Dear Patriots,

We are holding our breath and praying unceasingly that the results of the Mid-term Elections are as strong or stronger than all the polling currently indicates. There are so many aspects of our country that need attention quickly. The list is almost too long to compile. We need determined, strong advocates in all elected offices to solve the problems the left has dropped at our feet.

-Pray for the candidates that they may be confident and adroit during this last week of campaigning.

-Pray for our country that we may have elections with deafening results to end the tyranny of the failed left.

1- Why would they try so hard to stop people from watching their ballot collection boxes?

The Gateway Pundit   

In Blow to Democrat Ballot Traffickers: Federal Judge Rules That Watching Drop Boxes For Voter Fraud Is Protected Under The First Amendment In Arizona After Marc Elias And Attorneys File Lawsuit

QUOTE: A federal judge has ruled that grassroots activists have the First Amendment right to peacefully assemble near dropboxes in Arizona and watch them for suspicious activity or voter fraud.

These are patriotic Americans who, unlike Democrats and delusional Republicans, prefer to hold elections that are free from fraud.

Of course, secure elections infuriates the left and their posse in the fake news.

The Gateway Pundit reported that hack ABC Reporter Nicole Grigg harassed ballot box observers in Arizona last week.

Grigg’s coverage of these patriots and leftwing claims of “voter intimidation” sparked a lawsuit to stop patriots from exercising their right to peacefully observe drop boxes in the state.

Earlier this week, it was reported that lawyers with Marc Elias were in federal court to stop the drop box watchers in Arizona.

2- We have long promoted the regulation and break-up of the mammoth Big Tech operations. It looks like they may do themselves in. However, this hurts everyone in the process. We are also watching the Elon Musk saga at Twitter with glee.

Investor’s Business Daily 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Pipe Dream Turns Into $618 Billion Nightmare

QUOTE: Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to dominate the metaverse is turning into a nightmare for everyone. And it’s costing the real world serious cash: $618 billion to be exact.

Shares of S&P 500 member Meta Platforms (FB), the company formerly known as Facebook, crashed nearly 25% Thursday to 97.94 following a dismal earnings report. The company, which is shifting toward money-losing virtual reality products and away from its social media gold mine, reported a quarterly profit that missed expectations by 11%.

After this latest leg down, more than $600 billion in market value has vanished since the company announced its new name nearly a year ago on Oct. 28, 2021. And the stock is down a crushing 69% since then — more than double the declines of other mega-cap tech stocks.

Meta’s major wipeout is spreading pain throughout the S&P 500. Keep in mind this company was worth nearly $900 billion a year ago. It consistently ranked among the top 10, if not top 5, most important holdings in the S&P 500.

Now, it’s valued at just $263 billion — marking one of the most colossal falls in S&P 500 history. Even the epic crash of Enron cost investors less ($75 billion).

3- This is why every single vote matters. We must have a resounding repudiation of the insane, failed leftist agenda.

Bob Maistros at Issues & Insights 

Progressives Have Descended Into Madness — And Are Dragging The Rest Of Us With Them

QUOTE: Demented 1: mad, insane    2: affected by or exhibiting cognitive dementia. Merriam-Webster

Tuesday night’s Pennsylvania Senate debate brings into sharp relief the fact that America is really, truly, genuinely, not kidding, experiencing a debate as to whether it is “ageism” or “ableism” to question the fitness for office.

It is not discrimination in any way, shape, or form to expect that at a minimum, a president be sufficiently sentient to represent his nation with dignity on the world stage. Or a senator be capable of engaging intelligently with his colleagues, the public and the media without his spouse’s or technological intervention.

Rather, sophists’ attempt, on purely political grounds, to protect public figures who fall under the second definition of the term “demented” offered above is perhaps the most conclusive proof ever that the progressive movement has completely descended into the first.  And is slowly but surely dragging this once truly exceptional nation with it.

By presenting the refusal to accept as authority figures men who were upwards-failing, buffoonish mediocrities as somehow malign, this Ruling Class is demanding that the knee be bent to its entire power structure. It is working to break ordinary people trying to live ordinary lives, in the manner of 1984’s Winston Smith, by jamming into their faces their greatest fears: economic insecurity, social opprobrium, and alienation of their children.

But Americans cannot allow themselves to be broken. The citizenry must continue to resist, until compatriots of character and good common sense can wrench back control of the commanding heights of government, business, our culture, academia, and the media.

Rather than bend the knee, America must, as progressives like to say, bend the arc of history back to normalcy and sanity. Because to lose the battle for our collective minds is to lose, irretrievably, our country itself.

4- Since the Fake News will never report on the massive negative and deadly effects of various injections, the public does not realize the risk they take by listening to “experts”.  Pray for those suffering in silence from these avoidable injuries.

Remember, TRUTH does not mind being questioned.

A LIE does not like being challenged.

Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.  at Children’s Health Defense 

Woman Injured by Gardasil Vaccine Shares How COVID Shots Injured Her Mother and Ended the Life of Her Grandmother

QUOTE: In 2012, when she was 20 years old, Rochelle was so injured by Merck’s Gardasil vaccine that she had to give up her pre-med studies. Ten years later, her mother was injured by Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, and shortly after, her grandmother died just a few weeks after getting Pfizer’s vaccine.

As a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 2012, 20-year-old Rochelle had a bright future ahead of her. She was studying biology on the pre-med track with straight A’s and was planning on becoming a veterinarian or physician. Rochelle’s ambitions came crashing to a halt after she received Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine that year, which caused her to develop chronic health problems that continue to this day.

But that wouldn’t be the last time a vaccine wreaked havoc on Rochelle’s life — her mother and grandmother later sustained severe adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines. And in the case of her grandmother, Rochelle said, the COVID-19 vaccine led to death.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Rochelle, now 30, shared her story, and her mother and grandmother’s stories. She asked that her full name and those of her family members be withheld, but provided The Defender with documentation to corroborate her account.

Like many other vaccine injury victims, Rochelle sought refuge and support on social media, including in the Vaccine Injury/Side Effects Support Group on Facebook, founded by another individual injured by vaccines, Catherine “Cat” Parker.

“People can be extraordinarily cruel to those who speak about vaccine injuries,” she added. “This is due to their own ignorance and brainwashing, but sometimes you still need to cut these toxic people out of your life because they will never understand it unless [and] until it happens to them.”

However, sharing her story also subjected Rochelle to a heavy dose of censorship, harassment, and threats — another parallel with the experience of many other vaccine-injured individuals.

“There are thousands of us who gain nothing and risk to lose everything by speaking out, and yet we still do, because we are suffering immensely and the truth is important to us,” said Rochelle. “To think we would lie about vaccine injuries for our own benefit is completely senseless.”

5- They knew. They lied. Protect your children from this injection.

The Epoch Times  

CDC Officials Told They Spread Misinformation but Still Didn’t Issue Correction: Emails

QUOTE: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials were alerted that they spread misinformation about child COVID-19 deaths but still did not issue corrections, according to emails obtained by The Epoch Times.

Drs. Katherine Fleming-Dutra and Sara Oliver were told within days of presenting to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the CDC’s vaccine advisory panel, in June that statistics from a preprint study they shared were wrong, the emails show. But after internal discussion about how to respond, neither the CDC nor the officials corrected the false information.

Fleming-Dutra and Oliver both referenced the study, which has not been peer reviewed, while the CDC’s advisers weighed whether to recommend the agency grant emergency authorization for COVID-19 vaccines for babies and toddlers.

The committee ultimately recommended the CDC authorize Pfizer and Moderna shots for children as young as 6 months of age and the CDC quickly accepted the recommendation.

A week later, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky appeared to cite the false statistics while urging parents to get their children vaccinated, despite no evidence the vaccines protect against severe illness and despite the clinical trials returning substandard or unreliable results for shielding against infection.

Kelley Krohnert, a citizen researcher and mother who flagged the preprint, triggered the internal discussions among CDC officials, according to the emails.

The confirmation that the CDC officials were made aware of spreading misinformation but did nothing is “super frustrating,” Krohnert said.

“They had all this internal discussion about the criticism and still the CDC director gets on TV and spouts the same criticized data,” she told The Epoch Times. “And at that point, Flaxman even said he was going to be updating their report.”

None of the CDC officials have ever replied to Krohnert.

The analysis from the British researchers utilized CDC data. It took Krohnert under an hour to run the same numbers. The Epoch Times also examined the data on the CDC’s site, corroborating Krohnert’s analysis. It’s unclear why the CDC scientists didn’t do the same.

6- It is so rare that ANYONE criticizes “The One”, Barack Obama, that we had to share this.

Also, over the weekend while campaigning in Michigan, Obama lost control of the crowd when a loud group repeatedly chanted what they thought of Joe Biden.

Watch the video of Herschel at the link. We pray that Herschel wins on Election Day and does not have go into a run-off.

Libertarians in Georgia, PLEASE, vote for Walker!

Red State 

Herschel Walker’s Hilarious and Honest Response to Obama Is Pure Gold

QUOTE: … the desperate Democrats pulled out Barack Obama to help them in their flagging races in Georgia. Stacey Abrams is way behind Gov. Brian Kemp in a rematch for Georgia governor and Herschel Walker was up five points on Raphael Warnock in the most recent poll from Rasmussen.

Obama aimed at Herschel Walker in a bizarre attack, saying Walker was a great football player, but what did he have to offer as a candidate? Obama made an analogy, saying you wouldn’t want him to fly the plane if you needed to fly. He also claimed Walker was a “celebrity who wants to be a politician.”

Walker skewered the heck out of Obama in a hilarious and honest four-and-a-half-minute response that just laid Obama out. Notice: no notes, no teleprompter, and no closed-captioning required — just real talk.

Walker then took on the pilot analogy, saying Obama said he wouldn’t hire Walker to be a pilot. “I wouldn’t hire him [Obama] to be a pilot either” Walker declared to great laughs.

“Where has he been?” Walker asked about Obama as everything has gotten worse under Biden. “He’s been in his nice house, hasn’t he? I haven’t seen him. Did he bring any cheaper gas? Did he bring any cheaper groceries? So what did he come here to do?” Obama came to pump Warnock, Herschel said, but Warnock’s problem is he needs to pick being a senator or a minister because he’s “not good at either one of them.”

7- No one knows the problems with voting machines better than Democrats.

Gosh, we miss The Reverend Jesse Jackson lecturing us on the need for forensic investigation into voting machines.
51% to 49%.
Check out the results of this weekend’s election in Brazil.
Incumbent Jair Bolsonare: 49.17%
Lula da Silva: 50.83%

8- This cartoon says a lot!


Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic