Dear Patriots,

“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” – George Orwell

The Global Elites are now resorting to unconstitutional force against a former President and potential candidate.

The fact is, we are on to their game. And they are losing.

We know their frauds. We know they lie to us. We know they cheat. We have the facts to prove it. They have so abused their power and treated conservatives so differently they have caused us to lose all trust in them and the government they control.

Their frauds are exposed. So, they are now reduced to using force.

By the way, the true colors of our political leaders and candidates are on full display now. Be on the look out for the elected Republicans and candidates who are not outraged, who simply propose another meaningless investigation, or who stay silent about this egregious FBI action.  It will be obvious who you shall never trust again.

1- The FBI raid on the home of President Trump was criminal. We are outraged.

Front Page Magazine 

End of the Republic

QUOTE: When the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home on Monday, a key aspect of what made the United States of America great and free has been lost, and likely cannot be recovered. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson detested one another for years before their eventual reconciliation, but neither one used the agencies of the U.S. government to hound, persecute or discredit the other.

Other bitter political opponents throughout the history of the republic have never before used the government’s own mechanisms of justice to do injustice to their foes. Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and their henchmen have brought America to a new phase of its history, and it is not likely to be one that is marked by respect for the rule of law or defense of the rights of individual citizens.

Instead, we are entering an ugly age of authoritarianism, in which the brute force of the state is used to bend the people to the will of the tyrant.

Trump announced on Monday, “These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate.”

The 45th president is not given to understatement, but the FBI raid on his home is much more than just unnecessary and inappropriate. It is criminal. The FBI that was heavily involved in trying to frame and destroy Trump in the Russian Collusion hoax is now trying once again to destroy him, apparently by claiming that he improperly took classified material from the White House.

They never cared when Hillary Clinton misused classified material on a grand scale; what is the difference? They’re also likely trying to find something to link him more firmly to the January 6 “insurrection” that never was. The Left’s January 6 narrative has been full of holes from the beginning: Trump told the demonstrators to proceed peacefully, the people who entered the Capitol had no weapons, and no one had sketched out any kind of plan to do what the Left continues to claim that Trump was trying to do all along, overthrow the government and rule as a dictator.

2- Margot Cleveland at The Federalist discusses the many reasons not to trust anything the left tries to say about the raid.

The Federalist

Search Warrant Or Not, Americans Have No Reason To Believe The FBI Raid On Trump’s Florida Home Was Justified

QUOTE: After news broke Monday evening that the FBI had raided former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, the right immediately expressed outrage and warned that by targeting a former president and political opponent, the Biden Administration had crossed the Rubicon.

The left, for its contribution, highlighted the federal statute that provides that a person who “unlawfully conceals” government records shall “be disqualified from holding any office under the United States,” suggesting that the raid’s apparent focus on supposed missing classified documents may render Trump ineligible to run in 2024.

As of publication, no explanation has been offered. But it doesn’t matter. No matter what Garland or Wray say, no matter what the FBI attested to in a search warrant application, no matter what cause a federal judge found, Americans won’t trust them and they shouldn’t.

3- Dershowitz is the rare liberal Biden voter who can be trusted to tell the truth on the law.


Alan Dershowitz Rips FBI Raid on Trump, Raises Legal Questions About How It Was Conducted

QUOTE: Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz is calling it “misconduct.” According to him, in an appearance on Newsmax, such a raid should be the method of last resort, unless they can’t get the documents through subpoenas or any other lawful methods.

“The raid is supposed to be a last resort,” he said. “But this administration has used the weaponization of the justice system against its political enemies. It has arrested people, denied them bail, put them in handcuffs – used all kinds of techniques that are not usually applied to American citizens. I just hope this raid has the justification. If it doesn’t have the justification, the materials seized in it will be suppressed.”

“This is improper, and this is misconduct,” Dershowitz said if they didn’t have any more justification. “We have to find out what the facts are. But we have to make sure the shoe fits on the other foot – that we want to make sure what is being one here is something that Democrats would not oppose if it were being done to Democratic operatives, as well.”

4- You have to love this Trump reaction. And despite this invasion he met his committment to support Sarah Palin.


‘Another day in paradise. This is a strange day’: Trump jokes about FBI raid during rally for Palin

QUOTE: Donald Trump on Monday evening wryly joked about the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate, telling a rally: ‘Another day in paradise’.

The former president dialed in to a ‘tele-rally’ for Sarah Palin, as the former governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate aims to claim the state’s only seat in the House at a special election on August 16.

Palin introduced Trump to her followers listening in, and said that they should all be grateful the 76-year-old was keeping his commitment to address them, despite the strains of the day.

‘Another day in paradise,’ Trump said. ‘This is a strange day.’

He then moved on to reminisce about a visit to Alaska.

5- While it is a tempting to storm the ramparts, we agree with Red State that we must not fall into that trap. Keep your cool.

Red State 

After the FBI’s Trump Raid, Don’t Take the Bait

QUOTE: On Monday evening, the FBI took the unprecedented step of raiding the home of former President Donald Trump. What were they looking for? Astonishingly, what is being leaked to the media is that they were after documents that possibly violated the Presidential Records Act.

Further, the FBI specifically wants justification to fight its war on “domestic terrorism.” They want to crush you and anyone who thinks like you. All they need is some on the right to lash out to enact their plan, and they have the entirety of the country’s institutions, including the press, supporting them.

Let me be frank: Do not give them what they want.

Now is not the time to play into the hands of our opponents, and you will not beat the FBI and these other corrupt institutions via disorganized attacks from the outside, no matter how good it might feel in the short term. A red line was crossed with this raid on Trump’s home, and electoral vengeance is justified. But it must come in ways that are actually effective, and that means being strategic and playing the long game.

It’s going to take a Republican Congress in 2023 and a Republican president in 2025 to make any headway against this insanity. There is no other way, and once the tables are turned, any Republican politician who doesn’t have the stomach to fight back must be banished.

6- Mark Steyn lays out the truth of this horrible situation.

Mark Steyn

Criminalizing Opposition in a Pseudo-Republic

QUOTE: For almost a decade and a half now, the American “republic” has been decaying to the defining condition of a one-party state – that is, the total merger of the ruling party and the state.

The default position for what’s left of the opposition party ought to be that the FBI is beyond reform, and will be replaced by a new agency with vastly circumscribed powers.

Instead, I see Kevin McCarthy is now threatening Merrick Garland with an “investigation” and ordering him to preserve all documents. Ooooooh! Maybe, after the coming Republican landslide, they can appoint an independent counsel; maybe John Durham or Robert Mueller is available. Why would anyone take McCarthy’s threat seriously? If you don’t grasp that in today’s America there is no equality before the law, there is no point even discussing public affairs.

As for Trump, well, on The Mark Steyn Show three days after the “election” I suggested:

It’s my view that after the Biden regime takes power, as in many coup situations, they will want to have the previous leader arrested. I’m being perfectly serious here. It is the intention of the Democrat Party to put Trump in jail. So, when he launches the ‘Trump News Network’, it’s gonna need to be based out of Costa Rica or the Turks and Caicos or somewhere.
Does that sound a little extreme? Well, here was The Washington Post’s recovering “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin round about the same time:
It’s not only that @realDonaldTrump has to lose, his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them. Because if there are survivors….they will do it again.

7- Watch this ad released hours after the raid.

Soon we will have greatness again.“—President Donald Trump


QUOTE: A defiant President Donald Trump released a new political video early Tuesday morning after the FBI raided his home at Mar-a-Lago.

PRAY as you never have before – PRAY for our country

Pray. Know. Share.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic