Dear Patriots,

We are crashing through a tangle of weeds of lies and distortions to find news that we all need to know and share.

The misinformation has deep roots and it is hard to kill it. But, there is real news out there!

1- We have shared with you before one of our favorite American thinkers, Victor Davis Hanson. This is a long piece to start off your week.

He explains the concept of “wokeism” and how it has infected everything and caused so many institutions and companies to take their eye off the ball, causing  increasing incompetence. Here is a snip …

In the last 18 months, we have seen most of our major institutions go woke and spend considerable amounts of time, capital, and labor on what might be called “commissarism.” Yet in their zeal to rectify society in general and sermonize, virtue signal, pontificate, and perform to the public, many institutions are increasingly failing at what they were established to do. – (American Greatness)  

2- Selena Zito is a fabulous reporter. She is one of the very few left in America who actually talks to people who are not living in the elite conclaves of DC, NY or LA. This piece is about Ohio, old, reliable, sensible, boring, Ohio.

The point that she digs into is that the people of Ohio have not changed but the Democrat Party has. Basically, Ohioans are conservative. We suspect this is true for the vast majority of Fly Over Country.

Where’d you go Ohio?  How a swing state went Red – (Washington Examiner) 

3- Much of Europe is still protesting the Covide-CCP rules pushed by their leftist governments. Shockingly, this was covered by the Associated Press.

Europe protests pandemic measures.  1,000s protest in Berlin – 600 arrested.  (AP) 

4- More people in the USA are mad about all things Covid-CCP than we think. And more people than we think DO NOT believe that Biden won the election fair and square.

Mad as Hell and not taking it any more … (The National Pulse) 

5- The left has hurt our children with their Covid-CCP shut downs. This has to stop.

New study shows how much lockdowns harm innocent kids … (Conservative Review) 

6-  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to give his citizens the right to make their own decisions. It is refreshing because it is so rare.   He signed an Executive Order that lets parents decide if they want their children to wear masks at school.  (Daily Wire)

7- Here are three quick stories about far left politicians who pay little to NO attention to the Covid-CCP mandates they force on lesser people.

– Obama has a HUGE party for his 60th birthday in the middle of a “pandemic”.(Daily Mail) 

– Chicago Mayor Lightfoot attends huge music event and does not wear a mask.

(Fox News) 

– Far left DC Mayor officiates wedding with hundreds of guests, none of whom wore masks.   (Outkick) 


There is much more coming to you this week. Remember that information is power. Gather it and share it.

Hold Fast,

Sidney & Team Kraken