Dear Patriots,

Yes, we all knew what the tapes released by Speaker McCarthy and examined by Tucker Carlson would and do show about the so-called insurrection.

We knew that the entire January 6 House Committee was full of liars. (We are talking especially to you Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.)

We knew they were aided and cheered on by the public relations arm of the Deep State:  MSNBCCBSNBCNPRCNNABCWAPONYTGOP

This was a million dollar fabricated public relations narrative to paint anyone who voted for and supported President Trump as terrorizing, murdering, racist insurrectionists.

Watch it all. Read it all. Know the truth! 

Share the truth. We have known all of this for years, to the point that  it seems like “old news.” It is “new news” because we have never had access to this proof before. However, there are many millions who are stunned by the videos and their ramifications.

Share this information.

We will no doubt be talking about these videos for years. There are still many questions to be answered, fellow citizens to exonerate, and malicious liars to be held accountable.

1- An overview from excellent reporter, Miranda Devine. The Dems are nervous and their responses overnight to the Tucker exposé are close to hysterical.

Miranda Devine at New York Post

Why Democrats are dreading a full Jan. 6 reveal

QUOTE: Democrats have been running around like decapitated chickens ever since news broke that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given Tucker Carlson unfettered access to surveillance footage from inside the Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot by supporters of President Donald Trump.

But when you see what Carlson’s team has put together over the past two weeks of combing through thousands of hours of video, you will be struck by how different the reality was inside the building that day compared to the J6 committee’s deceptively edited primetime dramas, produced by a former ABC News president for maximum emotional impact.

For instance, Carlson’s team says the J6 committee added audio to silent CCTV footage, inserting screams and other crowd mayhem sounds, to make it seem more ominous. The bookmarks on the video trove show the J6 committee had access to the same footage yet chose to show America only what suited its divisive narrative.

Despite the biggest investigation in FBI history — overkill for sure — no one has been charged with “insurrection” and there is no evidence of any organized plot to overturn the presidential election result. Proceedings resumed a few hours late and Biden’s victory was certified. 

Yet the American public has been subjected to a campaign of lies about J6 with cherry-picked video played on a loop for over two years of violent Trump supporters smashing windows. 

We have been told the lie that police officers were killed when not a single one was. Brian Sicknick died the next day of a stroke. 

It has been a nonstop, one-sided propaganda campaign while Democrats dominated every lever of power in Washington.

But now the GOP controls the House, it’s time for transparency, and that is what McCarthy has delivered. 

Carlson will show the counter-narrative so that the American public gets a more balanced idea of what happened that day. 

He will demonstrate that the J6 committee twisted everything. 

2- You can watch and share the Monday night Tucker Carlson Show here.

Fox News

TUCKER CARLSON: Democrats, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney lied about Jan 6

3- Who do you believe? Your own intuition and common sense or the Fake News and the lying January 6 committee.

The Gateway Pundit

President Trump Had 1.1 Million People at His 2020 Rallies with No Violence – On Jan 6 with Ray Epps and Others Present There Was Violence – Who Paid Them to be There?

QUOTE: President Trump had more than a million people at his several rallies in 2020 in his run for reelection.  Not one instance of violence was reported. 

Then on January 6, 2021, there was violence at the US Capitol as individuals like Ray Epps infiltrated the Trump crowd.  Who was behind Ray Epps and others like him?

The Gateway Pundit reported in 2020 the number of people that attended President Trump’s rallies leading up to the 2020 Election compared to the number of people who attended Biden’s “rallies”.  The mainstream media never captured or reported on this data for some reason.

There were 1.1 million individuals who attended Trump rallies and less than 2,000 individuals who attended Biden rallies.  This was one of the many reasons that Americans suspected the 2020 election was not legitimate.

Then came the certification of the uncertifiable 2020 election and Americans were shocked by the results.  President Trump called for a protest at the Capitol.  A million people showed up and for the first time in the entire election process, there was violence at a Trump rally.

We now know that individuals like Ray Epps embedded themselves within the crowd of Trump supporters.  As more and more is uncovered it becomes clearer and clearer that Jan 6 was a setup.  The violence on that day was led by bad actors like Ray Epps.

On Monday night Tucker Carlson reported that Epps perjured himself in front of the January 6 Committee and yet there have been no consequences for his lies.  He walks free while others who did much less rot in the DC jail or a similar prison.

Ray Epps was not the only one at the Capitol directing Trump supporters into the Capitol.  Numerous others were identified on that day as being involved in suspicious actions.  Megan Paradise is one.  The Gateway Pundit identified numerous federal operatives in the crowd that day.

Who was behind these bad actors?  Who paid them to be there?  Who trained them?  How many were involved in January 6 protest?  Who is protecting them now?  Why have the January 6 Committee and the FBI and Capitol Police ignored them since that day?  Who were the real criminals behind Jan 6?  

4- The stories of the J6 political prisoners and their families has never been told, until now.

On March 3, a book was released that tells the devastating results of the left’s drive to taint Trump and all those who believe in America First, by arresting innocent people and denying them all of their rights.

These stories are very difficult to read, but, they must be read. There is no mainstream media that will cover these stories.

Cynthia Hughes is the author of Due Process Denied. All proceeds go to help J6 families.

Due Process Denied: The Detained – The Families – The Fallout 

QUOTE: Those facing the collateral damage of January 6 are none other than the families of those who’ve been wrongfully detained. Join author Cynthia Hughes on her quest to restore the constitutional rights and freedom for countless Americans. Cynthia emphasizes where there is room for improvement and where there has been lack of action. Through the creation of Patriot Freedom Project, Cynthia has been able to provide both financial and emotional support to many. God bless the patriots!

Order your copy here while it is still available.

Share. Share. Share.

Hold Fast,

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