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Two and a half years ago, Defending The Republic embarked on an unknown journey with several million patriots to search for the truth and protect our Republic.

We knew then that one of our goals was to unite  supporters who would know and share the truth.

Every week since we began, in over 350 newsletters, we have talked with you about issues of importance that are underreported or ignored by conventional media. Together we have pushed out information around the blockades. We have prayed together for our country.

While the goals of Defending The Republic have always been to seek the truth, root out public corruption, protect our constitutional rights, and provide legal help to those caught in the web of leftist lawfare, the newsletters are vitally important.

Truth and common sense are deadly weapons against the propaganda, lies, insanity, and indoctrination we are witnessing daily.

We sincerely appreciate your continuing support, suggestions, encouragement, and comments.  We are a solid worldwide community of like-minded patriots.

Defending the Republic and messaging from Sidney Powell have both been subjected to myriad attacks and “cancel-culture.”  Countless efforts were undertaken to silence us.  Still, we fight on.

A year ago we switched to Substack as our email marketing platform, and that has made it easier for us to get our messages to you. Because of our format and content, our current open/read rates are well above the norm for email newsletters.

It is imperative we share the truth with all who will listen, and this newsletter is crucial to our network.  It is professionally produced by members of our select team with decades of experience in media.  We invest a substantial amount of our resources into producing it for you.

To continue meeting all our objectives at Defending the Republic, Inc., we need your help.

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