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“Everything is upside down. The left is seeking to destroy everything that made this country great.”

These are words from Sidney Powell in a recent interview. It is the reason we urge you to help elect Republicans, vote on Election Day and PRAY.

1- It is important to know who the enemy is. Learn about the evil Andrew Weissmann from the expert on the subject, Sidney Powell.

The Gateway Pundit

ANDREW WEISSMANN PART VI: Exclusive Interview with Attorney Sidney Powell – “I’m Very Concerned About the State of the Country Right Now”

QUOTE: While working at the Eastern District of New York’s Department of Justice in the early 1990’s, Andrew Weissmann was known as a “pathological liar”.  This is the same man involved in corrupt acts in the Enron Task Force and the same man who reportedly led the Mueller Special Counsel.

Sidney Powell shared her perspectives of Weissmann in an exclusive interview with TGP yesterday.

Attorney Sidney Powell is an expert on Department of Justice corruption and she followed the career of Democrat hatchetman Andrew Weissmann who destroyed thousands of lives during his career as a federal prosecutor.

Powell wrote LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, make up crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison in the Enron case in the mid-2000s.

Friday, attorney Sidney Powell joined TGP to discuss Weissmann, one of the primary subjects regarding corruption in the DOJ in her book, “Licensed to Lie”.

Watch the entire interview with Sidney Powell below.

2- We are concerned about many aspects of the upcoming election. While we have had many successes in taming election fraud, there are still many avenues left for cheating. It is important to know this.

Emerald Robinson at Substack 

FIVE Big Election Fraud Stories Breaking Just Before The 2022 Midterms

#1 — Why are election officials in Delaware County (PA) illegally mailing out ballots for the 2022 midterms before the logic and accuracy tests have started?

#2 — How come a Dominion Voting machine “error code” that was found in Tennessee’s machines was also found in 97% of the counties in Georgia?

#3 — Why did Fulton County (PA) file a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems for breach of contract last month?

#4 — Why did the FBI try to hide that a Chinese CEO of an election software company in America was breaking the law?

#5 — How is it possible that a well known cyber security expert identified “a critical privacy flaw in the election infrastructure sold by Dominion Voting Systems” in the United States just this week? 

3- If you are involved in any aspect of elections in your state and Dominion Voting Machines are used, alert officials to this flaw in their systems.

The National Pulse

Election Integrity Experts Identify Privacy Flaw Affecting All ICP/ICE Dominion Voting Systems Across 21 States.

QUOTE: J. Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, claims to have identified a critical privacy flaw in the election infrastructure sold by Dominion Voting Systems in the United States. 

Halderman, a non-partisan analyst whose work has been cited by both left and right wing news sources, shared the website on his social media channels on Friday.

Will It Affect the Mid Terms?

Yes, the flaw does have the potential to affect the mid term elections. According to Halderman and his team:

Completely mitigating these risks will require Dominion to change the ICP and ICE firmware to use a secure method of generating ballot IDs. The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has informed us that Dominion plans to correct the flaw in future firmware versions. However, our understanding is that no patches will be available until after the November election, at least for federally certified versions of Dominion systems. Election officials should contact Dominion for further information and to inquire as to patch availability.

4- More and more people are being cancelled by their banks as a way of punishment for having opinions that the left does not like to spoken out loud. We do not agree with all opinions but we will speak up to defend the right to have and express them.

The Daily Wire

Kanye West Responds To Getting ‘Cancelled By’ JPMorgan Chase

QUOTE: Rapper Kanye West said late Wednesday night that he was “happy to have” crossed the line by saying something that has been widely condemned as anti-Semitic because it now means that he can discuss cancel culture in the U.S.

“Hey, if you call somebody out for bad business, that means you’re being anti-Semitic,” West told reporters after he left the screening of Daily Wire host Candace Owens’ new documentary. “I feel happy to have crossed the line of that idea so we can speak openly about things like getting canceled by a bank.”

West’s comments were in reference to an email obtained by The Daily Wire that showed that a JPMorgan Chase bank was ending its banking relationship with West.

The statement, which was scant on details, was obtained by Candace Owens on the same day that Owens launched her new documentary on The Daily Wire, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.” The bank, according to Owens, gave “no official reason” about its decision to end its relationship with West.

5- THIS IS THE SWAMP.   Our only hope now is to elect Republican who will drain The Swamp.


2,600+ Federal Officials Trade Stock in Companies Their Agencies Oversee – Especially Big Tech

QUOTE: More than 2,600 federal officials either own or have traded stock in companies their agencies oversee, according to a damning report by the Wall Street Journal. 

The report also found that officials frequently traded stock in companies shortly before their agencies announced enforcement actions that affected the price of those companies.

At the Department of Defense for example, some officials held stock in Chinese companies that the U.S. was considering blacklisting.

Tech stocks seem to be particularly popular for federal officials to trade, with the Wall Street Journal finding over 1,800 officials who own or traded Google (through parent company Alphabet), Amazon, Apple, and Facebook (now known as Meta), a trend that coincides with the government ramping up its scrutiny of Big Tech.

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