Dear Patriots,

We are worried about our fellow citizens in Ohio and the failure of everyone to give them help and recovery. We are seeing the complete absence of leadership in a crisis.

Keep all those impacted by this environmental disaster in your prayers. Pray that leaders will have the courage to boldly aid those who are damaged.

We find some better news to usher you into the weekend.

1- We have seen all of these people hauled in front of Congressional investigations many times and nothing happens to quell their immense power over us. We are hopeful that this time there are more actions than words.

Daily Mail Online

Republicans SUBPOENA the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Meta and Alphabet

QUOTE: Republican Rep. Jim Jordan issued subpoenas to Big Tech’s biggest names on Wednesday for documents relating to any alleged collusion with the government to suppress free speech. 

The Judiciary Committee chairman calls on materials from CEOs Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, the parent company of Facebook; Tim Cook of Apple; Sundar Pichai of Alphabet, the parent company of Google; Andy Jassy of Amazon; and Satya Nadella of Microsoft. 

A source familiar with the subpoena told that the Judiciary Committee plans to hold at least one – if not more – hearings in the future on government and Big Tech working in tandem to control or suppress online discussions.

The subpoena is the ‘first step in holding Big Tech accountable,’ but some of these CEOs could be called to testify before the panel depending on what information is revealed in the document hand-over.

Republicans have long alleged that tech companies, specifically those that facilitate online conversation, have interfered with the right to free speech and are unfairly targeting the rights of conservative voices online. More recently, the allegations have turned toward claiming that these companies are ‘colluding’ with government agencies to suppress certain types of speech.

2- Republican lawmakers can stop electronic voting machines with a single 6-page resolution. Will they?

Emerald Robinson on Substack

A Blueprint For Ending The Voting Machines Has Arrived

QUOTE: A resolution has just passed out of committee (as an amendment) that should effectively prohibit computerized voting machines in federal elections. It bans any component (or element) used in the electronic voting machines from being used as the primary method for counting votes in a federal election unless it can meet Department of Defense standards — and none of them can do so currently. The resolution also requires that the ballots, the source code, and other log files must be publicly posted.

The resolution is called SCR 1037.

The resolution is very significant because it relies on the Arizona’s legislature’s constitutional authority to set election law — thereby completely bypassing the current Governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs (D).

That’s right: it does not require the consent or the signature of Arizona’s governor.

In other words: this is the blueprint for GOP lawmakers to stop the voting machines in other states.

3- Good news for conservative media reaching the Hispanic communities.


Conservative Dallas Firm Buys Spanish-Language MegaTV

QUOTE: Dallas-based conservative Spanish-language news startup Voz Media has reached a deal with the Spanish Broadcasting System to buy its MegaTV business for $64 million, marking the company’s first large purchase in its push to become a rival to Telemundo and Univision.

CEO Orlando Salazar describes Voz’s work as being “right-of-center,” and he told The Dallas Morning News that he wants to offer Spanish-speaking people in the United States access to a media company other than the national media, which he says leans too far left.

Salazar is the former vice chair of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, a conservative organization with more than 65,000 members. His company’s digital site features authors who include members of former President Donald Trump’s administration as well as the America First Policy Institute, and he told the Dallas Morning News that there is “very little objectivity in media these days.”

Voz was founded in early 2022.

Salazar, who also owns a commercial real estate development firm and a Black Angus beef company, commented that Spanish-language viewers “need to have the opportunity to hear things from a viewpoint of the kind of family values they grew up with, not with what our media or culture wants them to believe or accept.”

4- It is difficult to find this story in the Fake News, but if you have a chance to see and hear the videos taken this week from Asbury University you will be amazed. That this is happening on any American campus is the best news this week!

Here is a short clip from Twitter.


‘The Spirit of God Is Moving’: Second College Campus Reports Revival With ‘Salvation, Deliverance, Healing’

QUOTE: As the historic revival at Asbury University stretches into its seventh day, a Tennessee pastor said the Holy Spirit is now moving in a big way on another college campus.

Rob Fultz, campus pastor at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, said revival started breaking out at his school Monday, with around eight students starting a prayer that ignited a movement — and it hasn’t slowed down.

“It’s been rolling since nine o’clock [Monday] morning. And the spirit of God is moving,” Fultz said. “We’ve seen salvation, deliverance, healing over the last 24 hours.” He continued, “It’s just been a phenomenal, humbling, incredibly delicate move of God.”

Once again, spiritual activity at Asbury seems to be sparking a chain reaction on other campuses. But Fultz isn’t surprised, as he believes the next big cultural revival will come through the current generation.

“This is something that God really impressed on my heart for this generation: The greatest revival in human history will come in this generation,” he said. “It may not look like anything that we’ve ever seen before, but it will happen.”He believes the events unfolding at Asbury and Lee result from young people having “a pure hunger for a true encounter with Jesus.” Considering the struggles in contemporary culture, Fultz believes young people are looking for something more genuine and dynamic.


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