be involved, pray and hold fast.

You have done so. And because you kept fighting and turned out to vote, we were able to watch an historic evening on November 3, 2021. It was made sweeter by the devastation we all felt a year ago.

Going forward things are going to look different. There is a new political coalition. Party lines are no longer important.

Parents and grandparents in Virginia educated themselves on the horrifying curriculum both private and public schools were pouring into their dear children, and they went to the school board meetings.

They argued, yelled, cried, and begged these so-called “public servants” to listen to them. Most of the pleas were ignored. For their efforts on behalf of their children, the parents were vilified, arrested, silenced, and harassed.

They did not stop. They never backed down. They organized and educated.

None of this was easy. But the results were worth it all.

Virginia, whose motto is, Sic Semper Tyrannis (Thus Always to Tyrants), did not suffer the tyrants who were harming the children.  They did not riot and burn down cities. They used the power of voting to correct the wrong.

We are proud of Virginians today and share with you a truly Good News Friday!


1- If you have not seen the video of the victory speech by the impressive Winsome Sears, take a few minutes to watch it in full. The Lt. Governor-Elect of Virginia is a fascinating person and breath of fresh air in politics.

(Conservative Opinion)

Republican Winsome Spears Victory Speech “There are some who want to divide us and we must not let that happen”

QUOTE: During her Victory speech Republican Lt. Governor-elect of Virginia Winsome Spears declared “Education will lift us all out of poverty.””We’re going to have safer neighborhoods, safer communities, and our children are going to get a good education,” she added.

2- There were tremendous gains in Pennsylvania particularly with judges at all levels.

(Right Side Broadcasting Network)  

Republicans SWEEP Pennsylvania elections

QUOTE: Republicans have won massive victories across all statewide races in Pennsylvania, according to the state’s election results, sweeping the state’s judicial elections.

In Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court race, conservatives held onto retiring Republican Justice Thomas Saylor’s seat. Republican Commonwealth Court Judge Kevin Brobson defeated Democrat Superior Court Judge Maria McLaughlin by more than 100,000 votes, a massive judicial victory. However, Democrats still outnumber Republicans in the state’s highest court 5-2.

Republicans’ decisive victories across the Keystone State could be seen as a referendum on Joe Biden, whose support stands at a meager 39 percent approval to 51 percent disapproval, according to a November Civiqs poll. Biden was certified as the winner of Pennsylvania in the 2020 election over Donald Trump by one percent, although the results have been disputed.

3- A totally improbable election in New Jersey where a truck driver defeated one of the most powerful politicians in the state. Not surprisingly, the losing Democrat is shouting about voter fraud.  Remember, we are supposed to have a citizen government.  A restoration of common sense in government is most welcomed.

(The Federalist Papers)   

Conservative Trucker with No Political Experience Set to Win Shock Victory Over Dem NJ Senate President

QUOTE: A self-funded, conservative truck driver with no prior political experience is poised to defeat incumbent Democratic New Jersey state Senate President Stephen Sweeney following a national backlash against Democrats during Tuesday’s off-year elections.

Sweeney, who represents Gloucester, is described by as “the second-most-powerful elected state official” after Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy. He is also the longest-serving state Senate president in Garden State history.

Following an evening of victories from Virginia to Texas for underdog Republicans, it appears Republican Edward Durr will defeat Sweeney.

As of Wednesday morning, Durr led the political veteran by roughly 2,000 votes in a race that had yet to be officially called.

4- Parents all over the country have stepped up to protect their children by running for office and winning!


Slate of conservative candidates declare victory in hotly contested Denver suburb school board race

QUOTE:  A slate of political novices in Douglas County, Colorado, declared victory Tuesday night in a school board race that made national headlines.

Christy Williams, one of four “Kids First” candidates, read off initial results to raucous applause at a supporter appreciation party in Parker, Colorado, in the moments after polls closed.

“I am humbled to my core,” Williams told Fox News. “I think there’s a lot to look at, but ultimately I hope to give parents the ultimate authority over their children.”

Williams was joined by Mike Peterson, Becky Myers and Kaylee Winegar. Together, they hold a lead over the teacher federation-backed CommUnity Matters slate, comprised of incumbent board members Krista Holtzmann and Kevin Leung and newcomers Ruby Martinez and Juli Watkins.

5- It was refreshing to see that voters in Minneapolis had the common sense to vote against abandoning police in their community, and that they did not listen to their elected officials.

(Hot Air) 

Backfire: Minneapolis voters slam abolish-the-police proposal — and city council

QUOTE: Democrats nationwide had already sounded retreat on “Defund the Police,” but Minneapolis’ city council had doubled down in an attempt to disband their police department. Rep. Ilhan Omar campaigned hard in her district on the charter amendment proposal, as did her predecessor and now Attorney General Keith Ellison, not to mention the city council members who pushed it.

The result? Backfire — in a big way.

Minneapolis voters on Tuesday rejected a proposal to replace the Minneapolis Police Department, crushing the hopes of supporters that outrage over the killing of George Floyd would lead to a historic experiment in transforming public safety.

While supporters insisted police would still be part of the department, opponents of the charter change hammered on themes that echoed in voters’ reasons for saying no on question 2: Who’s going to answer 911 calls? What’s the plan for keeping the city safe?

Voters opposed the amendment by a 12-point margin, well short of the 51% needed to pass.

6- Read about the voting proposals pushed by the Democrats that were handily defeated by New York voters.


NY state ballot proposals demonstrate how badly Dems have misjudged public sentiments

QUOTE: One of the bigger talking points among Democrats this year on the national level has been the “urgent need” to pass voting reform legislation, or at least what they’re choosing to call “reform” in this matter. They are seeking to overhaul the way America votes, including doing away with voter ID laws everywhere, normalizing mass mail-in voting, and removing almost all limits on the voter registration process. We’ve heard these proposals being described by mainstream media talking heads as “very popular” but “opposed by Republicans.”

But are they really all that popular or have the Democrats once again misread the mood of the nation? I would suggest that we can find a fairly solid answer to that question in the results of several ballot proposals that New Yorkers found on the reverse side of their ballots yesterday.

As I said, these are all Democratic priorities that are being pushed by liberals across the nation. They insist that these policies are “very popular” and opponents of such plans are trying to “make it harder for people to vote.” Well, the Dems had an eye-opener in store for them in the very blue state of New York. All three of those proposals went down in flames.

7- Once again Governor DeSantis shows the way forward.  We hope his plan is adopted in many states. He is able to have this new law enforcement group because he is actively recruiting police and firefighters who are being pushed out of Blue States.

(Just The News) 

DeSantis unveils plan for new police force to pursue election crimes in Florida

QUOTE: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday he is creating a new police unit to pursue election crimes full-time and wants lawmakers to enhance penalties for those who cheat when they vote, signaling Republican efforts to enhance election integrity are far from over.

The Republican governor’s announcement of the Office of Election Crimes and Security at a news conference in West Palm Beach, Fla., comes just months after he signed a law tightening security for mail-in ballots and as Republicans in many states seek statewide audits for the 2020 elections. “I guarantee you this: The first person that gets caught, no one is going to want to do it again after that,” DeSantis said in describing the deterrent he hopes to create with the new investigative office.

DeSantis also called on the GOP-controlled Legislature to put additional restrictions on the use of drop boxes, suggesting he has soured on their value two years after the state first approved them. “I don’t even think we should have drop boxes,” he said. He said the new office would help focus on illegal election tactics such as ballot harvesting, in which third-parties illegally collect the ballots of voters and deliver them for counting.


Taking a day or two to bask in the victory is good; but, there is much more work to do.

We won a battle but the war rages on. The Left learned nothing from the election results. They are doubling down on their agenda.

Defending the Republic continuously works to aid in the legal defense of the political prisoners still trapped in a nightmare situation.   While 400 prisoners were transferred out of the filthy, bug-infested cesspool of the DC jail, the January 6 political prisoners were not.

We continuously work to give advice and resources to people trapped by the Biden vaccine mandates.  Watch our litigation on behalf of our military members here.

We never stop working to fix the voting laws in every state so we all can be assured every election is fair.  We must demand paper ballots, hand-counted, and real citizen ID.

We ask that you continue to be with us and support these efforts.

And, of course: Read. Know. Share. Pray.

Hold Fast,