Dear Patriots,

We had a major victory at Defending The Republic this week.

1- We are thrilled that this case was dropped and pray that the other unfounded cases are likewise dismissed.

The Republic Brief  

Judge Drops $2.7B Smartmatic Suit Against Sidney Powell

QUOTE: In New York, a state court ruled on Tuesday that Smartmatic could pursue its $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit alleging that Fox News Network, Rudolph Giuliani, and others falsely claimed that the maker of electronic voting systems had helped rig the 2020 U.S. presidential election in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

New York Supreme Court Justice David Cohen rejected the requests of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation (FOXA.O), anchor Maria Bartiromo, and former anchor Lou Dobbs for dismissal of Smartmatic’s claims against them.

Moreover, Cohen revealed that Smartmatic could pursue some claims against Giuliani, who worked as an attorney for former Republican President Donald Trump. The judge dismissed all claims against former Trump attorney Sidney Powell and Fox host Jeanine Pirro.

The judge ruled that a supposed misstatement by Pirro was not defamatory and that he did not have jurisdiction over Powell.

Similar litigation is being pursued by Dominion Voting Systems.

In a statement, Howard Kleinhendler, Powell’s lawyer, said that he is “confident that any subsequent litigation by Smartmatic or others will reach the same result.”

2- This person failed to do her job. The good news is she was caught and is resigning. The bad news is, she may never be punished.

Biz Pac Review

Texas elections official resigns for incompetence resulting in uncounted votes, Republican lawsuit

QUOTE: A Texas county elections administrator resigned Tuesday after taking responsibility for an “oversight” that resulted in thousands of uncounted votes.

Isabel Longoria announced her intent to step down from her position as Harris County Elections Administrator during a meeting of the county commissioners. Her post oversaw the city of Houston and the surrounding county, which happens to be Texas’ most populous.

Longoria had already come under fire for missing the mandatory deadline of 24-hours to have all ballots counted. Harris County took 30 hours to complete their count, the Associated Press reported. Saturday, after the March 1 primary, election officials uncovered that 10,000 mail-in ballots had been tabulated but not counted.

Of the votes, 6,000 were Democratic and 4,000 were Republican. Though in this instance no election results were altered by the error, Longoria said, “Ultimately, the buck stops with me to address these issues and conduct elections on behalf of the voters. I didn’t meet my own standards.”

3-  It has been hard to hold fast on refusing the Clot Shot, but we knew eventually the tide would turn. This is in no way complete. Countless people across nearly all industries are still out of work due to refusal to vax, but this is a start.

The Epoch Times

United Airlines to Let Workers Who Didn’t Get COVID-19 Vaccine Return to Work

QUOTE: United Airlines plans to let workers who declined to get a COVID-19 vaccine return to work, according to a missive obtained by The Epoch Times.

Unvaccinated employees can return to their positions on March 28, according to the memorandum, which was sent to workers on Thursday morning.

Kirk Limacher, vice president of human resources at United, said the change was due to the plunge in COVID-19 cases and COVID-19-related hospitalizations across the country in recent weeks. Many states and cities are lifting COVID-19 restrictions, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dramatically eased its masking guidance, he noted.

“These changes suggest that the pandemic is beginning to meaningfully recede. As a result, we’re confident we can safely begin the process of returning our RAP employees to their jobs,” Limacher wrote.

United imposed a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all of its 67,000 U.S. employees in the fall of 2021. It was the first U.S. airline to impose a company-wide mandate.

4- Another big Fake News lie is unravelling.

PJ Media

BOMBSHELL: NYT Reporter Comes Clean, Admits Lefty Media ‘Were Making Too Big a Deal’ About January 6

QUOTE: New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg, the Pulitzer-prize winning National Security correspondent for one of the nation’s largest newspapers, has admitted on an undercover video what most of us have long known: the lefty news media is blowing the events of Jan. 6, 2021, out of proportion.

Project Veritas released the video on Tuesday.

Rosenberg also states that there were a “ton of FBI informants” in the Capitol.

Here is the kicker: Rosenberg’s articles for the NYT completely defy what he says privately. He has written that the idea of FBI informants in the Capitol is “re-imagining January 6.” He claims on the video that January 6 was ‘fun” but has written that it was “a violent interruption to the transition of power in American history.”

Rosenberg tells the undercover Project Veritas reporter that “The left’s overreaction, their reaction to it [January 6] in some places, was so over the top.”

5- We all encounter people in our lives who like to berate us for our opinions. A few lone Republicans in Massachusetts made some talking points to be used to discuss issues with leftists. This may be of help to you.

Steve Feinstein

From Massachusetts, 10 talking points to counter Democrat positions

QUOTE: Conservatives know that Democrat positions are harmful to the economic and security interests of our country; that they undermine the best interest of our society, culture, and history; and that Democrat positions are self-serving and wildly hypocritical.  “Rules for thee but not for me” are the opening lyrics to the Democrat National Anthem.

So here’s what we did — our humble Republican Town Committee printed up the Top 10 counters to current Democrat positions and handed them out to our members.  Now when we encounter friends, family members, or work associates in daily life — the real people who are fed up with where things have gone but can’t effectively verbalize their feelings — we give them a card.  “Say this when someone says something outrageous to you.”

A Democrat vote means you favor:

• No fossil fuel production.  Like the price of gasoline, heating oil and natural gas these days?
• Inflation at a 50-year high.  The government prints money and hands it out, and it becomes worthless.
• No freedom of speech.  Say the “incorrect thing,” and you’re sued.  Or fired.  No opinions allowed.
• No civil liberties.  Don’t think the vaccine is right for you or truly safe?  Sorry — you have no say.
• De-funding the police.  Smash and grab.  No bail for criminals.  Policemen being shot.  Feel safe?
• A weakened military.  Our top generals are more concerned with “equity” than winning wars.
• Higher taxes.  You think the government spends your money more wisely than you do, right?
• Unrestricted illegal immigration.  Your taxes support their education, health care, and housing.
• Choosing your gender.  Do you like 45-year-old men in the girl’s room with your daughter?
• Woke corporations.  Everything is racist all of a sudden.  Color and sex far outweigh qualifications.

Will this list (there’s a lot more, obviously, but we wanted to keep it reasonably short) change a lot of minds and swing the vote in a significant way?  Unfortunately, probably not.  Most Democratic voters vote the way they do “because my family has always voted that way” or for defensive or egotistical reasons, not wanting to admit a past “error” by changing party affiliation, or because they’re so well off that the behavioral restrictions, new societal rules, and increased taxation they favor don’t really negatively impact them personally.  These reasons are purely emotional, not logical, and so are nearly impossible to overcome.

However, if delivered in a low-key manner, with a matter-of-fact tone and a “what do you think, you’re a smart person” demeanor, then maybe, just maybe, a few people will switch their positions.  A few here, a few there.  That’s what it takes.  It’s worth a try.

Read. Know. Share. Fight. Pray.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic