Dear Patriots,

It is always a good week when elected Republicans do what they promised us!

1- We were pleasantly stunned to see this move by Speaker McCarthy. It is always shocking to see a Republican fight back.

Here is the video

Red State  

Kevin McCarthy 2.0 Absolutely Annihilates Snarky Reporter Crying About Committee Assignments

QUOTE: Kevin McCarthy has received a software upgrade, and I think you’re going to like it. The somewhat contentious Speaker of the House, who faced down a conservative revolt during his confirmation, has been keeping his promises so far, and that includes kicking Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff off the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

As RedState reported, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries initially reappointed the controversial Democrats to the committee, demanding McCarthy bend the knee while ignoring the consequences of Nancy Pelosi’s tyrannical reign. To his credit, the new Speaker told Jeffries to pound sand.

Naturally, that has the press raving mad (mostly because Schiff is a main source of leaks), and one snarky reporter decided to try to tie the situation to George Santos. You know, because the current congress apparently revolves around a no-name freshman whose committee assignments are the equivalent of working at McDonald’s.

You have to listen carefully to hear exactly what the reporter says, but the gist of her assertion is that it’s hypocritical to put Santos onto any committees while keeping Schiff and Swalwell off of a specific committee. McCarthy absolutely levels her from start to finish.

2- It is not an emergency anymore.


COVID-19 Is No Longer a Public Health Emergency

QUOTE: The former Milwaukee County chief medical examiner conducted a careful review of some 4,000 COVID-19 deaths reported during the pandemic there. His research revealed that nearly half had no link to COVID or in some cases only a “marginal” association, such as end stage cancer patients whose demise was possibly hastened by a few days or weeks, from catching the disease. An analysis of LA County and national data collected during the more recent waves of the highly contagious (but considerably less deadly) Omicron variants suggests that COVID-19 deaths are now likely being overcounted by at least fourfold. A newly published investigation from Denmark documented that, following the emergence of Omicron a year ago, an astonishing 65-75% of deaths officially attributed to COVID-19 have been merely incidental to the coronavirus, consistent with the above hypothetical exercise. Yet even if only half the currently reported deaths in the U.S. are not really caused by the virus, that would mean an actual daily COVID-19 toll of around 200, roughly the number dying during a bad flu season.

The inadvertent exaggeration of COVID-19 deaths and long COVID leads not only to misplaced policy decisions, such as new mask mandates and booster recommendations for 6-month-old babies, but also to a needlessly enduring climate of fear, particularly in bluer regions (such as my hometown of San Francisco, where mask wearing remains commonplace, even outdoors). After three long years, it is past time to base public health pronouncements and policies on solid scientific evidence rather than well-meaning but often misleading assumptions.

3- Every single act to remove machines from voting is important.

Redding Record Searchlight  

Shasta, where Trump won big in 2020, to become first California county to drop Dominion

QUOTE: A split Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted to terminate the county’s contract with Dominion Voting Systems after next month’s special election in the city of Shasta Lake.

Shasta will be the first of 40 California counties that used Dominion in the November 2022 election to drop the voting system, Shasta County Clerk/Registrar of Voters Cathy Darling Allen told the Record Searchlight after Tuesday’s meeting.

Tuesday’s Dominion vote came after a long public debate on the machines, including a tense exchange between Darling Allen and Supervisor Patrick Jones, who led the charge to end the county’s contract with Dominion.

In voting 3-2, supervisors directed staff to cancel the agreement.

4- Iowa is third state to pass school choice measure that funds every student in state, not the system. This is great news for children and we pray this spreads to more states.

Fox News  

Iowa Gov Kim Reynolds signs historic school choice bill: ‘We will fund students not systems

QUOTE: Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed an unprecedented school choice bill called the Students First Act on Tuesday, allowing any Iowa student to use public money to pay for private school tuition or other expenses.

“For the first time, we will fund students not systems!” Reynolds said on Twitter.

“Parents, not the government, can now choose the education setting best suited to their child regardless of their income or zip code. Iowa has affirmed that educational freedom belongs to all!”

After the Students First Act was passed, Iowa is now the third state to pass a school choice measure that expands to every student in the state.

Arizona became the first state in the nation to pass education scholarship accounts, expanding the program to all 1.1 million K-12 students in the state. Other red states followed suit in pushing school choice legislation.

A similar bill passed in the Florida House of Representatives. A coalition of school choice proponents signed a letter that urges Florida lawmakers to pass an unprecedented education savings account bill.

5- Americans are waking up and they want parents, not bureaucrats, to be in charge.

Just The News  

Americans overwhelmingly back school choice, parental rights in education: poll

QUOTE: Americans largely favor empowering parents in their children’s education through greater transparency in teaching materials and choice in schools, a survey has found.

The latest Scott Rasmussen National Survey queried registered voters on an array of issues, including school choice, charter schools and education proposals requiring teachers to disclose their lesson plans.

Citing a proposal that would “require public school teachers to put all lesson plans and materials online in advance so that parents can have access to them,” the survey asked: “Would you favor or oppose this proposal?”

The survey asked whether parents should be able to opt their children out of lessons or materials they find objectionable. A clear majority of 52% supported parental discretion while 27% opposed giving parents that leeway. A further 21% were unsure.

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