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Arming Ourselves Against the Lies

Dear Patriots, On a day to day basis, it is shocking and distressing to realize how often we are lied to by the media, government and the "experts". In our efforts to save our country, it is vital that we know the depth of these lies, and be prepared to defend...

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Good News Friday: May 13, ’22

Dear Patriots, NOTE: Does this newsletter look a bit different to you? Over the past several weeks we have been moving many of you over to a different email program - Substack. The only change for you are some text formatting elements. Notice the “SHARE” option at the...

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To read and think about

Dear Patriots, In the middle of the week, we share with you a few things to read and think about. 1- Moms for Liberty is an organization actively helping save our kids. Learn more about them at their website and find a chapter near you full of like-minded people. Even...

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