Good News Friday July 2 

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We start off Good News Friday with two positive Supreme Court rulings.
On Thursday, July 1, the Supreme Court made two rulings that have The Left sweating, and it is not because it is summer!
This first decision opens the door to other states passing Election Integrity Laws.
Supreme Court HAMMERS Democrats in Arizona By Upholding TWO Voting Restriction Bills With 6-3 Decision, Rejecting Notion They Discriminate Against Minorities – THE DC Patriot—July 1, 2021
The Supreme Court of the United States Justices, in a 6-3 decision on Thursday, upheld two Republican-backed Arizona voting restrictions, rejecting claims that they discriminate against minority voters and imposing new limits on the landmark Voting Rights Act.  
In another case, the Supreme Court struck a blow to the Democrats on a free speech issue. The Court threw out a California law that makes non-profits disclose all of their supporter’s information to unelected state regulators.
In an Opinion issued today, the Supreme Court has stricken a California law requiring disclosure of large non-profit donor information to state regulators.

This confidentiality of donor information is of great importance to Legal Insurrection Foundation and other right-of-center non-profits given the long and vicious history or supporters of conservative causes (whether non-profits or candidates) being harassed and targeted for cancelation. 

More and more dots are being connected. It seems that it is taking forever to get to the bottom of the 2020 Fraud Election but, there is movement.  The pattern of events is becoming clear.
We know that the 2020 Election came down to six counties in six swing states.  What’s really interesting is that there were many of the same activities in these counties that were present in many of them if not all of them.
It looks like Michigan may be another state looking at a full audit. If you live in Michigan support your representatives who are raising the alarm.
Unlike most of her fellow Republican and Democrat lawmakers in the Michigan legislature, Rendon has chosen not to cherry-pick evidence of voter fraud in Michigan but instead, to look at all of the evidence presented to the lawmakers in an objective and open-minded manner. Rendon also refuses to ignore the will of Michigan citizens she represents, who are calling for a full and conclusive investigation into the November 2020 election.
In the battle to save our children from the bad decisions by politicians and teacher’s unions, this study is helpful. You will not see it mentioned in the Fake News. Use this study to fight for your kids to be released from the ignorant rules that force them to wear cloth over their faces for six to eight hours a day.
Masks are harmful to children! Read all about it at the Journal for American Medical Association.
Many governments have made nose and mouth covering or face masks compulsory for schoolchildren. The evidence base for this is weak.The question whether nose and mouth covering increases carbon dioxide in inhaled air is crucial. A large-scale survey in Germany of adverse effects in parents and children using data of 25, 930 children has shown that 68% of the participating children had problems when wearing nose and mouth coverings.
The German safety limit is 0.2% CO2 in inhaled air; the United States OSHA safety limit is 0.5%. The lowest measured masked sample in the study was 0.6%. The youngest children in the study had the highest inhaled CO2 levels. 
This leads in turn to impairments attributable to hypercapnia. A recent review concluded that there was ample evidence for adverse effects of wearing such masks. We suggest that decision-makers weigh the hard evidence produced by these experimental measurements accordingly, which suggest that children should not be forced to wear face masks.

Sidney was a guest on the War Room with Steve Bannon podcast on Wednesday. You can watch it here.
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