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Biden – 242,820 (66.1%)
Trump – 112,704 (30.7%)


Red – High/Rampant Fraud
Yellow – Possible/Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


VT had 35k new registered voters. Tiny NH next door had 200k new registered voters, validating my belief voter rolls are being manipulated in certain states.


What a weird state. 2016 had some Dem issues, Bern-outs throwing away their votes to third party; some gains are expected. Trump up nearly 20% from 2016 in votes in a state where 10 of 14 counties have population decline.


I am not confident third party votes aren’t being allocated to Biden at a certain clip given Clinton’s 55% share in Vermont. Trump won national bellwether Essex, which trends clean. 13 of the counties show suspect trends, and Chittenden (min. 10k) and Washington (4k) are obvious based on registration, pop. Decline, and Trump growth.


Biden appears to be 34k heavy in VT.


If 34k heavy, his margin would be 62.8% to 33.9%, or 97k.


Most in need of audits – Chittenden, Washington, Rutland, Windsor