Dear Patriots,

What a week this has been!

There has been so much information and activity on every topic that we have been working on for all of these months.

1-  One of the five worst Governors in this country was forced out of office, by his own party.  We continue to hope that eventually Cuomo will be held in earthly account for his devastating mandates that resulted in thousands of deaths of older Americans. Living in New York under Cuomo was a death sentence for many.

(Washington Times) 

Cuomo has more to account for than sexual harassment

2- We are glad to see that Florida officials are pushing back on the CDC. We are left wondering how often this happens with no one noticing.


CDC admits it DID overcount Florida’s COVID cases: Agency revises down state’s weekend numbers from 28,000 to 19,000 but offers no explanation after falsely claiming ‘record’ infections

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly updated Florida’s COVID-19 figures after accusations of overcounting earlier this week.

A similar exaggeration of COVID-CCP numbers is being uncovered in CDC’s Texas counting… and not reported by the Fake News media.

Florida and Texas both targets of bogus CDC recording.  What do those two states share in common?  Both are “Red” with Governors that the leftist media tries to discredit.

3-a-  AWOL Dems in Texas are untouchable? Not so fast!

(American Greatness) 

Arrest Warrants Issued For Texas Dems That Fled State to Block Election Integrity Bill

The 52 Texas House Democrats who fled the state last month to block election integrity legislation were declaring victory just a few days ago when an activist judge in Austin signed an order to block enforcement of the arrest warrants put out for them.

3-b-  All of that caterwauling and grandstanding was for naught. The Election Reform Bill passed.

(The Epoch Times) 

Texas Senate Passes Election Reform Bill After Democrat Ends Filibuster

The Texas Senate approved an election overhaul measure on Aug. 12 after a Democrat senator ended a 15-hour filibuster.

4- A brave Virginia public school teacher, Laura Morris, stands up and publicly quits rather than be forced to teach children propaganda.

(Legal Insurrection) 

Loudoun County Teacher Resigns: ‘I Quit Being a Cog in a Machine’ That Pushes ‘Highly Politicized Agendas’

“Clearly, you’ve made your point. You no longer value me or many other teachers you’ve employed in this county.”

5- We were intrigued by the story of marathon runner, Molly Seidel. Molly shocked many to come from no where to win a Bronze Medal at the Olympics.

Molly tells the story of how a prayer she learned from her mother came to her mind in the last miles and she recited it over and over. It was a prayer to St. Jude, the Saint of Lost Causes. Oddly, she never actually says what the prayer says. We went on a hunt to find it and met with conflicting suggestions.  We think this is it:

O Holy St Jude! Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor for all who invoke thee, special patron in time of need; to thee I have recourse from the depth of my heart, and humbly beg thee, to whom God hath given such great power, to come to my assistance; help me now in my urgent need and grant my earnest petition. I will never forget thy graces and the favors thou dost obtain for me and I will do my utmost to spread devotion to thee. Amen.

It is never bad to have an extra prayer in your pocket or a Saint to pray it to!

6- Nothing makes us happier than 5 million American children NOT in government propaganda factories.

(American Greatness)  

Number of Homeschooled Students Has Doubled Since Pandemic, Continues to Rise

QUOTE: By March of 2021, the total number of homeschooled students in America stands at over 5 million, in comparison to just 2.6 million in 2020. Christopher Chin, president of Homeschool Louisiana, said that “interest has exploded,” and that although some students may ultimately return to regular schools after the pandemic, “many parents [are] finding this is a better way of life for them and their children.”

Additionally, Chin says the homeschooling model has proven successful even for households where both parents work, due to the rise in remote work at many companies and places of business.

7- Well, looky here! Finally! We guess the government is embarrassed that no building-burning, police injurying, street blocking, looting, violent BLM rioters were going to jail while a bunch of grandparents with MAGA hats are sitting in federal solitary confinment for strolling through the Capitol on January 6.

Frankly, there should be hundreds, maybe thousands, of sentences like this from Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, Raleigh.  But, we have….ONE.


BLM rioter who set Minneapolis store on fire sentenced to almost 9 years in prison

An Illinois man has been sentenced to almost 9 years in federal prison for his involvement in a Black Lives Matter riot in Minneapolis last year.

Twenty-nine-year-old Matthew Rupert of Galesburg, Illinois will serve 105 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release for setting fire to a cell phone store during the riots that followed the death of George Floyd, according to a statement from the U. S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota released on Tuesday.

8- We thought we would end with a laugh. NOTE: This is SATIRE!

But, all good humor is grounded in the TRUTH!

(The Babylon Bee) 

Dr. Fauci Runs Into Village Screaming That A Wolf Is Coming To Devour Us All Again

QUOTE: According to sources at a small village near Washington, D.C., Dr. Fauci came running into the town screaming that a wolf is coming to devour everyone, for the fifth time this week.

“Hey, everyone, a wolf is coming! This time I’m serious!” he shouted. “Super serious!” Holding back laughter, he continued, “This wolf variant is the scariest wolf yet! The last one was just an Alpha Wolf, but this one is a Delta Wolf! It’s twice as bitey with big, sharp, nasty teeth!”


Side Note:  What is the one general thing that all government “health experts” have failed to discuss for the last 18 months?

There has been radio silence on how to improve your general health and immune system to better avoid and survive Covid-CCP and other viruses.

There is data, rarely discussed, that indicates the number one factor of death from Covid-CCP is obesity. Obesity also brings on other negative factors such as diabetes and heart issues. It seems to us that a national push to help people lose weight would be much more beneficial to the health of Americans than wearing a mask or getting vaccinated. Makes sense, right?

It is not profitable for Big Pharma if Americans are more fit, weigh less and can get off medications.

We are obviously NOT doctors. But in the weeks ahead we hope to collaborate with doctors to offer you suggestions on getting healthy, strengthening your immune systems, detoxing from the vax, and protecting your families.

Legal News:  On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols, ruled that Dominion Voting System’s defamation lawsuits can proceed against Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and  Mike Lindell. The case now moves into discovery.  Here’s the ruling. 


Keep praying. Get involved locally with a grassroots effort. Support Elected Ones in your state who are moving to audit the election.

You have like-minded friends and acquaintances who are not aware of the above victories we are having.  Their “news” sources purposely don’t tell them … BUT YOU CAN!  Please take a few minutes to share this newsletter with them.   They will thank you for it.

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken