Dear Patriots,

With the world absorbed in war, we still focus on what is happening in the USA. Do not be distracted.

1- We are not out of the woods on Covid-CCP. At any moment, Biden and Fauci could shut us down again.

Dialectical Faucism. Biden’s martial law, ready for deployment against the people.

QUOTE: In response to plunging polls, Joe Biden wants to roll back the public health security state but keep his emergency powers. The key figure in that quest is White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, profiled at length in The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Dealing with Tony Fauci is like dealing with organized crime,” Dr. Jonathan Fishbein told RFK Jr. “He’s like the Godfather. He has connections everywhere. He’s always got people that he’s giving money to in powerful positions to make sure he gets his way, that he gets what he wants.”

Dr. Fauci, who claims “I represent science,” could proclaim a new variant already present stateside, and in the style of Omicron tracking down everybody. So “cases” will suddenly soar and Biden must deploy emergency measures. This scenario is much more likely than any expansion of freedom, accountability and prosperity under Joe Biden, who jokes that Fauci is the real president.

Dialectical Faucism is a variant of white coat supremacy, unelected bureaucrats ruling over the people. Executive-level power comes from a mandate from the masses, not some megalomaniac Lysenko figure. If American democracy is to survive, white coat supremacy has to go.

2- It is stunning to think about how unpopular this president is, given the sycophantic fake news that polishes him up daily. Can a leader this disliked and mistrusted have the power to shut us down again?
WSJ Poll: No Post-State of the Union Bounce for Biden; Net Approval -15

QUOTE: President Biden did not receive a game-changing approval bounce after the State of the Union address (SOTU), as his approval rating remains underwater by double digits, a Wall Street Journal survey released Friday found.

The survey, conducted by Impact Research and Fabrizio, Lee & Associates after Biden’s SOTU address, found 57 percent disapproving of Biden’s job performance, compared to 42 percent who approved — a net negative of -15 percent. WSJ said these figures come “despite favorable marks for the president’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a recent State of the Union speech, which provided him an opportunity to directly speak to millions of Americans.”

Not only did Biden fail to see a positive change in this survey, but 63 percent of voters said they disapprove of his handling of inflation. Further, a plurality, 47 percent, said Republicans would be better suited to handle rampant inflation, compared to 30 percent who said Democrats would be better suited. Republicans also best Democrats in a generic ballot, 46 percent to 41 percent, “with Republicans gaining support among Black and Hispanic voters since the last Journal poll.” That is a two-point jump from the three-point edge Republicans held roughly three months ago

3- How to get the Democrats to build the wall.


QUOTE: A Wall Street Journal poll contains good news for Republicans and bad news for Democrats. There is an additional feature of that poll that deserves notice, as highlighted in the Journal’s article about it:

The survey also found Republicans making gains among minority groups. By 9 percentage points, Hispanic voters in the new poll said they would back a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat. The two parties had been tied among Hispanic voters in the Journal’s survey in November.

Democratic margins also eroded among Black voters, who favored a Democrat for Congress by 35 percentage points in the new survey, down from 56 points in November. Support for a Republican candidate rose to 27% among Black voters, up from 12% in November.

These numbers, if they are representative and if they hold, portend a revolution in American politics. If Republican candidates win the Hispanic vote by nine points and gain 27% (and rising) of black votes, we are in for a landslide of epic proportions in November and, more important, an era in which it is hard for Democrats to win statewide and national elections.

By the way, if the Democrats conclude that the GOP has a long-term nine-point advantage among Hispanics, what will their reaction be?

“Build that wall! Build that wall!”

4- There are numerous studies that prove we had the cure all along. The fact that the entire government and the entire medical community denied us this treatment is criminal.
Ivermectin Works!
QUOTE: The FDA lied to you. The CDC lied to you. The corporate media lied to you. Big Pharma lied to you. Your doctor lied to you.
At this point in recent history, we all don’t really need more reasons to despise the corporate media and the federal government’s public health establishment but we have one more reason nonetheless: Ivermectin is an effective treatment for the COVID virus. 
This is a reminder that the CDC and the FDA ( and Fauci and Birx and Collins and all the rest of them) suppressed and banned Ivermectin in order to force the America people into taking deadly mRNA vaccines that don’t stop COVID but do change your DNA.
Almost the entire American medical community bent the knee to the CDC and the FDA too — which means that they failed to protect their sick patients from treatments that don’t work (COVID vaccines, Remdesivir) and failed to give them treatments that do work. Our doctors waited to treat sick patients until COVID was well advanced, and then hooked them up to useless ventilators and useless drugs until they died — because our doctors and our hospitals were incentivized by the U.S. federal government to do so.
That means that we are dealing with a criminal conspiracy. The main culprits employed at the FDA and the CDC and Big Pharma must be arrested and tried for their crimes. The FDA and the CDC should both be razed to the ground. These criminals are still pushing the new vaccines on our children — though everybody on earth knows the new vaccines harm children — which tells you everything you need to know about their ethics.
Are you angry yet?

5- Emerald is producing a lot of solid work. Here are 25 election questions that we need to have answers for, but will we ever have them?
Hit the link for the 25 questions!

25 Big Questions That Democrats Can’t Answer About The 2020 Election — Because They Know They Cheated

6- It’s a start.

The Epoch Times

Michigan Election Official Charged With Ballot Tampering, Misconduct

QUOTE: A Michigan county elections official and former township clerk was charged with ballot tampering related to the August 2020 primary election, according to state Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Kathy Funk, who was running in 2020 as a Democrat for reelection as Flint Township clerk, also was charged with misconduct in office, Nessel said. The charges, which are both felonies, each carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison upon conviction. Nessel alleged that Funk purposely broke a seal on a container for ballots so that the votes couldn’t be totaled during an anticipated recount. She narrowly won reelection in the unofficial count, the attorney general’s office said.

7- Seriously? Just say NO!  It will NEVER be enough.


Pfizer CEO says fourth COVID-19 shot ‘necessary’ due to waning immunity

QUOTE: Most people will need to get a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose to be protected from the virus, the head of Pfizer said on Sunday.

“It is necessary for most” people, CEO Albert Bourla said during an interview on CBS’s “Face The Nation” when asked if Americans can expect to get annual COVID booster shots every fall.

The regimen of two initial doses plus a booster is not able to protect against variants and wanes too quickly in strength, Bourla conceded — making additional shots inevitable.

“Right now, the protection that you’re getting from the third [shot], it is good enough — actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths — it’s not that good against infections, but doesn’t last very long,” he said.

Pfizer and othecompanies are working on shots that will protect against any future variants.

Read. Know. Share. Pray. Fight.

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