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Yes, there is disturbing news coming at us.

However, for a few minutes spend some time with THE GOOD NEWS!

1- We are always reminding you that there are a lot of people who are working on various elections issues in different states. However, it is almost impossible to find ANY reporting on issues involving voting integrity.

We mentioned earlier this week the vote in Wisconsin to decertify the electors in the 2020 election. Well, it was not quite the way it was reported due to a complicated legislative process. In this segment of The War Room you will hear Wisconsin State Representative Timothy Ramthun explain what happened and what is going to happen in Wisconsin.

You will also hear from two impressive candidates, Kari Lake, candidate for Governor of Arizona and Kelly Tshibaka candidate for US Senate in Alaska.

(The War Room)

Episode 1,595 – Wisconsin Biden Decertification; Invasion Of Southern Border; Fight In Alaska

2- Two other countries snap out of it!


Denmark intends to lift all coronavirus restrictions

The Danish government intends to lift all restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic from January 31, TASS reports with reference to Jyllands-Posten.

According to her sources, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen plans to announce the decision at a press conference on Wednesday. According to the publication, the head of the cabinet will also announce that from February 5, COVID-19 will no longer be classified as diseases that are critically dangerous to the public. These government decisions were made on the basis of the recommendations of a special epidemiological commission, the newspaper writes.


Sweden decides against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-12

QUOTE:  Sweden has decided against recommending COVID vaccines for kids aged 5-11, the Health Agency said on Thursday, arguing that the benefits did not outweigh the risks.
“With the knowledge we have today, with a low risk for serious disease for kids, we don’t see any clear benefit with vaccinating them,” Health Agency official Britta Bjorkholm told a news conference.

3- Canadian children are calling the truckers who are in the convoy protesting the vax mandate. Listen to the sweet messages from young people who have learned a lesson about freedom. This is a huge protest that is being ignored by Fake News.  Thousands of Canadians are lining the highways, bridges and roadways as the Truck Convoy passes by with signs and cheers of support.


God Bless Truckers!


Meanwhile, as the truckers move closer to him, this guy is hiding.


Trudeau isolates after being exposed to someone with COVID

QUOTE: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is isolating at home after learning he was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19

4- SOME in the Fake News are coming to the conclusions many of us have had for a year. A year ago, questioning masking children at school got you tossed off Twitter and Facebook. Now, it is being said in The Atlantic!

The three doctors who wrote this article do not have issues with the vaccine for children. We disagree and deeply hold that the vax is unnecessary and dangerous for everyone and most certainly for children. But we will take this one step at a time as people awaken from their misinformation. If we can unmask our children, that would be a great victory.

(The Atlantic) 

The Case Against Masks at School

QUOTE: Districts should rethink imposing on millions of children an intervention that provides little discernible benefit.

To justify mask requirements in school at this point, health officials should be able to muster solid evidence from randomized trials of masking in children. To date, however, only two randomized trials have measured the impact of masks on COVID transmission.

The first was conducted in Denmark in the spring of 2020 and found no significant effect of masks on reducing COVID-19 transmission. The second is a much-covered study conducted in Bangladesh that reported that surgical masks (but not cloth) were modestly effective at reducing rates of symptomatic infection. However, neither of these studies included children, let alone vaccinated children.

Other studies—not randomized trials—have looked at the effects of masks in schools, and their results do not support pervasive, endless masking at school. 

5- Also in The Atlantic is this excellent piece by Mary Katherine Ham on how she lives a life unafraid and how she is raising her children without fear.

(The Atlantic)  

Kids Shouldn’t Have to Be ‘Resilient’

QUOTE: This “child sacrifice” form of debate doesn’t serve children or parents. Adults should do our best to make rational calls for our kids, to weigh costs and benefits, to pass the baton from the amygdala to the neocortex. If I’d chosen never to let my kids near a bike, I’m sure my friends and family would have understood and respected my decision. But that would have been an irrational reading of the risk, and deeply unfair to my kids.

“Kids are resilient” has been a refrain of the pandemic, used to justify the removal of regular school, birthday parties, and talking with friends at lunch. But it’s not a kid’s job to be resilient. It’s a parent’s job to be resilient for them, to spare them from our fears and worries. The longer we abdicate, the more damage we will do.

6- Yes, we WILL continue to nag you to take charge of your health and boost your immunity. And go outside and get some sun!!!


A Daily Vitamin D Supplement Can Help Prevent Autoimmune Disease, Huge Study Shows

A daily vitamin D supplement could reduce the rate of autoimmune disease by 22 percent – at least in the over-50s, a new study published this week has shown.

“We know vitamin D does all kinds of wonderful things for the immune system in animal studies,” senior author Karen Costenbader told New Scientist. “But we have never proven before that giving vitamin D can prevent autoimmune disease.”

In a huge, long-term randomized and double-blind trial – pretty much the gold standard – researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital set out to investigate two potential supplements’ ability to prevent autoimmune disease: vitamin D, and omega 3 fatty acids. Nearly 26,000 participants, all above the age of 50, were recruited from across the US and randomly assigned one of four daily regimens: either one vitamin D and one placebo supplement, one omega 3 and one placebo supplement, one vitamin D and one omega 3 supplement, or two placebo supplements.

Read. Know. Share. Pray. Get Healthy

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