Dear Patriots,

We have received messages from many of you currently fighting with employees and schools over forced COVID-CCP vaccines.  (CCP = Chinese Communist Party)

This past week there has been conflicting information.  Should businesses and schools have liability should someone, forced to get an unproven, untested, un-licensed shot, develop a life altering or even temporary side effects?

We asked veteran attorney for Defending the Republic, Julia Haller to explain recent EEOC Guidance and the confusion this has caused.

Here is a short video of Julia explaining the rulings.

If you or someone you know is struggling with forced vaccination, reach out to Defending the Republic with details.  Our team will review your case.

Email: support@

We have been working on the Defending the Republic website and Julia has developed a very helpful page of information about all things relating to the issues of “freedoms in peril” due to Covid.

Here is the link. It is updated often.

Also, the Defending the Republic Video Page has excellent short videos on many subjects to keep you informed and hopeful!

As always, thank you for your support, prayers and for sharing information.

Sidney and Team Kraken