Dear Patriots,

We know that you are as concerned and disturbed as we are by the events in Afghanistan and what the future implications will be.  We know that everywhere you look you are seeing signs that will lead to disastrous results.

We ask that you hold fast.  Hang in there with us.   Pray for us and pray with us that there IS a solution.

There are subjects that we are not addressing with you.  Please know, while in a battle it is often better to be quiet.   Be assured that there is a lot of work being done behind the scenes on many fronts.

1- Sometimes The Supreme Court surprises us, rather than disappoints us. They ruled that an unelected bureaucracy does not have the authority to mandate.

(Just The News)

U.S. Supreme Court hands Biden another loss, strikes down eviction moratorium

The Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s COVID-19 eviction moratorium, allowing evictions to resume.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court said in an unsigned opinion that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did not have the authority under federal law, without express congressional authorization, to reimpose the eviction moratorium on Aug. 3.

2- Another important ruling by the High Court. William Jacobson goes into detail here.

(Legal Insurrection)

Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” Policy To Be Reinstated After Supreme Court Ruling

In 6-3 ruling, SCOTUS refuses to stay lower court injunction reinstating the Trump policy, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan would have granted a stay.

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday night on the “Remain in Mexico” policy. It’s an important ruling and throws back in Democrats’ face their successful litigation to keep DACA in place despite Republican attempts to end that illegal Obama policy.

3- The Trump Team produced an ad that sums up the current administration. It is important to let everyone see this. We do not have a Fourth Estate (Journalism) that will tell any part of the truth. This is the truth.


4- We do not know how many times this polling has to look like this before WE THE PEOPLE get what we want from the Democrats who continue to block and lie about this issue.

(CNS News) 

Poll: 81% of All Voters Support Voter ID, Including 77% of Black Voters

QUOTE: A new poll shows that 81% of voters in the United States support laws that require “every voter to show a photo ID when they vote,” according to Honest Elections Project Action (HEPA), which conducted the survey of 1,200 registered voters in mid-July.

Among those surveyed, 77% of black voters support requiring a photo ID to vote, as do 78% of Hispanic voters, 67% of Democratic voters, 97% of Republican voters, and 82% of independent voters.

5- Within this article are SEVEN reasons you should not despair. Read it all and pass it along!


‘Trust Not In Princes’: 7 Reasons For Hope While The Ruling Class Lights Dumpster Fire After Dumpster Fire

QUOTE: Watching the dumpster fire Joe Biden and his team lit with U.S. dollars and materiel in Afghanistan is demoralizing. Realizing we’re facing at least three more years of such catastrophic ineptitude, even if Biden is nominally replaced, is almost too much to absorb.

Yet chaos presents many opportunities. The moment all hell breaks loose is the precise time to press in. So here are some ways that’s happening. Think of your own, and join in.

While it appears we’re in for an extended season of disruption, hardship, and confusion, this is not the time to despair and hide. It is time to pray harder, pick up a shovel, and get to work.” Joy Pulman


You may have heard about a legal situation regarding Sidney this week.

A Michigan federal district court judge wrote a 110 page opinion granting motions by non-parties to sanction nine lawyers for exercising their First Amendment right to petition a court for redress of grievances, raising constitutional issues of national importance following the election.

Sidney Powell and team will be pursuing an appeal promptly.

We know it is redundant but, just keep doing all the things: Pray. Share. Know.

Much more coming.

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken