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In our continuing battle against the lawfare launched against us for representing electors exercising their First Amendment right to petition the government by filing lawsuits after the 2020 election, Sidney argued in the Seventh Circuit in Chicago Wednesday. 

You may listen to the entire argument HERE.

Governor Evers of WI is still trying to have Sidney and co-counsel sanctioned to stop other lawyers from ever raising the machine fraud issues again.

1- Protecting children from social media and bad mental health results is a fight worth having. We hope to see more schools hold these companies accountable.

Daily Wire

Tennessee School District Sues Social Media Companies Over Growing Mental Health Crisis Among Students

QUOTE: A Nashville school district became the latest education system to sue several social media companies over growing mental health concerns among students, joining more than 40 nationwide districts demanding accountability from big tech.

“Over the past few years, we have observed and experienced a rise in mental health issues, threats of school violence, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and other challenges, damages and disruptions linked to students’ use of social media – and the lack of protections and controls thereof,” CMCSS Director Dr. Jean Luna-Vedder said in a news release reported by local media.

“Without cooperation and support from social media companies, CMCSS has been fighting an uphill battle. We need to protect our children, our schools and our society,” Luna-Vedder added.

Attorneys at the Lewis Thomason law firm representing the district said the issues from such social media platforms had caused further disruptions, increased costs, and safety concerns in the school district.

2- It gets little coverage but parents all over the country are stepping in to shield their children from the onslaught of grooming at school.

Daily Wire

Six Maryland Parents Sue School Board For Forcing Kids To Read ‘Pride’ Books

QUOTE: Six Maryland parents are suing their children’s school board for allegedly forcing their children to read “Pride” themed books without parental knowledge.

The three couples, who come from different religious backgrounds, filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court against the Montgomery County Board of Education, alleging the board violated their parental rights.

The lawsuit comes after the school board in October compiled a list of 13 new “LGBTQ-inclusive” books.

The board also allegedly informed parents they could no longer opt their children out of the curriculum.

The school board “claims authority to introduce pre-K and elementary school kids to certain books (the ‘Pride Storybooks”‘) that promote one-sided transgender ideology, encourage gender transitioning, and focus excessively on romantic infatuation — with no parental notification or opportunity to opt out,” the lawsuit states.

The parents’ lawsuit argues that the board’s new LGBT book list and the lack of opt-out options violates a state law that requires school boards to notify parents beforehand about any curriculum material related to “sexuality” and allow them to “withdraw the child from the course or lesson.”

The Maryland law states that parents may “object to instructional material and other materials, … if the objection is based on beliefs regarding morality, religion, philosophy, any fundamental value system deemed important by a parent, or the belief that the materials are harmful.”

The board also violated one of its own policies, the lawsuit claims.The parents’ legal team is asking the court to immediately block the school board’s no parental notice or opt-out option policy.

3- At least we will not have to be held hostage to this perverted content. Don’t you love that they ended this agreement in SECRET?

NY Post

BLM leader Patrisse Cullors secretly dumped from Warner Bros TV deal

QUOTE: Warner Bros Television Group secretly ended a multi-platform deal with Patrisse Cullors, the former leader of Black Lives Matter, The Post has learned.

The Post can reveal no shows were produced under the deal, despite Cullors saying she planned dramas, comedies, documentary series and animated programming for children.

“The studio signed an overall deal with BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors at some point in 2020,” said a source familiar with the studio’s contract negotiations Friday.

“Deal expired at end of October 2022. “The deal unfortunately did not result in any produced shows.” The multi-year agreement was to develop and produce original programming to include black stories across streaming, cable and broadcast platforms. It encompassed animated and children’s content as well as scripted and unscripted series, according to Variety, which reported on the deal in October 2020.

The agreement was meant to draw on Cullors’ experience as a leader of the movement which started in the courtyard of her Los Angeles home in 2013, according to a statement from the studio at the time.

The value of the deal was not disclosed at the time, Variety reported.

A year after signing the deal with Warner Bros, Cullors bought a sprawling 2,500-square-foot home in Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon in 2021 for $1.4 million, public records show.

4- Alabama Governor Kay Ivey protects women’s sports from men participation.

Office of the Governor of Alabama

Governor Ivey Takes Another Step to Protect Women’s Sports, Signs House Bill 261

QUOTE: Governor Kay Ivey on Tuesday signed House Bill 261 which limits transgender students to playing sports in public colleges and universities only with their biological sex.

Upon taking this latest action to protect female athletes, Governor Ivey issued the following statement:

“Look, if you are a biological male, you are not going to be competing in women’s and girls’ sports in Alabama. It’s about fairness, plain and simple.” – Governor Kay Ivey

Governor Ivey previously signed legislation in 2021 banning biological boys from competing in K-12 girls sports. Alabama remains committed to protecting female athletes at all levels and upholding the integrity of athletics.

5- Insanity stopped…. at least temporarily.


Pentagon Orders Air Force Base to Cancel Drag Show

QUOTE: The Pentagon ordered Nellis Air Force Base in Nebraska to cancel a drag show that had been scheduled on Thursday, the beginning of Pride Month, after similar shows had been there before, according to officials.

Two defense officials said the base was not allowed to move forward with the show after the Pentagon intervened Wednesday and forced the show to be either canceled or moved elsewhere.

Although Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has supported the observation of Pride Month in the military, commenting two years ago that “LGBTQ+ citizens have fought to defend our rights and freedoms from the founding of our nation to the Civil War” and beyond, he has made it clear that defense funds can’t be appropriated for drag events or shows at military bases.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said, referring to Austin, that the “DOD will not host drag events at U.S. military installations or facilities.”

“Hosting these types of events in federally funded facilities is not a suitable use of DOD resources,” she added, but pointed out that service members “are diverse and are allowed to have personal outlets.”

6- Update on Yulia Hicks and her transplant surgery. She is doing well!


Mother Speaks Out After Yulia Hicks Undergoes Kidney Transplant Despite Alleged Duke Rejection Over COVID Vax

QUOTE: Yulia Hicks, a child who was reportedly denied a kidney transplant by Duke Children’s Hospital last year, underwent a successful, life-saving kidney transplant at ECUHealth Medical Center on Thursday.

The North Carolina-based hospital stepped up to help Yulia, who has a genetic kidney disorder that requires a transplant, after her family said last year that Duke was refusing to put the teen on its kidney wait-list because she is unvaccinated against COVID. Notably, the family says Yulia had already recovered from the virus, but such information was unimportant to Duke Children’s Hospital.

Yulia was sent back for surgery at 7 p.m. on Thursday evening, and is currently recovering in the pediatric ICU, Yulia’s mother Chrissy Hicks told The Daily Wire in a phone interview on Friday. The teen’s surgery went extremely well and relatively quickly. Yulia is expected to leave the hospital on Monday or Tuesday.

7- Do not relent. Keep up the pressure on all the boycotts.

John Nolte at Brietbart

May Ratings Collapse — Fox Loses Third of Viewers Without Tucker Carlson

QUOTE: May was the Fox News Channel’s first full month without Tucker Carlson and it cost them 32 percent of primetime viewers.

Throughout April, Fox News averaged 2.072 million primetime viewers. But in May, the Tucker-less Fox News’s average primetime viewership collapsed to just 1.417 million.

Even worse for Fox News, in the 25-54 age demo that sets advertising rates, Fox News primetime lost a whopping 44 percent of demo viewers compared to the previous month—135,000 in May compared to 240,000 in April.
Fox News is facing a serious crisis.

There’s even better news… CNN’s average total primetime viewership dropped below 500,000 in May. This far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and violence attracted only 494,000 average primetime viewers. As bad as April was for these serial liars, May was worse—494,000 in May compared to 587,000 in April.

Fox likely figured it could drop Tucker Carlson and weather the storm. For years, Fox has taken its viewers for granted, and for good reason. No outrage, lie, or betrayal dented the outlet’s ratings.


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