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Many of you are interested in the settlement reached in Dominion v Fox News case.

We would like to point you to this interesting perspective regarding the situation. Please read the the full piece at the link below.

Revolver News

The Fox Dominion Settlement Exposes Dark Truths About the Regime-Media Alliance

QUOTE: You might have missed it, but the most revealing moment of the Dominion/Fox News case that’s been dominating the news cycle didn’t come during discovery. It didn’t come when court filings revealed CEO Suzanne Scott’s angry emails about subscriber losses or Tucker Carlson’s text messages about Donald Trump. It didn’t even come the moment Fox agreed to pony up an eye-watering $787 million to settle Dominion’s claim before going to trial.

No, the most revealing moment of the Dominion saga occurred Tuesday afternoon, when Dominion lawyer Davinda Brook thanked the assembled press for the role they had played in the company’s heist.

“Thank you, to all of you, for being with us on this journey,” Brook said to the crowd of reporters. “We appreciate what you’ve done to help us and to help expose what we were able to discover over the course of this process. So thank you and we’ll see you at the next one.”

Brook’s thanks were well-aimed. Every step of the Dominion lawsuit was a collaborative effort between lawyers and an army of press allies. Their objective: the destruction of a rival press outlet they hated, and the remaking of American defamation laws in order to do it. 

The rest of the media went on a gloating spree over Fox’s misfortune.

This is a momentous evolution in the relationship between the Regime and the American press. It’s also a far cry from, say, the comeuppance Rolling Stone received for its bogus UVA Jackie story eight years ago. The “victim” of Fox’s alleged “defamatory” reporting wasn’t an innocent person, but a subsidiary corporation owned by a large venture capital firm. The amount of damages Fox News was facing, and the amount it consequently had to settle for, was cartoonishly out of proportion to any actual harm inflicted by Fox’s reporting. The scale of these damages, and those being sought in a similar lawsuit by fellow voting machine company Smartmatic, are not about remedying a harm. They are about putting Fox out of business.

And the rest of the press is cheering.

For the press, the Fox-Dominion saga was a bonanza, with zero concern about the ramifications of obliterating an entire outlet over its election reporting. In 2009, a young Brian Stelter reported skeptically on the Fox-Obama feud; last week, Vanity Fair hired him as a special correspondent just to cover the abortive trial. The New York Times covered the case like it was a second war in Ukraine.

One of the Times’ articles lays bare how Dominion’s legal strategy was based not on America’s actual defamation law per se, but on getting the press to collaborate in dragging down Fox.

The game plan revolved around getting damaging evidence out in public, Hootan Yaghoobzadeh of Staple Street Capital, which owns Dominion, said on CNBC today. That contributed heavily to what was a stacked deck against Fox News, with the broadcaster facing what one legal expert told The New York Times was “unquestionably the strongest defamation case we’ve ever seen against a major media company.”

1- In other dark news, we finally have the evidence that there was massive election interference by the CIA and the 50 intelligence operatives who signed the much quoted letter saying all the news about Hunter Biden and his laptop was Russian disinformation.

Not to mention the revealed evidence of extensive collusion between the Biden campaign, the Deep State and, of course, the Fake News.

Post Millennials

Fmr CIA chief Mike Morell testifies under oath that Biden campaign and Tony Blinken asked him to orchestrate letter from 50 intel officials falsely claiming Hunter Biden emails were ‘Russian disinformation’

QUOTE: The false claim that the laptop was “Russian disinformation” was repeated ad nauseam by Biden allies and led to censorship.

The House Judiciary Committee Thursday night released a shocking letter addressed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealing that the basis upon which the claim that stories concerning Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” were “Russian disinformation” were prompted by the Biden campaign and Blinken himself.

The false claim that the laptop was “Russian disinformation” was repeated ad nauseam by Biden allies, like Jen Psaki who became the first press secretary under the Biden administration. The claim was based on a letter signed by 50 former members of the intelligence community, and that letter was organized by former CIA director Mike Morell, who did so at the prompting of the Biden administration.

The Judiciary Committee stated in the letter Morell told the committee that Blinken, then a senior campaign official, reached out to him after the New York Post published articles detailing information found on the laptop concerning influence peddling and shady overseas business dealings.

Morell said that he organized the letter and the signatories to “help Vice President Biden” for the reason that he “wanted him to win the election.” Morell used his influence to encourage his colleagues to sign a letter asserting false claims in order to further the Biden’s campaign.

Morell was clear that it wasn’t until he was contacted by Blinken that he determined to take the action to organize the letter or to exonerate Biden from the allegations stemming from his son’s laptop. Morell said that his conversation with Blinken “triggered… that intent.”

Apparenly, Blinken had sent Morell an article from USA Today that stated that the FBI was investigating the likelihood that the laptop, which was abandoned by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer repair shop before the shopowner turned it over to the FBI (who sat on it) and to Rudy Giuliani, was part of a “disinformation campaign.”

Morell then did his own research, and contacted retired CIA officials to help him get to the bottom of the allegations, with the intent of discrediting the reporting from the New York Post. Morell gathered the signatures, including those of John Brennan and Leon Panetta. Morell further testified that the Biden campaign indicated that a specific reporter at the Washington Post should get the letter, along with the campaign.

The letter landed at Politico, which ran the story that spawned so many others, claiming that the Hunter Biden story was “Russian disinfo” according to “dozens of former officials.” The letter stated that the Post’s reporting had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

That letter was used by the Biden campaign to discredit and censor the Post’s factual reporting in order to help Biden win the 2020 presidential election.

2- The dark truth is that there are no longer any sensible, thoughtful, reasonable, sane Democrats left in America. Well, except for maybe one.

Based on his recent speech announcing he is running for the Democrat nomination, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr may be the only one.

We are NOT advocating for any one candidate but simply pointing you to information. We have long appreciated and shared with you the work Kennedy has done at his organization, Children’s Health Defense.

Jordan Schachtel on Substack

The Last Kennedy Democrat

QUOTE: In a sane world, RFK Jr would make a quality candidate for a political party. Today, however, we live in Clown World, in which RFK Jr might very well be the last Kennedy Democrat alive.

Robert F Kennedy Jr gave a well-reviewed two hour speech last week when he announced his entry into the presidential race.

Here are the seven main points from the RFK Jr speech.

• Ending the corrupt merger of corporations and the state

This trouble some system is what the feudalists and oligarchs at the World Economic Forum and BlackRock refer to as “public-private partnerships” or the paradoxically named “stakeholder capitalism.

• Opposing lockdowns under any circumstances

RFK Jr emphasized that in no way can we let Public Health psychopaths run society again.

• Giving former President Donald Trump a fair shake on his record for each issue, but holding him accountable for his decision to give too much political power to Government Health bureaucrats

Trump is unfairly demonized by the corporate media, but there are issues like empowering the maniacal Fauci-Birx clan that deserve further scrutiny.

• Supporting free market capitalism and limited government

This especially pays homage to JFK, a renowned president among American society and an ardent capitalist and supporter of classical liberalism,

• Conquering children’s illnesses

RFK Jr’s thesis is that too many vaccines are causing childhood illnesses, though he didn’t mention this directly in his speech.

• Bringing the troops home

This plays well to the very real perception of an overstretched, damaged empire, deeply wounded by the extensive war footing of the post 9/11 foreign policy regime.

• Openly discussing the merits of war

Distances himself from the war-happy Uniparty in Washington, D.C.

Similar themes to the presidency of his uncle, whose clear-headed analysis in the face of the military industrial regime’s ultra aggressive demands may have saved the world from nuclear annihilation.

Unfortunately, RFK Jr might be the last Kennedy Democrat alive

I’m sure that there are many who really enjoyed this speech and support RFK Jr’s bold platform. Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute, who was in attendance, wrote a great review for the Epoch Times.  

Unfortunately for RFK Jr, however, he’s running for the nomination of a party that is freakishly opposed to every single one of his staple items.

The modern Democrat Party is the party of Keynesian economics, transgenderism, Big Pharma obsequiousness, slavish devotion to expanding government bureaucracy, and endless war. It is an absolute statist freak show on every level. It’s not that the GOP is much better. But for a guy in 2023 to run as a democrat on a classical liberal, free market platform is quite something.

I very much admire RFK Jr, his charitable work, and his seminal book, The Real Anthony Fauci. He also seems like a total mensch, according to the people who have interacted with him.

In a sane world, RFK Jr would make a quality candidate for a political party. Today, however, we live in Clown World, in which RFK Jr might very well be the last Kennedy Democrat alive.


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