Dear Patriots,

It has been a short week! it is already Good News Friday! Summer is flying by.
We have numerous stories, some big, some small, that show there is wind at our backs as we fight to restore our country.
1- President Trump is leading a class action suit against Facebook, Twitter and Google and their CEOs. 
For years now we have watched Congressional Committees haul Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Pichai up to The Hill and then lay into them on how they do business. But Congress has yet to do more than make huffy idle threats.
In marches Trump, fighting for our FREE SPEECH against the biggest monopolies on earth. Like Trump or not, he is the only politician stepping up and taking on the fight to protect our 1st Amendment rights.
As Trump said at the press conference, “If they can do this to me, they can do it to you.” 
Trump is the leader of one of two political parties in a two party political system. Big Tech has removed him from the conversation. As such, we only get ONE point of view and the left is never challenged.
The Fake News and everyone else is ignoring, mocking and playing this lawsuit down but it is a big deal.
* If you missed it, watch the whole press conference. It is very informative.
* Also, this video of Alan Dershowitz and Gregg Jarrett is a good explanation of the law suit.
* 192,000 Americans Watch President Trump’s Announcement to Sue Twitter, Facebook, Google on RSBN — Joe Biden Lucky to Get 1,000
2- Twitter has competition. Finally, it looks like we may have a spot on the internet where you can not get disappeared or cancelled.  GETTR (Get Together) is a direct competitor to Twitter worldwide.
Check it out and if you like it, open an account. All of your property from your Twitter account can be transferred. –
3- The Audits are on the move. It is becomes harder to ignore the obvious every day.
Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano has just formally asked for a forensic audit in Pennsylvania for the 2020 U.S. general election due to obvious evidence of massive election fraud.
4- This is a wonderful and hopeful presentation by Dr Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors. She is a brave warrior!
This presentation is from April 2021 but it is still packed with worthwhile information. 
For more information on America’s Frontline Doctors go here: 
5- One of the last real reporters in this country, John Solomon, outlines the many ways that Democrats are losing on Election Integrity in court.

Democrats dug themselves an election integrity hole, courts may bury them in it From Supreme Court justices to district judges, Biden’s early Jim Crow narrative getting cold shoulder in early rulings. – Just The News John Solomon July 7 2021

For months now, President Biden and key Democrats have waged endless battle against state laws designed to improve the integrity of elections, ones that make voting easier and cheating harder.

From the start, the mission was complicated since its message ran smack into strong American sentiments in the court of public opinion: Polling shows three quarters of Americans support integrity measures like voter ID that Biden called “Jim Crow in the 21st century.”

Now the Democrat train has run into a similar harsh reality in the courts of law, where justices and judges alike have concluded integrity measures aren’t unconstitutional if they aren’t designed to suppress based on race or skin color or socio-economic status.

The latest blow to the Jim Crow 2.0 argument was delivered Wednesday, when a federal judge refused to issue a preliminary injunction blocking Georgia’s new election integrity law.

6- Three issues pushed by Democrats: Defund the Police, Critical Race Theory, and Voter ID have blown up in the Left’s faces. It turns out that polling shows the majority of Americans think the Democrat’s positions on these are horrible. So, what do the Dems do?
They have started trying to convince people that the Republicans are the ones have promoted them. Don’t let them get away with this! Hold firm on supporting our police, ditching propaganda in schools and urging Voter ID Laws.
It is because you are holding fast on these issues in your communities that the polling is so bad for the Dems.

Desperate Dems Deny Their Agenda Three Times – July 8 2021  Issues and Insights Editorial Board

After spending the better part of the year talking up a “defund the police” agenda, Democrats are now trying to claim that it’s Republicans who want to strip the police of their resources.

Meanwhile, even as the left pushes the Marxist “critical race theory” into the nation’s schools, military and private sector, it’s denying what it’s doing. Why is the left trying to gaslight America on this? Because, for one, an increasing number of parents are in open revolt over this noxious propaganda. 

Then there’s the issue of voter ID laws. Up until just days ago, Democrats were united in decrying voter ID laws as racist attempts to suppress minority voters.  

Now, suddenly, they are all more accepting of the idea, if not openly endorsing it. But instead of admitting that their past opposition to this common-sense reform was a wrongheaded attempt at race-baiting, Democrats are pretending that they never opposed voter ID laws.

There are many places to look to see that all is not lost. Keep fighting in your communities on all fronts.
Share information.
Have a pleasant weekend we will have more for you next week.
Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken