Dear Patriots,

Elections still matter. Yes, they are full of fraud and cheating, but, even so, they matter.

If you live in a state that is having any kind of election next week, regardless of your mistrust, go vote.

When you don’t vote because you are mad or depressed, the bad people win.

We recently had an election expert talk with us about the dangers of the ballot drop boxes. These are the boxes that private citizen Mark Zuckerberg spent $4 million to install all over swing states.

These ballot drop boxes offer cheaters a way to stuff the ballot box with fake ballots that are then counted. The way to foil this particular fraud is to vote in person on Election Day. 

Do not vote early or by mail! This is particularly pivotal in Virginia next week.

— The mail in ballot drop box locations are prime spots for mass physical dumping of ballots by a single individual or small group.

The extent to which this happens will probably be a mathematical estimate of how many ballots are needed to secure the race based on polling beforehand and the margin to avoid a mandatory recall.

— if increased scrutiny can be placed on the ballot drop locations, and the physical movement surrounding them, there is a very high chance of finding large centralized amounts of premeditated “buffer” insurance and fraud for fixing the election.

Typically there will be an initial estimate of how many votes are needed to fix an election before election day and those ballots will be spread out beforehand to several centralized locations in an effort to not make it as obvious on the back end and allow an entry point for counterfeiting in the chain of custody before the election runs out of time for voters.

Afterwards, depending on how wrong the estimate was of the amount of fraudulent ballots needed (and if the opponent would win in a landslide without a lot more fraudulent votes entering the system), the premeditated fraud machine would have to kick in to overdrive on the difference if there is premeditated and committed fraud and fixing of the election.

Disallowing fraudulent ballots at the mathematical estimate phase and the drop box locations where verifiable fraud en masse occurs would necessitate more back end fraud after the election results should be in.

This would require backfilling.  It would display a massive mathematical hole to fill, which by mathematical definition at that point, would be a complete fraud because it is premeditated.

Voters defending against such an attack should not vote early or by mail, but arrive on election day to disallow an accurate mathematical estimate to be built as well.

Bad actors committing this would tend to prefer to wait as long as possible for as much information as possible before making an estimate because it will become more accurate over time.

For more information on Ballot Drop Boxes, read about the surveillance that caught ballot traffickers putting thousands of ballots into drop boxes in the middle of the night. 

Here is an in-depth piece that outlines how Zuckerberg bought the 2020 election by paying cities to set up ballot drop boxes.

We can not emphasis this strongly enough.  It is crucial to turn out in massive numbers for your candidate. It is the huge voter turnout for Trump on the day of the election that broke the algorithm and exposed all the shenanigans. Until we can secure our demand for paper ballots, hand-counted, with presentation of citizen photo ID, we must continue to turn out in record numbers.

🇺🇸 VOTE 🇺🇸


1- Remember, politicians of all stripes hide the truth and prevaricate.

Incumbent New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, one of five Democrat Governors who killed many older Americans by needlessly pushing infected people into nursing homes, now is secretly planning an unnecessary vaccine mandate. He won’t talk about it, but, count on it happening should he be re-elected. We can only hope the citizens of New Jersey wake up and vote for Jack Ciattarelli.

(The Gateway Pundit)  

Project Veritas: Senior Advisor Reveals NJ Governor Murphy to Impose State-Wide Covid Vaccine Mandate AFTER Re-Election

QUOTE:  Project Veritas on Monday released video of a senior campaign advisor admitting New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will impose a state-wide Covid vaccine mandate AFTER re-election. Phil Murphy is hiding information from the public in order to win independents, moderates, and undecided voters.

Wendy Martinez, a senior advisor for Phil Murphy told a Project Veritas journalist the governor is waiting to impose the mandates until after the election because the “independents and undecided” will not vote for him if he did mandates.

2- Not only are Florida’s Covid-CCP statistics the best in the country, we bet their crime rate plummets too.

(Daily Mail Online) 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will pay unvaccinated cops $5,000 bonus if they relocate to his state

QUOTE: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced that he will pay unvaccinated police officers from other states $5,000 if they relocate to the Sunshine State to work, as cops across the U.S. continue to leave their posts in droves over COVID vaccine mandates.

‘We’re actually actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement, because we do have needs in our police and our sheriff’s departments,’ the governor told Fox News on Sunday. ‘In the next legislative session, I’m going to hopefully sign legislation that gives a $5,000 bonus to any out-of-state law enforcement that relocates in Florida,’ he told the network’s Sunday Morning Futures program.

Then, addressing officers in cities like New York, Seattle and Minneapolis, DeSantis said: ‘If you’re not being treated well, we’ll treat you better here.’

3- Epoch Times has actually interviewed people willing to lose their jobs instead of being jabbed by force. They are smart and committed professionals making an informed decision. This is not a reason to lose a job.

(The Epoch Times)  

Health Care Workers Speak Out on Why They Would Rather Lose Their Jobs Than Take a COVID-19 Vaccine

QUOTE: Despite the COVID-19 vaccines having been promoted as safe and effective by legacy media, many health care workers are refusing to take them, and those who openly speak out about their concerns get censored by Big Tech companies or kicked off their platforms.

Emily Nixon is a registered nurse who has been working in the health industry for 18 years. When her employer, MaineHealth, announced that it would make the vaccine mandatory, she quickly organized a group called The Coalition for Healthcare Workers Against Medical Mandates and filed a lawsuit.

“Thousands of health care workers have and will be losing their jobs. The already weak health care infrastructure of Maine will not withstand this devastating loss of staff. Life will be lost. Care is already being rationed. We have been experiencing a media blackout in this state,” Nixon said.

“Speaking from my point of view, an intelligent, healthy, and empowered health care professional that takes excellent care of herself, it is an insult to expect that I would accept an injection of unknown substance and efficacy and provide an example to the great people that I serve that they too should submit their power over to pharmaceutical companies—convicted felons—in an effort to put a band-aid on the gaping wound of reality.

“It is unconscionable to mandate injections without exemption, especially when the injection is a brand new medical product still undergoing its first year of study. Breakthrough cases are not properly reported on. We know this vaccine is ‘leaky.’ The safety and effectiveness of this vaccine has not been proven. There are other safe and alternative treatments. It is impossible to give fully informed consent without long-term, unbiased data. Threatening our jobs is blatant coercion. Our God-given right to bodily integrity and personal autonomy has been stripped with these mandates and we will not stand for it,” Nixon said.

4- All we can say about these students is….bravo!


Loudoun County, Virginia, students stage walkouts over sexual assaults

QUOTE:  Hundreds of students in Loudoun County, Virginia, walked out of classes Tuesday morning to protest their school district’s handling of reported on-campus sexual assaults.

The demonstration took place after a 15-year-old boy was found guilty Monday of a May 28 attack on a teenage girl inside a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School.

Students at Riverside High School, Stone Bridge High School, Loudoun County High School and others also took part in the walkout, the reports said. Organizers said the demonstration was intended to “show solidarity to victims of sexual violence and demand safety in our schools,” WUSA9 reported.


Read. Listen. Share. Pray.

Hold Fast,