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Sometimes gathering news is like drinking from a fire hose. It is coming fast these days.
We know it is easy to get discouraged by the bombardment of frustrating news and the lack of progress on many fronts.

We offer you the knowledge that you are not alone, people are winning victories, and the boycotts continue to send a message.
Keep sharing. Keep praying for our country.

1- In Wednesday’s newsletter we prayed that this information would be released. It has been. This is the smoking gun evidence of the massive crimes by Hunter and Joe Biden. 

These revelations are more than enough to impeach President Biden, Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray.
Will the Republicans be strong enough to follow through with that?


Oh, So That’s Why Hunter Biden Got a Sweetheart Plea Deal When He Did

QUOTE: Just days after Hunter Biden reached a sweetheart plea deal with his father’s Justice Department to avoid jail time for tax and gun crimes, the House Ways and Means Committee unveiled new testimony from IRS whistleblowers alleging roadblocks were set before them to ensure preferential treatment to President Joe Biden’s son. What’s more, whistleblower testimony claims that the U.S. attorney overseeing the probe of Hunter’s alleged tax crimes had his attempts to charge hunter in 2022 denied.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) confirmed on Thursday that his committee had “credible whistleblower testimony alleging misconduct and government abuse that is resulting in preferential treatment” for the president’s son, Hunter Biden. That testimony regarding the investigations “for tax crimes that include evading taxes on income from foreign sources,” the Missouri Republican explained, could only be taken by the Ways and Means Committee.

The multiple whistleblowers with whom transcribed interviews were conducted revealed three key “areas of focus,” according to Smith:
• The federal government is not treating taxpayers equally when enforcing tax laws.
• The Biden Department of Justice is intervening and overstepping when it comes to the investigation of the president’s son.
• Whistleblowers report they have faced almost immediate retaliation.

Smith outlined how, “not one, but two IRS employees, are blowing the whistle with evidence that the federal government is not treating taxpayers equally when enforcing tax laws.” The individuals participating in interviews with the Ways and Means Committee “were working on an investigation into Hunter Biden that opened in November of 2018 as an offshoot of a separate corporate investigation by the IRS.” That is, the investigation of Hunter came about in the natural course of another IRS investigation, not due to a request from any political or other entity.

Smith recounted the whistleblower testimony that “the IRS recommended charges against Hunter Biden that included attempt to evade or defeat tax, a felony, fraud or false statements, a felony, and willful failure to file returns, supply information, or pay tax.” Those crimes covered an estimated $2.2 million in unreported tax “on global income streams to Mr. Biden and his associates from Ukraine, Romania, and China,” Smith explained.

The whistleblowers detailed “foreign payments to Hunter Biden including $664,000 from the Chinese company State Energy HK, a large diamond worth $80,000 and a Porsche worth $142,000,” just a “fraction of the total” Hunter received.

Whistleblowers described the fruits of their investigation as “a clear-cut case for tax liability on these payments,” but said “they found themselves hamstrung internally,” according to Smith. Their testimony to the Ways and Means Committee “details a lack of U.S. attorney independence, recurring unjustified delays, unusual actions outside the normal course of any investigation, a lack of transparency…and bullying and threats from the defense counsel.”

2- Fox News Update: You are being heard, loud and clear. Don’t give up.

Conservative Brief

Fox News Collapses In Ratings After Ousting Tucker Carlson: ‘Hannity in 14th Place, Behind Joy Reid’

QUOTE: Fox News cable news ratings have collapsed in the key 25-54 age demographic after the network took top-rated host Tucker Carlson off the air in late April.
Things have gotten so bad at the network that longtime host Sean Hannity has fallen behind MSNBC’s Joy Reid in the key demo.

Liberal reporter Glenn Greenwald tweeted: “The 8 pm slot on Fox with Tucker was not only consistently number 1 in the key demo – 25-54 – but routinely had 400,000 viewers or more. Without Tucker, it’s crashed to worse-than-MSNBC levels: barely 100,000 people. Hannity is in 14th place, behind Joy Reid! A total collapse. It’s so clear Fox’s firing of Tucker was not just financially driven, bereft of the Murdochs’ and Paul Ryan’s ideological goals. Firing Tucker destroyed its prime-time ratings. There’s no argument Tucker’s twice-a-week Twitter postings compete with Fox. They want him silenced.”

3- Bud Light Update: An expert on the bar industry says the Bud Light boycott is not going to get better for the brand.

The Daily Wire

‘Brand Slapped Them In The Face’: ‘Bar Rescue’ Host On Bud Light Boycott

QUOTE: Jon Taffer of “Bar Rescue” said the boycott of Bud Light over its partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, a man who identifies as a woman, is “forever,” noting that customers felt the brand has “slapped them in the face.”

During the Paramount host’s appearance Monday on Fox Business, host Stuart Varney said he’s surprised that the boycott against the beer brand “has lasted so long” — while Taffer said he wasn’t at all.

“Beer brands and people’s connection to their beer is an identifier of your personality, it’s a personal thing, almost emotional,” the American entrepreneur said. “People connect with these brands very heavily and in their view the brand slapped them in the face. It’s almost like a spouse disappointing you in some way,” he added. “It’s emotional. Stores have reduced shelf space for the brand, Stuart. Distributors have a reduced warehouse space. They’ve reduced order numbers. This is not disappearing any time soon,” Taffer continued, noting all the “distribution mechanisms around Bud Light have all been reduced to adjust to current levels. It’s forever.”

4- Parents fought back and won a victory.


Bible Returns to Utah School District Shelves After Public Outcry

QUOTE: The King James Bible will return to shelves in a northern Utah district that sparked a public outcry last month after banning the sacred text from middle and elementary schools after a single complaint from a parent alleging “violence and profanity” were contained in its pages.

AP reports officials from the Davis School District, which educates 72,000 students north of Salt Lake City, informed a board meeting Tuesday the district had determined the King James Bible was age-appropriate for all district libraries. The backflip means the board sided with 70 people who filed appeals after the Bible was banned earlier this month, as Breitbart News reported.

At Davis School District’s board meeting on Tuesday, school board members chided lawmakers for blaming the majority parent committee, which it said was convened and had made its initial decision — and weighed appeals — in line with the law.

“The magnitude of the value of the Bible as a literary work outweighs any violence or profanity which may be contained in the book,” Davis School District Board Vice President Brigit Gerrard said.

5- Parents in Colorado are fighting back against the leftist education union.


Teachers’ Union Girds for Battle As Woodland Park Parents Push Back

QUOTE: Colorado has a teachers’ union problem. From embracing gender ideology amid drag show field trips to enshrining anti-white initiatives in collective bargaining agreements, Colorado teachers’ unions have repeatedly shown their penchant for left-wing politics at the expense of students and communities.

This April, the Colorado Education Association (CEA) passed a resolution condemning capitalism, citing its fundamental “exploitation of children, public schools, land, labor, and/or resources.” Due to seemingly endless resources from their national organizations, teachers’ unions often go unchecked in school districts, especially in deep blue states.

Parents from Colorado’s Woodland Park School District, however, have taken a stand against the Woodland Park Education Association (WPEA).

As a result of virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, parents had the unique opportunity to witness the content being taught in public school classrooms. According to Woodland Park School Board President David Rusterholtz, this was a significant motivator that led community members to elect four new conservative members to the board in 2021.

Many parents hoped this change would curb the district’s left-wing impulses, and the board subsequently implemented a slew of changes, including allowing parents to opt out of controversial education topics. In January, the board installed Ken Witt as interim superintendent and, under his leadership, Woodland Park has opened its first charter school, implemented the Civics Alliance’s American Birthright Standards and responded to the CEA’s radical stance on capitalism.

Its resolution states, “(T)he Board of Education hereby declares its support for the American economic system and the American Constitution, which, in concert with a firm adherence to faith and family, constitutes the fundamental and exceptional foundation of our education system and our nation.”

Unsurprisingly, the Woodland Park Education Association is unhappy.

6- The subject of this movie is not good news. The good news is that after eight years of trying to get this movie to the public, it is finally here.

The United States is the largest consumer of child sex and porn in the world. This is disgusting. We need good people to stand up and stop this. 

Buy tickets. See this movie. 

At this site you can type in your zip code to get the theaters in your area showing this important movie. You can buy tickets in advance. Over 400,000 tickets have been sold in advance.

7- The demise of Hollywood power will be a good thing for the world. They only have themselves to blame. 

Revolver News

Hollywood just realized they committed “woke suicide” and there’s nothing they can do about it…

QUOTE: Hollywood is struggling big time in the age of wokeness. It’s a real challenge for them to juggle the intense pressure for diversity with the demand for captivating entertainment; as these two aspects don’t align. When Hollywood isn’t ruining old franchises like Indiana Jones with new, cringeworthy “girl power” remakes, they’re peddling LGBTQ+ flops that nobody wants to see.

And if you thought movies were cruddy now, they’re about to get a helluva of a lot worse, thanks to the new Oscar quotas that kick in early next year. Moving forward, the only way a film will be considered for the “best picture” category is if meets strict “diversity” quotas.

Many insiders are fuming over the quotas. Talk about stifling creativity, right? Movies will no longer be made to tell a captivating story. They’ll be made to meet diversity quotas. If you listen closely, you can actually hear the box office numbers dropping.

While numerous Hollywood insiders are choosing to remain “anonymous” while expressing how they feel about the new quotas, Richard Dreyfuss is an exception. He has openly shared his thoughts on the matter, stating that the new rules make him physically sick.

So, instead of taking a stand and speaking out, these cowards will remain silent while the entire industry crumbles due to fake virtue and twisted social justice. This will mark the demise of Hollywood as we currently know it, and ironically, it seems like a fitting conclusion — a downfall attributed to excessive “wokeness.” Good riddance.

8- Stopping the Communists on all fronts is good news. Occasionally our Elected Ones show some spine.

Washington Examiner

Biden slams Tommy Tuberville for Pentagon holdup: ‘It’s bizarre’

QUOTE: President Joe Biden took a swipe at Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) and his effort to halt Department of Defense nominations.

On Feb. 16, the DOD instituted its policy of paying for travel and time off for servicewomen who seek abortions. The policy was first announced in an Oct. 20 memo. Tuberville argued that aside from moral objections, the Pentagon’s move was an illegal expansion of the department’s authority. In response, he has moved to block all DOD officer nominees and promotions.

While unable to block the acceptance of the nominations and promotions completely, Tuberville’s move has made the process far more time-consuming, clogging up hundreds of nominations. The Pentagon has complained that the move harms military readiness, a charge Tuberville rejects.

“If my colleague cared about military readiness, maybe we’d go after more of the ridiculous policies that have led to our lowest, our lowest recruitment numbers in decades. But my hold does send a message that the secretary is not — and I repeat, not — above the law. And he cannot ignore lawmakers who are demanding his organization abide by law,” Tuberville said in March when he began his protest.”I object and will continue to object to any nominees as long as this illegal new abortion policy is in place. I’m holding the military accountable. Others are holding our national security hostage by forcing their agenda where it doesn’t belong. Americans want a military focused on national defense, and that’s what I’m fighting for. For these reasons, I object.”

The Alabama senator has since been joined in support by a slew of Republican senators, including Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT), Roger Marshall (R-KS), Deb Fischer (R-NE), John Thune (R-SD), Ted Budd (R-NC), Mike Rounds (R-SD), Steve Daines (R-MT), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Joni Ernst (R-IA). He has also been joined in support by House Republicans, including Reps. Barry Moore (R-AL), Michael Cloud (R-TX), Dan Bishop (R-NC), Mike Johnson (R-LA), and Chip Roy (R-TX).

9- When you feel overwhelmed by the constant barrage of garbage related to Pride Month, realize that for the majority of Americans it is not swaying positive opinion.

Hot Air

Backlash: Support for same-sex relationships drop — among Republicans and Democrats

QUOTE: Has the LGBTQ+ et al movement hit a ceiling — and has it sowed the seeds of its decline? For the first time since Gallup began polling on the question of same-sex relationships, American public approval of their morality suffered a statistically significant decline, falling seven points to its lowest level in four years. And while that decline has a strong partisan flavor, it’s also falling among its traditional allies.

Disapproval rose even more, going from 25% to 33%, the highest level since 2019 as well. (The margin of error for this survey overall is ± 4%.) The news is even more interesting when broken down by partisan identification. The biggest drop comes from Republicans, but don’t miss that drop on the blue line:

Support for same-sex relations dropped 15 points in a year among Republican-identifying respondents, back to a level last seen in 2014. However, approval among Democrats slipped as well; it fell six points from 85% in last year’s poll to 79% this year, a three-year low. That could fall within the MoE of that demographic, but it would be pushing the outer boundary.

What makes this remarkable is the degree of change on this one issue. The -7 point change in approval is the most dramatic change in the entire series. The only other issue with a change outside the MoE is a five-point gain in moral approval of the death penalty. The other changes are mostly although not entirely to a more conservative position on morality. One notable exception is also on sexual mores, with affairs between married people gaining three points in moral approval — although it’s a gain from 9% approval to 12%, which seems comforting. Moral approval for sex outside of marriage fell by four points from 76% to 72%, and moral approval of sex between teenagers declined three points to 43%.

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