Dear Patriots,

One of the most neglected stories of the past two years has been the devastating results of the government forced mandates for lockdowns, masks and the Covid-CCP injection.
The real human consequences have been devastating. However, if you were getting information from the Fake News, you would not know that anyone has any lasting real and emotional implications.
They have no interest in showing their audiences what happens when we allow ourselves to be bullied by unelected, unaccountable government bureaucrats.
We MUST know these stories so that we push back when these same people try to lock us down again. And they are already planning to do that.
We must resist.  We must refuse to be locked downed. We must refuse to be forced to wear masks. We must resist all attempts to force us to be injected with unproven and ineffective drugs. We must protect our children from these people.
To be armed to push back, we need to know the truthful facts.
Recently, Alex Berenson asked followers on his newly reinstated Twitter account to tell him about their experiences with the Covid-CCP pandemic.  The stories that he received were emotionally devastating.
We are asking you to read these stories and pass them to others. As hard as the stories are to hear, they are essential to being able to avert these types of disastrous results in the future.
Alex is presenting these emails on his Substack Page. We are linking two of his columns with the full emails.
Please incorporate the people from these stories in your prayers and the millions who have similar stories which we may never know.
Be prepared to push back on your governments when they come at us again. We can not repeat these nightmares.

1- Part One
Alex Berenson Substack

QUOTE: First-person stories of the damage from two years of public health hysteria and useless rules 

Earlier today on Twitter I asked you for your own stories of how lockdowns and travel restrictions and vaccine mandates have touched your lives.

So many of you have emailed already, and I must admit that the intimacy of these stories stuns me. Some of my closest friends are friends no longer, so I understand your sense of loss firsthand.

Still, the raw pain and in some cases open bewilderment in these stories is stunning. Marriages torn apart, grandparents who will no longer see their grandchildren, kids with special needs ruined.

Giving these a proper hearing means running them at some length, which means I can only run a couple at a time. I’ll run them from time to time, grouped by subject.

2- Part Two
QUOTE: How the panicked medical response to Covid has corroded the doctor-patient relationship – and damaged care for the most vulnerable.

Yesterday, I asked you to send in first-person stories of the way Covid and vaccine restrictions changed your lives. The stories continue to flood in – your honesty and willingness to share these painful moments is amazing. As I mentioned last night, because of their length, I am going to group them by subject and run a few at a time.

Today: medical care, and especially the isolation and vaccine requirements that some doctors and hospitals have imposed on patients.

3- If you are not following this story from the tennis world, it illustrates the fight and life changing implications of the ill-advised, uninformed demand that everyone be injected.
Clay Travis, of Outkick and The Buck and Clay Show (which replaced Rush), explains it in this video.


Clay Travis: Banning Novak Djokovic Is A Mockery Of Science

QUOTE: Clay Travis reacted to Wimbledon Champion Novak Djokovic not being able to play in the US Open because he is unvaccinated, saying he believes there should no longer be Covid restrictions for any athlete of any sport anywhere in the country and around the world.
The OutKick founder said, “the fact that we are not allowing Djokovic the opportunity to travel to America to play in the US Open is an absolute mockery of science, and it is indefensible.”

Clay continued, saying the joke of this whole thing is “Djokovic would be better off going down to the Southern Border and just walking across there where we don’t actually require any sort of negative test in order to enter this country.”

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