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Progress comes in fits and bits. Sometimes it is hard to see it.

1- John Nolte writing at Breitbart has a interesting analysis of recent polling. We do not send this to you as an endorsement of any candidate. We send it to remind you that your opinions are not outliers. We are the majority.


Donald Trump’s Favorability Rating Tops Every National Political Figure

QUOTE: Former President Donald Trump’s favorability rating is in much better shape than every national political figure, including those the corporate media spend billions of dollars to protect.

What’s so fascinating about Trump — and I’ll get to the specific numbers in a bit — is that for the last five years, the corporate media have spent billions of dollars smearing the guy as a racist, sexist, predator, Russian puppet… And it’s not working.

What’s also interesting is that Trump can oftentimes be his own worst enemy regarding likability. This is a very smart and charming guy who can also be petty, childish, obsessed with things that don’t matter, and entirely too abrasive for what many people see as the role of a president or even a former president. Nevertheless, he’s wiping the floor with the media-approved politicians, at least for right now.

2- The airlines are hearing from customers. As prices are now soaring for air travel, they do not need another reason for people not to take to the sky. EVERYONE knows that masks are a tool of the left to show fear and compliance. There is nothing about them that keeps anyone healthy.


Airlines to Biden: We’ve had enough of mask mandates

QUOTE: More accurately, customers of ten airlines have grown fed up with mandated mask wearing for hours on end. Their CEOs have published an open letter to Joe Biden asking him to end the mandate for air travel as well as any “predeparture testing requirements.” These “no longer make sense in the current public health context.”

The letter comes after Biden pledged to veto any congressional action lifting the mandates.

Furthermore, travelers know full well that mask mandates are unnecessary. Some people might still choose to mask, especially those with particular vulnerabilities, but most probably would look at case counts and shrug — especially if they’ve been vaccinated and/or exposed before. Having flight attendants enforce a mandate that accomplishes nothing but hours of discomfort for no good purpose puts them in an unfair and potentially dangerous position, a point that the CEOs raise specifically in their letter to Biden.

So will Biden finally back down? Probably not, although you can bet that the airlines will start putting pressure on Congress to act anyway. It’s time for consumers to do the same. We have vaccines, widespread natural exposure, and lots of ways to treat COVID-19. The time for mandates has come to an end, except for those who fell in love with the power that created the mandates in the first place. And that’s a bigger problem than wearing masks.

3- It is wonderful to see that at least in Florida, children are being taught something useful and meaningful for their lives and not the racist garbage the unions push on children. We can only hope that there is a section on taxes and inflation and how that impacts a family budget.


DeSantis Signs Bill Making Financial Literacy Class a Requirement for High Schoolers

QUOTE: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a measure Tuesday making a financial literacy class a requirement for high school students.

Flanked by several individuals, including Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran and Senate President Wilton Simpson, DeSantis explained they are working to provide students with the “fullest education possible,” as the Sunshine State is devoted to high standards.

“Today I think is good because what the bill’s doing with financial literacy is really providing a foundation for students that’s going to be applicable in their lives regardless of what path they take,” he said during the Pasco County press conference.

This will “provide a foundation for students to learn about the basics of money management, understanding debt, understanding how to balance a check book, understanding the fundamentals of investing,” he said.”Any financial literacy has really been intertwined with economics courses, which you know, economics is a little bit different than financial literacy. And so we want a strong focus on economics, both micro and macro, but you want to also have standalone financial literacy,” the governor added.

4- On another issue, Gov. DeSantis is winning despite a massive campaign to tear him apart.

Red State

Ron DeSantis Wins Again as Poll of Florida Dems on Parental Rights Bill Shatters Fake Narratives

QUOTE: As we’ve previously reported, the mainstream media and the “progressive” left have been braying like mules for the last several weeks over the Florida parental rights legislation that critics have falsely labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

To his credit, Gov. Ron DeSantis has responded accordingly to the outcry and various fake narratives surrounding the bill, noting that it does not in fact “ban” saying “gay” in public school classrooms and that in actuality, what it does is prevents age-inappropriate lesson plans on sexual orientation and gender ideology in K-3 classrooms, and enshrines parental rights when it comes to discussions of such sensitive subject matters with children.

Upset that their attempts at getting DeSantis to look like the bad guy over this bill have at best had “mixed results” in terms of polling, the media have taken to suggesting that DeSantis’ defense of it as well as him supposedly “wading into culture wars” that Democrats started might backfire on down the line with Florida voters.

The problem with that argument, however, is that even among Democrat primary voters, DeSantis is faring well on this issue per a recent poll taken on the Democrat gubernatorial primary race:

The elephant in the room here for Democrats is that there has been a noticeable shift in said “culture wars” over the last couple of years when it comes to parental involvement in their children’s education, which we saw play out against Democrats in the 2021 gubernatorial election in Virginia.

5- Mississippi has become the latest state to ban Critical Race Theory from being taught in public K-12 schools and universities.

Campus Reform

Governor bans Critical Race Theory in schools, says it ‘threatens the integrity of education’

QUOTE: Governor Tate Reeves said on Twitter that Critical Race Theory ‘threatens the integrity of education & aims only to humiliate and indoctrinate.’

After nearly two months of debate, Mississippi has become the latest state to ban Critical Race Theory from being taught in public K-12 schools and universities.

Governor Tate Reeves signed Senate Bill 2113 on Mar. 14 after it passed the Mississippi Senate in a 32-2 vote. The House had approved it in a 75-43 vote.

The new legislation states that public institutions cannot teach that any “sex, race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin is inherently superior or inferior” nor that individuals should be “treated adversely” on the basis thereof.

Furthermore, the bill prevents instructors from conducting a lesson that “compels students to personally affirm, adopt, or adhere to” the above description.

Violating this law could result in a school losing State Department of Education funding.

6- This is a big court win for our children.

Children’s Health Defense

Children’s Health Defense Wins Federal District Court Injunction On District of Columbia’s Minor Consent for Vaccinations Act

QUOTE: On March 18, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia issued an order granting a preliminary injunction to prohibit the mayor of the District of Columbia, the D.C. Department of Health and D.C. public schools from enforcing the D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccination Act of 2020 until further order of the court.

“This is a major legal victory for children, parental rights, and informed consent,” said Rolf Hazlehurst, senior staff attorney for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) who argued the case. “Government overreach such as this has dire implications for children’s health and the constitutional rights of citizens.”

The D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccination Act of 2020, allows children eleven years of age and older to consent to vaccinations without their parents’ knowledge or consent. The law specifically targets children whose parents have religious exemptions for their children. The D.C. Act contains several provisions designed to deceive parents and hide the fact that their children have been vaccinated against their parental judgment, authority or religious convictions.

The court order states that the parents “have shown they are likely to succeed on the merits because the District’s law requires providers to hide children’s vaccination status from parents who invoke their religious exemption rights…”

7- We often urge you to be as healthy as possible. To help you in that endeavor we suggest you listen to this podcast interview with sleep specialist Dr. Matt Walker.
As Dr. Walker says: The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night of sleep.

Sleep Podcast

We hope you get some good sleep over the weekend and are ready to battle with us next week.

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