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There are a few hopeful slivers of light and promise this week. These are the ideas and events we must embrace and double down on.

Go Chiefs!!  Just kidding…..we don’t care who wins!  Regardless, on Monday morning most of the comments, as always, will be about the ads and the halftime show.

1- This is such good news. At least some young adults in America will be sufficiently educated.

Legal Insurrection 

Hillsdale College Sees 53% Increase in Applications as More People Reject Wokeness

QUOTE: This is encouraging news. We need more schools like Hillsdale.

FOX News reports:
As woke curriculum increases, classical education booms: Hillsdale College sees 53% increase in applications

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, enrollment in colleges across the nation has decreased by roughly 13%. While many colleges struggle to draw in students, many faith-based universities are seeing a boom in applications, championing the classical curriculum over woke ideologies.

Founder and CEO of the Classic Learning Test (CLT) Jeremy Tate outlined on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday how the classical education is giving many colleges across the U.S. an edge over others.

“If you’re watching this, and you graduated college in the sixties or seventies, then you probably took U.S. history or economics or Western civilization. But those days are long gone. Many colleges now have gone to kind of an al-la-carte model. But there’s a narrow band,” he said, “that schools like the University of Dallas, Franciscan, Benedictine, Hillsdale Grove City College that have maintained and sometimes double down on a traditional core curriculum.”

2- They did this quietly, without announcement or fanfare.

Orange County Register

California quietly abandons COVID-19 vaccine mandate for school kids

QUOTE: With the pandemic emergency quickly winding down, California officials appear to have quietly backed away from plans to require COVID-19 vaccinations for K-12 school students, a move that avoids the prospect of barring tens of thousands of unvaccinated children from the classroom.

The shift comes 14 months after Gov. Gavin Newsom visited a San Francisco middle school to declare plans to make California the first state to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for its more than 6 million students.The vaccine mandate, initially expected to kick in last summer, was put off another 12 months amid flagging youth vaccination rates that opened a debate over how the requirement would disproportionately punish disadvantaged students already struggling to recover academically and emotionally from pandemic school lockdowns.

Now, with no announcement or explanation, the administration appears to be quietly dropping the COVID-19 immunization mandate altogether. The education news site EdSource reported Feb. 1 that the state would no longer pursue it, citing unnamed officials. When the Bay Area News Group asked whether the state was dropping plans for the mandate, the California Department of Public Health would not directly answer but did not dispute the EdSource report, noting that “emergency regulations are not being pursued.”

3- We did not win as much as we would have liked in the midterms, but the election has consequences.

Fox News

AOC loses battle to slow GOP push to expand new oil, natural gas leases on federal land

QUOTE: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday failed to slow down the House Republican push for new oil and gas leases on federal land after GOP lawmakers shot down her attempt to require further study of the public health impacts of energy extraction.

The House Natural Resources Committee met Tuesday to adopt its work plan for the new Congress. Included in that plan is language that says the Biden administration has leased fewer federal acres for oil and gas development than “any presidential administration” since the end of World War II.

“The Committee will examine the lack of oil and natural gas leasing on federal lands in the western United States, including focusing on administrative actions that have created permitting delays and disincentivized production on federal lands,” the committee’s plan said.

Before adopting the plan, Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., offered an amendment that would require the committee to collect “public health data and other impacts of new drilling on federal lands.”

“There is a failure to acknowledge the disproportionate impact that these changes have on communities of color and other frontline communities,” Ocasio-Cortez said. She added that there should be “no objection to gathering better data on the health impact of these policies.”

But Republicans pushed back and said her proposal ignores the health benefits that energy development has delivered to people for generations.

“How can you ignore the millions of people around the Earth that have had clean water, indoor plumbing, lights, electricity provided to them, making their lives better, extending, literally extending, their life span, lifting them out of poverty by having access to electricity that’s been provided by coal, oil, gas or other fossil fuels?” said Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont.

4- Speak up if you own shares in these woke, anti-American and child grooming companies. Then sell the stock!

The Epoch Times

Shareholders Getting Fed Up With Underperformance by ‘Woke’ CEOs

QUOTE: While it has become increasingly common for global clubs like the World Economic Forum and activist asset managers to pressure corporations to fall in line with the ESG agenda, Disney is now feeling the heat from the opposite direction: shareholders who want the company to focus on sales and profits, as well as its lagging share price.

Vivek Ramaswamy, co-founder and chairman of Strive Asset Management, told The Epoch Times that “Disney unnecessarily waded into a fraught political debate and hurt its business interests as a result.”

“It’s no surprise that shareholders are frustrated and now speaking up,” he said. “Other CEOs should learn their lesson: Focus on excellence over politics.”

5- Let’s hope they fire the groomers. Meanwhile, avoid buying anything with this company’s logo on it; and there is a lot of stuff that does! Don’t buy it!


Disney to fire 7,000 workers as Iger reveals sweeping revamp of business

QUOTE: Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger on Wednesday announced a sweeping corporate restructuring that will result in 7,000 people losing their jobs as part of an effort to achieve $5.5 billion in cost savings.

Iger outlined the cost-cutting plan to investors during the company’s fiscal first-quarter earnings call, in which Disney reported adjusted earnings per share of 99 cents, ahead of the average analyst estimate of 78 cents, according to Refinitiv data.

6- Bless her heart. This is one brave young woman. All female athletes should stand up and refuse to participate if they are forced to compete with men.
If they would all do this, we could end this stupid episode and get back to all the gains woman have made in sports.


Surfer Bethany Hamilton says she won’t compete against transgender women

QUOTE: Surfer Bethany Hamilton found some support online from fellow athletes after she spoke out against the World Surf League’s (WSL) rules governing transgender women competing in events.

Hamilton said in a video posted to her Instagram on Saturday that she would not be participating in WSL events if the rule remains. The WSL said transgender female athletes need to maintain a testosterone level of 5 nmol/L for at least a year to participate in the women’s division.

Hamilton said in her video she would rather see WSL create a new division.

“I personally think that the best solution would be to create a different division so that all can have a fair opportunity to showcase their passion and talent – and I think it’s really hard to imagine what the future of women’s surfing will be like in 15-20 years down the road if we move forward allowing this major change,” she said.

After raising questions, Hamilton received some support online.

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