In the case of COKER v. AUSTIN, Defending the Republic is representing armed service members against the DOD’s COVID-19 injection mandate, which unlawfully requires these brave men and women to be part of an experiment in an unapproved and dangerous injection in violation federal law and contrary to their right of informed consent.

Nearly one year after the DOD COVID-19 mandate took effect, the defendants produced what they said was a “Comirnaty-labeled” mRNA vaccine from “Lot FW1331” made in a Kalamazoo, Michigan facility. However, publicly available documents – all obtained from government websites – demonstrate that this Kalamazoo facility was not an FDA-licensed manufacturing facility at the time Lot FW1331 was produced. These documents also reveal that Lot FW1331 was listed in the CDC’s Emergency Use Authorization database. To summarize, this “Comirnaty-labeled” vaccine is not an FDA-license product—it is an experimental one that cannot be mandated.

If the government’s own documents are to be believed, then  these products may have been intentionally misbranded. In light of this information, and to get to the bottom of these potentially explosive developments, DTR has requested the court to allow for an evidentiary hearing where DTR can present this evidence, examine its witnesses, and cross-examine the government’s witnesses. You can read the DTR’s latest motion, and the evidence submitted in support of that motion,


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