Dear Patriots,

We are being vindicated as being correct on almost everything regarding Covid-CCP, including where it came from.

But it is not a happy victory. None of the lying media, politicians, experts, the medical community, and government officials will be held accountable or even admit that everything they uttered for two years was not just misguided in a time of stress but, purposeful lying.

Like many of you, we have people we care for and love who were forced to make decisions that now compromise their health. They were forced to decide to save their jobs and careers. They were forced to decide if they could keep going to school. They were forced to decide so they could receive medical care and even if they could have dinner with friends or go to the grocery store.

Being right never felt so bad.

We are angry that so many have been hurt by the lies from people we should have been able to trust. We will not stop our fight to help as many people as possible navigate this new world built on leftist lies.  You make that possible.

1- Below is a Tweet from Sidney.

It is well worth remembering that to this day, no judge in America has heard any of the massive evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.
We are still fighting this battle, every day.

2- More information about the horrible side effects of the Covid-CCP injection leaks out daily and none of it is good.

Alex Berenson on Substack 

URGENT: mRNAs jabs may have caused tens of millions of serious new health problems worldwide, a huge peer-reviewed study shows

QUOTE: Adults have sharply higher risks of being diagnosed with heart, skin, and psychiatric conditions for at least 90 days after they receive Covid jabs, a peer-reviewed study of almost 300,000 people in California has shown.

The researchers examined new diagnoses given to the same people before and after they were vaccinated to see whether the shots changed the risk of new health problems.

They found that people were about 21 percent more likely to receive a new diagnosis in the three months after a shot, compared to the three months before. With almost 240 million American adults jabbed, the rise translates into millions of extra new medical problems found in the months after vaccination, and tens of millions worldwide.

Serious conditions such as hypertension were about 25 percent more likely to be diagnosed in the three months following a shot than the three months before, the researchers found.

Depression, eczema, diabetes, and cellulitis were 10 to 20 percent more likely.

Myocarditis diagnoses had the highest additional risk. They were about 2.6 times as likely overall, with an even higher risk in men. Myocarditis is a known side effect of the mRNAs, so the fact it had a particularly high rate of extra diagnoses provides strong evidence that the signal the researchers found was real.

Overall, the researchers reported that the 284,000 Covid-vaccinated adults they examined received almost 6,000 additional diagnoses of health conditions in the 90 days after being jabbed compared to the 90 days before.

With about 237 million American adults vaccinated, that estimate would translate into about 5 million extra diagnoses for problems like diabetes in the three months following the shots. Worldwide, the number could be up to 25 million.

3- There have been so many easy, safe and cheap alternatives to curing Covid-CCP. More studies now show what many knew all along – Vitamin D cuts the risk of death from Covid-CCP. Imagine if we had been able to administer Vitamin D to every elderly person with Covid-CCP.

It is not too late for you look into this supplement to boost your overall health. As always, we are not doctors. We direct you to your own doctor and to research all the possible ways to keep healthy. Read more about what Vitamin D can do at the link.

Dr. Mercola

Would Vitamin D Have Saved Half of COVID Deaths?

QUOTE: Giving vitamin D to people with COVID-19 cut risk of death from SARS-CoV-2 by 51% and reduced risk of admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) by 72%.4 This was the finding of a meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis (TSA), which weighs errors in order to assess if further studies are needed5 — or the results are so solid they’re unlikely to be affected by other studies.

The TSA revealed “the protective role of vitamin D and ICU admission showed that, since the pooling of the studies reached a definite sample size, the positive association is conclusive.”6 To put it another way, the results suggest “a definitive association between the protective role of vitamin D and ICU hospitalization.”7

Words like “conclusive” and “definitive” aren’t typically used lightly in scientific research. So, this finding is indeed impressive — although not altogether surprising, since a wealth of other data also shows vitamin D’s protective effect against COVID-19.

What does raise eyebrows, however, is why the study, which has major implications for public health, isn’t being talked about — and vitamin D isn’t being widely recommended for COVID-19.

I launched an information campaign to raise awareness about the use of vitamin D for COVID-19 back in June 2020. My own vitamin D review was published October 31, 2020, in the high-impact, peer-reviewed journal Nutrients.

At the time, 14 observational studies suggested vitamin D levels are inversely linked with the incidence or severity of COVID-19, and my paper concluded, “The evidence seems strong enough that people and physicians can use or recommend vitamin D supplements to prevent or treat COVID-19.”

I was widely vilified and discredited in the media for bringing attention to vitamin D’s potential for COVID-19. The New York Times, in their July 2021 front-page hit piece, even dubbed me, “The most Influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online,” in an attempt to minimize my efforts. The reporter claimed she could not verify my published study on vitamin D, even though I sent her a link to it, and it’s easy to find online.

In other words, vitamin D provided significant protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection. Meanwhile, throughout the pandemic, “high-risk interventions were carried out. Very, very safe interventions, like vitamin D, zinc — basically ignored. It really is a scandal. A total scandal. Absolute disgrace.

4- Some things can make your blood boil!  Lying seems to have financial rewards, these days.

The Gateway Pundit

Report: Dr. Tony Fauci Increased Personal Wealth from $7.6 Million to $12.6 Million During Pandemic – A 65% Increase in Wealth! 

QUOTE: Open the Books founder Adam Andrzejewski joined The Evening Edit on Tuesday night to discuss Dr. Tony Fauci and the Energy Department’s latest admission that the COVID-19 virus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Andrzejewski discussed how Dr. Fauci’s income increased from $7.6 million to $12.6 million dollars. This was while he put millions of Americans out of work without any concern.

5- We are praying that the Supreme Court rules that this Biden vote-buying scheme is unconstitutional. The cases were heard this week and the ruling will be in June.

Red State

SCOTUS Gearing up to Sink Biden’s Midterm Bribe of Forgiving Student Loan Debt

QUOTE: It was never up to President Joe Biden to forgive the student loan debt held by millions of Americans, yet during the midterms, the Democrats made it a party-wide campaign promise. 

The push to put the burden of student loans on the taxpayer made it all the way to the Supreme Court after Republicans blocked it at every turn, including Biden vs. Nebraska.

 Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh are bringing it back to Biden’s attempt to bypass Congress, an act they find “problematic”:

Roberts pointed to the wide impact and expense of the program, three times saying it would cost “a half-trillion dollars.” The program is estimated to cost $400 billion over 30 years.

Kavanaugh suggested that the administration was using an “old law” to unilaterally implement a debt relief program that Congress had rejected. He said the situation was familiar: “in the wake of Congress not authorizing the action, the executive nonetheless doing a massive new program.”That, he said, “seems problematic.”

Get Healthy. Know The Truth. Reject Lies. Pray.

Hold Fast,
Defending The Republic

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