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Biden – 1,804,352 (55.40%)
Trump – 1,364,607 (41.90%)


Dem-trending registration favors JB win; however, massive increases in voter rolls like in OR with unaffiliated party voters is curious. JB is +465k in a small state over Clinton, with previous high Dem gain of 287k for Obama (35k and 15k in 2 elections following). DT is +162k.


CO Sec. State decision to ban audits forced a lot of people to take a good look here, when many weren’t watching it. Biden’s vote totals in a state that already voted by mail anyway make little sense. I estimate 183k excess votes statewide.


Red – Obviously Ugly (8)
Yellow – Suspect/Likely Fraud (20)
Green – Clean (36)


Estimates for excess votes:
Arapahoe – 20k
Denver – 25k
El Paso – 20k
Jefferson – 25k
Larimer – 12k
Mesa – 5k
Weld – 10k


Best targets are Mesa and Weld. With excess votes only accounted for, 52.7% to 44.4% (8.3%) is an accurate JB number in keeping with reg trends. If votes are being flipped, look out. Would have made the Gardner race very tight.