Dear Patriots,

This is our last Good News Friday for 2021!

During this past year, it has sometimes been a challenge to find good news. But, if you are looking, you will find it.

We hope you enjoy this feature and will continue to do so in 2022!


1- Americans are moving past Covid-CCP. More and more polls show we are are ready to move on with living and deal with illness as we always have. It is inevitable as humans to catch viruses and get sick from them.

(Alex Berenson) 

A new poll confirms most Americans are done with Covid – and vaccine mandates

QUOTE: Today, a new Monmouth poll offers hard evidence of the shift. 

More than half of Americans now OPPOSE vaccine mandates, according to the poll, which Monmouth University released this morning. About 60 percent say they are “worn out” from Covid. And support for President Biden’s handling of the pandemic has crashed, from 62 percent in April to 46 percent today.

The poll found a striking erosion in support for vaccine mandates. Only 46 percent of people said they supported “requiring people to show proof of vaccination in order to go to work in an office or setting where they are around other people,” compared to 50 percent who opposed such a rule. That’s a reversal from September, when 53 percent supported a mandate, while 45 percent opposed it.

Meanwhile, after falling earlier in the year, vaccine hesitancy is rising slightly. About 22 percent of American adults are not planning to get the vaccine, compared to 20 percent in November.

One final note: when asked if they were afraid of catching a new variant, 51 percent of vaccinated people said yes.

The figure was even higher among the boosted – 66 percent. But only 12 percent of the unvaccinated were afraid.

Looks like Covid vaccines work great… at making people more afraid of Covid.


2- When we resist, it is often in relatively small numbers. At Amtak, ONLY 500 employees said no to the jab and their determination forced Amtrak to go a different direction.

(Daily Mail)

Amtrak SUSPENDS COVID vaccine mandate and no longer plans to cut service: Biden’s cherished rail service says legal disputes over his order forced it to reassess policy

QUOTE: U.S. passenger railroad Amtrak says it will temporarily suspend a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees and now no longer expects to be forced to cut some service in January.

Currently, fewer than 500 active Amtrak employees are not in compliance, and 97.3 percent of the service’s workers have gotten at least one shot, Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn said in the memo.

Now the rail service says a court order halting the implementation of the mandate for private employers has caused it to ‘reevaluate’ its policy and ‘address the uncertainty about the federal requirements that apply to Amtrak.”As a result, Amtrak will offer testing for those employees who have already received an accommodation to our vaccine policy and for those currently unvaccinated employees,’ Flynn wrote in the memo.


3- The Democrats in the blue state of Maryland are expressing their doubts about the Democrats that they elected! They do seem to appreciate the Republican they elected.

(Selena Zito)  

Maryland Voters Send a Warning Shot to Democrats

QUOTE: In October, the Goucher College poll conducted here in Maryland showed that since March, Biden’s job approval went from 62 percent to 53 percent, with only 43 percent of independent voters approving of his performance.

The two Democrats representing the state in the Senate, Senator Chris Van Hollen, who is up for reelection in 2022, and senior Senator Benjamin Cardin, were underwater at 44 percent and 46 percent.

Republican Governor Larry Hogan, conversely, is at a robust 68 percent approval rating, up 6 percentage points since the last poll. Hogan has lived up to his promise to be a good conservative manager and not an ideologue.

Whether they are here or Baltimore, Hagerstown, Cumberland or the suburbs of Bethesda and the Chesapeake Bay, his voters have rewarded him for living up to his promise. He won this very blue state’s support in 2014 under very similar circumstances to what happened in neighboring Virginia in its gubernatorial race, an antidote to a party and a White House bent on plowing ahead with overreaches voters never elected them to do.

Barack and Michelle Obama campaigned here against him that year alongside Hillary Clinton, never fully understanding that they were the reason voters were unhappy.

The polling in blue Maryland showing Biden losing the heart of the bluest of voters, a place where the chance of a Republican winning here for president is less than zero, is not an outlier. It is happening all across the country in both red and blue states.

The problem for Democrats and Biden is they listen too much to the loudest liberal activist voices in the party and ignore the people who put them in office. Yet, oddly, it appears they are operating as though they are one and the same.


4- More and more information about the evil Fauci is coming out. Of course, it is totally ignored by the corporate-fake news.

It will not be ignored here.

(John Dale Dunn) 

Can anything good come from a Kennedy?

QUOTE: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. dissects, identifies and exposes the evil influences that produced the COVID response and explains the danger of “regulatory capture” of government alphabet agencies and the globalist strategies that created the inappropriate and unprecedented COVID response.  Kennedy exposes the mendacious nature of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci in his ambitious and thorough 480-page book with more than two thousand references.

The book is far-ranging and thorough and covers Fauci’s career and serial malfeasance that goes back to the 1980s.  It also explains the growth of the public health global pharma edifice that has hijacked health care and the Fauci-orchestrated COVID response that was saturated with pernicious noble lies.  Indeed, Fauci’s work was unprecedented and malevolent, and it added to the damage of the worldwide disaster virus the Chicoms let loose.   

Fauci and Gates get Kennedy’s special attention because they were critical in creating the Global Public Health Pharma Machine and also instrumental in what is discussed at the end of the book: the dominance of the bio-health-security bureaucracy.  As C.S. Lewis put it: “The greatest evils in the world will not be carried out by men with guns, but by men in suits sitting behind desks.”


5- It is almost unheard of to read a negative review of the great and powerful Steven Spielberg; that fact makes this review interesting. Once again, we see that the “woke” message does not attract an audience.

(Andrea Widburg) 

Steven Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’ sees critics and paying audiences part ways

QUOTE: Full disclosure: I despise Steven Spielberg movies and dislike both Romeo and Juliet and the 1961 West Side Story (WSS) movie.  For that reason, I take particular delight in noting that Steven Spielberg’s remake of WSS may have enthralled critics, but no one is rushing to see it.  And no wonder, given that it’s so darn woke that parts of it are in a language most Americans don’t speak, but Spielberg refused to include subtitles.

The good news is that, despite movie critics (most of whom are leftists) raving about the movie, the public isn’t buying.  John Nolte writes that, while Spielberg’s WSS cost $100 million to make, the movie barely broke $10 million on its debut weekend.  Deadline tries to explain away the numbers by crying “COVID,” but Nolte points out that everyone knew about COVID going in but still expected better of the movie.  Hollywood misread America.


6- Donations and volunteers have disappeared from the Salvation Army since they decided to try and shame all white people…in Seattle!! We are amused that they are blaming their downturn on, wait for it, the pandemic!

The left continues in their belief that we ALL agree with them. We don’t!


Donations Dwindling After Salvation Army Asks White People To Apologize For Their Skin Tone

QUOTE: When seeking donations, it’s probably a good idea to do the exact opposite of what the Salvation Army did. In November, the Salvation Army, a Christian church, handed out a guidebook titled “Let’s Talk About Racism.” The main theme of the book is that all white people are racist and should confess as much. Now, the organization is in “dire need” of toys and donations and is begging for help.

“The situation is dire, and we are asking our generous supporters in the region to donate to the virtual Northwest Red Kettle as well as make donations at every physical kettle in whatever way you can,” said Colonel Cindy Foley of the NW Salvation Army Division, per Seattle’s Fox13.

“There are many reasons why both financial and toy donations are down this year, not the least of which is likely pandemic fatigue and concerns about employment and the future.” “…we are seeing fewer people donating at our virtual and physical kettles,” Foley added.


7- If you have been to a book store in the last 10 years, you probably noticed the lack of children’s books about conservative people.

Bethany Mandel has started a children’s book company that describe the childhoods and accomplishments of leaders like Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell and Amy Coney Barrett. These are stories that teach children strong values, which are lacking in public education. These stories teach children not to be victims.

Check them out. They may make possible Christmas gifts.

(Heroes of Liberty)


American values, one story at a time

QUOTE: We can’t change the school system overnight, but we can regain control of our children’s bookshelves and bedtime reading. The only way a great nation can pass on its values to the next generation is with meaningful, lesson-filled stories. There is no better way to inspire. Our books give kids the values that we grew up on. Each one features a great American hero and stunning artwork.

Reading books with children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them! Research shows that parents who read printed books, not tablets or Kindles, to their children help foster better, deeper communication skills.  Good stories leave a deep, meaningful impact. Our kids aren’t growing up in an easy world. Give them the tools they need to be motivated and successful!


8- We wonder how the “Build Back Better” retail shops are doing….

(Washington Times)  

Let’s Go Brandon stores selling anti-Biden merchandise take off in New England

QUOTE: Let’s Go Brandon retail outlets have popped up in seven locations just in time for the holiday season, offering T-shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, magnets, stickers, flags and other merchandise inspired by the viral political euphemism.

The seven shops — six in Massachusetts, one in Rhode Island — are the brainchild of Keith Lambert, founder of New England for Trump, who said the stores are resonating with customers eager to tout their opposition to President Biden.

“Sales are very good. We’ve got a lot of support. There’s a lot of excitement,” Mr. Lambert told The Washington Times. “People absolutely love coming out. Being in the atmosphere of a store, it’s a lot of fun.”


9- We pray this is a trend that will continue.

(Alex Berenson) 

A surprising (and hopeful!) finding about teenage drug and alcohol use during the pandemic

QUOTE: Eighth graders and high school students reported far lower levels of drug use in 2021 than previous years, a new national survey finds. Alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine use all declined sharply, even as most schools remained closed and other measures of mental health declined. So did the use of harder drugs such as cocaine and LSD.

In perhaps the most surprising finding, cannabis use by eighth and tenth graders fell almost 40 percent. Only 17 percent of tenth graders used cannabis in 2021, compared to 28 percent the previous year.

The findings contradict both anecdotal reports and the fact that American drug overdose deaths rose almost 30 percent in 2020 and have continued to soar this year. They will top 100,000 in 2021, mainly from opioids – five times their level two decades ago.

But the survey, called Monitoring the Future, is well-respected and drug researchers generally view it as at least directionally accurate. The University of Michigan has conducted it for almost 50 years for the National Institutes of Health.


10- Truly good news! Parents are hesitating giving their children the vaccine.

(Roger L. Simon- The Epoch Times)  

Good News: Parents Reluctant to Give COVID Shot to Their Kids

QUOTE: According to a report dated Dec. 8 and based on the CDC’s Data Tracker, only 16.7 percent of 5–11 years olds have received at least one shot thus far. (72.2 percent of the general U.S. population have taken at least one dose.)

What accounts for this reluctance to vaccinate the young?

Maybe a little common sense laced with knowledge. You don’t have to have read one of the estimable books on the subject by Alex Berenson, Dr. Scott Atlas or Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—although that would help—to realize something’s awry here.

Information appears to have filtered down, including, importantly, the microscopic percentage of children that actually die from the disease. Apparently they are dying at a lesser, or close to the same, rate as the flu. In other words, minimal.


We leave you with this short video that will remind you that we are not alone. We feel isolated in our political thinking but, the fact is, we are the majority.

ALL over the world there are massive protests against all of the Covid-CCP forced mandates.

Watch it here. 

READ. Know. Share. Pray.

Hold Fast,

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