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Frustratingly, taking back our country from the leftist, uni-party and the global elite is a long process fraught with many ups and downs.
As distressing and annoying as this is, we are blessed to still have some structure of a system that allows for representative government.
That is why, even though there is still cheating, it is still important to have elections. And why it is even more important to win elections with good candidates.
On Tuesday there were Primary Elections in five states. All had important races. We will talk about the results on Friday when the dust settles.
Meanwhile, dig into some of this information.

1- If you have issues with Democrat family and friends who will not engage in conversation about decisions surrounding the Covid-CCP panic, this book might serve as a bridge. You are not alone. Robert F. Kennedy has been a lone voice from the Democrat side urging people to reconsider what they were being feed by  Fauci and all of the Fake News and Big Tech.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s latest book, “A Letter to Liberals — Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals,” is available now and it is a free download.

Children’s Health Defense

‘A Letter to Liberals’: Why I Wrote It and Why I Hope You’ll Read It

QUOTE: “Attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science. … So if you are trying to, you know, get at me as a public health official and scientist, you’re really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you’re attacking science … You have to be asleep not to see that.” — National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, “Meet the Press,” June 9, 2021

It is troubling enough that Dr. Anthony Fauci, our country’s leading public health technocrat and the fiat leader of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) — the world’s principal funder of scientific research — would make such a narcissistic and scientifically absurd statement.

The more serious concern is that the majority of my political party — the Democrats — and the mainstream media generally accept Fauci’s assertion as gospel.

My latest book, “A Letter to Liberals — Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals,” emerged from a congenial and ongoing conversation during the COVID-19 pandemic between myself and my longtime friend and former law partner, John Morgan, a lifelong champion of the Democrat Party and liberal values. I invited John, who reveres Fauci and accepts the scientific validity of the government’s COVID-19 countermeasures, to reengage his critical thinking skills and accept my challenge to a science-based debate — and he did.

I hope this free book will encourage other liberal Democrats to do the same — because that’s the kind of dialogue we need in order for democracy to function.

It is past time our nation had an open conversation about the strategies supposedly enacted for ending the pandemic, and the best measures for avoiding future crises.

2- We point you to The Pipeline where there is a wealth of information and a plan being developed. They are now producing articles on various subjects that will become a book in October. The piece that we are excerpting here is written by Conrad Black. His topic is capitalism and how the global elites have been destroying that concept worldwide.
Spend some time reading the whole article and perusing the website.

THE PIPELINE is dedicated to exposing the Environmentalist Movement’s undermining of freedom and prosperity across the Anglosphere and beyond.

Conrad Black at The Pipeline

Against the Great Reset: ‘The War on Capitalism’

QUOTE: Continuing today, and for the next 11 weeks, The Pipeline will present excerpts from each of the essays contained in Against the Great Reset: 18 Theses Contra the New World Order, to be published on October 18 by Bombardier Books and distributed by Simon and Schuster, and available now for pre-order at the links.


QUOTE: As other contributors have mentioned, if any place could be identified as the birthplace of the Great Reset, it must be the small, drab, German-Swiss Alpine town of Davos, a center of contemporary anticapitalism, or at least radically altered and almost deracinated capitalism, and site of an ever-expanding international conference. (It grew exponentially and has spawned regional versions.)

I attended there for many years by invitation in order to ascertain what my analogues in the media business around the world were doing. The hotels are spartan and the town is very inaccessible. When I first attended nearly forty years ago, the Davos founder, the earnest and amiable Klaus Schwab, had ingeniously roped in a number of contemporary heads of government and captains of industry and leaders in some other fields and had sold huge numbers of admissions to well-to-do courtiers and groupies from all over the world, attracted by the merits of “networking.”

Davos is for democracy, as long as everyone votes for increased public sector authority in pursuit of green egalitarianism and the homogenization of all peoples in a conformist world.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused Davos Man to break out of his Alpine closet and reveal the secret but suspected plan: the whole world is to become a giant Davos—humorless, style-less, unspontaneous, unrelievedly materialistic, as long as the accumulation and application of capital is directed by the little Alpine gnomes of Davos and their underlings and disciples. This is a slight overstatement, and Klaus Schwab would earnestly dispute that the purpose of Davos is so comprehensive, anesthetizing, and uniform. His dissent would be sincere, but unjustified: the Great Reset, a Davos expression, is massively ambitious and is largely based on the seizure and hijacking of recognizable capitalism, in fact and in theory.

There has indeed in the last thirty years been a war on capitalism conducted from the commanding heights of the academy and very broadly assisted by the Western media that has been gathering strength as part of the great comeback of the Left following their bone-crushing defeat in the Cold War. As international communism collapsed and the Soviet Union disintegrated, it was difficult to imagine that the Left could mount any sort of comeback anytime soon. 

We underestimated both the Left’s imperishability and its gift for improvisation, a talent that their many decades of predictable and robotic repetitiveness entirely concealed.

3- This in-depth article discusses the idea that “long Covid” is a made up term to allow the medical and drug companies to scare and fleece us more.
The Myth — and Grift — of Long COVID

QUOTE: The would-be monkacolypse isn’t panning out as some would like — no deaths have been reported outside of Africa — and apparently 99 percent of U.S. victims are gay men having sex with gay men.

And, while acute COVID-19 is still spinning off variants and Health and Human Services (HHS) has just extended the public health emergency, people are just plumb tired of hearing about it. But moving in to fill the clickbait quota is the so-called “long COVID” or “long-haul COVID.

“Do I have Long COVID? As many as 23 million Americans want to know, as more than 200 symptoms emerge.” So begins a recent article in Fortune magazine. “It gets stranger,” the piece continues. “Among the 200-plus symptoms identified so far are ear numbness, a sensation of ‘brain on fire,’ erectile dysfunction, irregular menstrual periods, constipation, peeling skin, and double vision.”

This is according to a study published a year ago in the British medical journal the Lancet, widely considered the world’s most prestigious medical journal. And, oh yes, “The study identified symptoms involving 10 major organ systems—and the body only has 11.

If you haven’t recently suffered at least a dozen of these symptoms, it’s bad news for you. You’re dead.

We all know the expression “If it sounds too good to be true ….” Why is there no corollary that says, “If it sounds too bad …”? Do you have to be a genius’ genius, say Albert Einstein level, to recognize that over 200 symptoms in almost all major organ systems have no relationship, that this is just a constellation of symptoms — which has now grown so large that it cannot possibly count as a constellation anymore? It’s essentially anything bad.

The “search for causes and cures” for “long COVID” will never end, any more than we will.

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