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Even in the hot days of summer, we can find the GOOD NEWS!

1- Judge Doughty stands firm on his injunction against the Biden Regime’s massive censorship efforts.

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Judge maintains ban on fed censorship communication with social media

QUOTE: The Justice Department failed to convince a federal judge to lift his preliminary injunction that bans several forms of contact among the White House, federal agencies and social media companies as the First Amendment lawsuit against alleged government-tinged censorship proceeds.

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty reminded the feds of “a few examples” of the voluminous evidence that informed his July 4 order, which found that Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general and censored doctors were likely to win the suit.

They include demands from White House officials to remove an “anti-COVID-19 vaccine tweet” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Facebook video where former Fox News host Tucker Carlson similarly questioned COVID vaccines. The CDC regularly gave Facebook lists of supposed COVID misinformation for removal, including “medically debatable topics” like COVID’s survival rate and the vaccines’ potential to “weaken the immune system.”

The judge rejected the government’s claim that the individual plaintiffs didn’t allege “irreparable harm.” Even a “short” violation of the First Amendment “is always irreparable injury,” Doughty said. The feds have cited “no specific action that would be prohibited by this Preliminary Injunction that would provide grave harm to the American people or over democratic processes” as the department claims, the judge concluded.

2- State by state, we are moving to fix our failed election process.

The Federalist 

Ohio Launches Election Integrity Office To Ensure Transparency In Future Elections

QUOTE: Ohio is launching a new office dedicated to ensuring transparency in its elections, Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced last week.

According to a LaRose press release, the Office of Data Analytics and Archives, which will be housed within the secretary of state’s office, signifies “the first-ever substantive effort by any state to adopt a clear and consistent method for retaining election data.” The office received funding via the DATA Act, which was included in the biennial operating budget recently passed by Ohio legislators.

“Election officials haven’t been required to keep electronic records after an election, so they’re often just erasing and discarding the data instead of archiving it for transparency,” LaRose said in a statement. “There’s also no standard definition for these records, which leads to confusing outcomes for anyone trying to analyze election results. We’re about to change all of that. This legislation is really a game-changer for election integrity, and I’m proud that Ohio is once again leading the way.”

Introduced by LaRose and GOP state Sen. Theresa Gavarone, the DATA Act contains four key provisions aimed at bringing transparency to Ohio’s voter data and elections. While the first provision “codifies standard definitions of key election data points” that will permit post-election results to “be analyzed more accurately,” the second designates the Office of Data Analytics and Archives to “serve as a clearinghouse for the retention and review of electronic election records.”

3- They blame the slow economy. They blame the weather. (Shockingly, it is hot in Florida in July!)
But, we ALL know the real reason fewer families are making this pilgrimage.
Continue all avoidance of this company, which states as their mission, the sexual grooming of our children.


Disturbing Trend Is Happening at Disney During This Crucial Season

QUOTE: Thin lines and sparse crowds are a standard at Disney theme parks this summer.
Disney’s not running a Mickey Mouse operation, although you may not know it judging by the lack of crowds at its theme parks this summer.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom saw the shortest lines it’s seen in years, with the average customer line waiting time clocking in at 27 minutes on July 4, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“It’s something that nobody would have predicted—just unfathomable,” said Touring Plans analyst Len Testa, in comments to The Journal.

4- Hitting the Murdoch cabal where it hurts.

Fox News Stock Downgraded as Viewership Plummets

QUOTE: A major financial services company downgraded Fox Corporation stock, citing risks concerning news, earnings, and viewership.

Wells Fargo analysts downgraded shares of Fox Corporation to underweight from equal weight on Monday, lowering the price target to $31 from $35 per share.

“Viewership is down -19% Jan-June’23 vs Jan-June’21 due to cord cutting and/or programming.”More worryingly, Fox News was 52% of cable news primetime viewership for 2020-22, 51% in Jan’23, and that has slid to a low of 38% in June’23 post-TC. FN’s share of conservative news viewers has fallen from 94% to 84%.”

Meanwhile Newsmax has seen a significant ratings rise.
In the key prime time hours, Newsmax saw its audience grow 126% as Fox’s audience fell 21%.

5- The only good Covid-CCP injection is the one that has been thrown in the trash.

National Pulse

Germany to Scrap Up to 200 Million COVID-19 Vaccines.

QUOTE: Germany has thrown away 83 million vaccine doses and is preparing to scrap another 120 million at a cost of around €4 billion ($4.5bn) after the number of Germans willing to get “boosters” has plummeted.

The country scrapped 29 million doses in the first quarter of 2023 and discarded another 54 million by the end of 2022. The number is likely to be higher, however. Germany’s health ministry failed to provide the amount scrapped in the second quarter of 2023.

Germany has another 120 million doses in stock yet will no doubt be forced to discard those too. Despite having one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe, the number of Germans willing to get COVID-19 vaccines is low.

6- Know about Moms for Liberty. Join a chapter in your town. The left is attacking them, so, you know they are on the right path.

The Free Press

Who’s Afraid of Moms for Liberty?

QUOTE: A growing cadre of angry mothers is taking over school boards and winning influence as GOP kingmakers. Why are they being called a ‘hate group’?

It’s an astonishing display of political drawing power, considering Moms for Liberty didn’t even exist three years ago. The candidates have all come to pay obeisance to the animating idea that has galvanized these women: that parents—not the government—should be in charge of how their children are raised and educated.

If you want to understand why these politicians have come, you need to go to the breakout sessions, away from the camera’s gaze, where, hour after hour, Moms for Liberty chapter leaders and foot soldiers learn how to run for school boards—and if they win, how to advance their agenda even when in the minority. There are talks on messaging strategies and mining school board minutes for signs of “woke indoctrination.” There are workshops on how to file public records requests and navigate the legal system.

They aren’t messing around. More than half of the 500 candidates Moms for Liberty endorsed for local school board elections last year won their races. “School choice moms” provided the margin of victory in DeSantis’ first run for Florida governor in 2018. Democrat Terry McAuliffe was leading the race for Virginia governor in 2021 before his debate remark that “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach” handed the win to Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Moms for Liberty is the beating heart of this country’s movement of angry parents—and American education has never seen anything quite like it.   Its slogan, emblazoned on thousands of t-shirts, is “We don’t co-parent with the government.”

That message has found an enormous and growing audience. With 120,000 members and nearly 300 chapters in 45 U.S. states, Moms for Liberty is already the most consequential education advocacy organization since Teach For America—but with none of the halo effect that inspired a generation of elite college grads to put off law school and Wall Street to teach in inner cities.

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