Dear Patriots,

The Democrats have yet another way to cheat in elections.

Let’s be clear, unless the Democrats cheat, they can not win elections. And they have endless ways to cheat.

1- They think up new ways every day.


Inside the Left’s $80 Million Dark Money Attempt to Take Over Local Elections

QUOTE: After congressional Democrats repeatedly failed in their attempts to pass a radical federal takeover of elections and have been unable to stop red states from passing election security laws, a leftist dark money group is taking matters into its own hands. Their plan: elect thousands of sympathetic local election officials across the country to ensure Democrats retain power in the electoral process.

According to a report in POLITICO this week that revealed the plan, a group — Run for Something — is launching a three-year program with a goal of flooding local supervisor elections with $80 million to elect 5,000 officials with direct oversight of elections.

Run for Something’s website states that it’s mission is to get “progressives to run for down-ballot races in order to build sustainable power for Democrats in all 50 states,” making their goal of taking over offices responsible for planning, executing, and certifying elections all the more concerning. Their website also curiously notes that it provides “behind-the-scenes mechanics” to its leftist candidates.

As POLITICO explains of Run for Something’s fear-mongering efforts to get Democrat donors to open their wallets to support the local races.

The group’s donor pitch is based on what they see as a coming Republican attempt to subvert elections — even though it has been Republicans who’ve led the way with election security laws that Democrats have consistently opposed.

Leftist progressive groups have been increasingly focused on local elections, as seen from groups like George Soros’ to elect district attorneys, often with disastrous results for the communities in which they serve.

“The $80 million dark-money project to elect left-wing election administrators has nothing to do with safeguarding democracy,” noted Jason Snead, the executive director of Honest Elections Project Action. “This is about putting partisans and ideologues in charge of the local offices that run our elections and count our votes. It is detestable that these special interests are unnecessarily politicizing offices that should be impartial,” Snead added. “We need to bolster the integrity of our elections by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat, but this dark money fueled plot puts confidence in our democracy in greater jeopardy.”

2- Georgia continues to investigate ballot harvesting.

Just The News 

Investigators in Georgia ballot harvesting probe zero in on funding, eyewitness whistleblower

QUOTE: Georgia investigators have signaled their focus in a wide-ranging investigation into alleged illegal ballot trafficking during the 2020 election with subpoenas that target the possible source of funding for such an operation and any eyewitness participants.

The four subpoenas obtained Monday by Just the News through an open records request show the State Elections Board and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger want the identity of any suspected participants in ballot harvesting, including a whistleblower identified only as John Doe who an election watchdog claims admitted to gathering ballots for cash.

The subpoenas ask for “the identity and contact information of the several individuals regarding personal knowledge, methods, and organizations involved in ballot trafficking in Georgia referenced in the Complaint and any recordings, transcripts, summaries, testimony, statements, witness interviews, notes or other documents describing what those individuals said.”

That request includes the identity of a whistleblower Engelbrecht’s group interviewed who admitted being paid $10 for ballots he collected and “all statements John Doe made regarding his alleged participation in ballot harvesting in Georgia.” The subpoena also seeks contact information for John Doe’s mother and any evidence of whether True the Vote paid any of his medical bills.

3- Now that you mention it, it is odd that the party that complains and whines about EVERYTHING does not have one single complaint about the 2020 election.

The Gateway Pundit  

THE BIG LIE: The Most Obvious Reason the 2020 Election Was Stolen – Democrats Attack, Block and Threaten to Sue All Efforts to Uncover Election Fraud

QUOTE: The 2020 Election was the largest election steal in US history.  It was a mess.  But with all the theft, not one single complaint came from one party – the Democrats.  In fact, all the Democrats have done is block and attack anyone who brings up election fraud and then play the victim when they get caught.

Democrats from the beginning have not had one material complaint about the 2020 Election. This along with their other actions indicates obvious guilt.

We’ve seen Democrats attack any legitimate efforts to uncover 2020 Election fraud.  They’ve blocked doors to counting rooms and forcefully prevented independent observers to see what was going on.

They’ve threatened lawsuits against anyone who looks into the corrupted 2020 Election.

They’ve fought in court every effort to look into voting machines and systems.

They’ve blocked any mention of Trump winning or election fraud on their far-left Big Media and Big Tech mouthpieces.

There is only one reason why they have done this. Because the Democrats and their allies are guilty of stealing the 2020 Election.

4- More information on the D’Souza documentary.

The Epoch Times 

Filmmaker: Documentary Proves Rampant Illegal Vote Trafficking in 2020

QUOTE: Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza believes that evidence presented in his new documentary, “2000 Mules,” proves that large-scale, illegal vote trafficking occurred in the 2020 election.

“2000 Mules will settle the issue beyond a shadow of a doubt by using two powerful, independent modes of investigation,” D’Souza said in an interview with The Epoch Times. “The evidence is so conclusive, so decisive, that it leaves nothing to argue about.”

The film opens in 300 theaters on May 2 and May 4.

D’Souza, who is a contributor to The Epoch Times, said an investigative team used cell phone tracking and video footage to prove that unauthorized intermediaries called “mules” collected thousands of absentee ballots from voters and deposited them in drop boxes for money, which is illegal in all 50 states.

Cell phones emit a unique and identifiable signal or “ping.” Trillions of pings were analyzed by investigators to reconstruct the movements of thousands of mules as they went about their work in the weeks prior to the 2020 presidential election, the documentary claims

5- From top to bottom, the left is lying when their mouths are moving.

American Greatness 

The Ruling Class’ Pantheon of Lies

QUOTE: Barack Obama recently took to the stage at Stanford University to lecture an audience on the perils of disinformation. But it was Obama himself who used the occasion to spread lies and misinformation.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise. In 2013, PolitiFact awarded Obama its Lie of the Year award for repeatedly promising the American people that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” Obama made this false claim repeatedly as he promoted his signature piece of legislation: the “Affordable Care Act.”

After its passage, millions of Americans were sent cancellation letters from their insurance companies.

Nonetheless, Obama, the decorated 2013 liar of the year, stood behind the podium at Stanford and admonished, “You just have to flood a country’s public square with enough raw sewage. You just have to raise enough questions, spread enough dirt, plant enough conspiracy theorizing, that citizens no longer know what to believe.”

Obama was right, except that it’s Democrats like himself who have flooded our country’s public square with raw sewage. Just a few recent additions to the American ruling class’ pantheon of lies include Trump-Russia collusion, Trump quid pro quo, Trump incited an insurrection, the vaccines prevent the contraction and spread of COVID-19, and the Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation.

Notably, while Obama railed against the planting of “conspiracy theorizing,” in his speech, he continued to peddle the debunked Democrat conspiracy theory of Trump-Russia collusion himself. “No one in my administration was surprised that Russia was attempting to meddle in our election,” Obama said in reference to the 2016 election.

6- This is a case to watch. It could be a big win for religious freedoms.


Supreme Court Signals Victory for Praying Football Coach

QUOTE: The Supreme Court on Monday looked poised to side with a high school football coach who claims he was unfairly suspended for praying on the field.

The Bremerton School District in 2015 suspended coach Joe Kennedy, claiming his postgame prayers were designed to cause a spectacle. Kennedy pushed back, claiming he was exercising his First Amendment rights. During Monday’s arguments, the justices seemed to take Kennedy’s side.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh pushed back on the district’s characterization of Kennedy as an attention-seeker and said it’s hard for a head coach to do anything discreetly during an athletic event. Justice Samuel Alito took issue with the district’s rationale for suspending Kennedy.

Kennedy’s case comes amid a broader reckoning with First Amendment rights in schools. The justices are grappling with a school choice case that’s poised to deliver First Amendment protection to families who use vouchers at religious schools. And the Court last term telegraphed a reappraisal of its school speech cases in a minor case involving a vulgar cheerleader.

7- The Durham investigation keeps inching along.

Red State 

John Durham Springs His Trap After ‘Hillary for America’ Walks Right Into It

QUOTE: Durham has backed Sussmann and Hillary for America into a corner. They have nowhere to go without having to admit they lied. It is clear that the work Sussmann was doing was not for legal services and that he was being paid by the Hillary campaign to dig up and spread false conspiracy theories about Donald Trump.

Further, he obviously was not the only one involved between Perkins Coie, Hillary for America, and Fusion GPS.

Hopefully, this judge sees through the attempted gamesmanship here and does not allow any improper claim of privilege over materials that Durham is seeking, and once he gets them, things are going to get even more interesting.

Read. Know. Share. Pray. Fight.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic