BREAKING NEWS | They knew—and they know—including key government officials and lots of dirty politicians. Your votes have been stolen with algorithms and computers since 2000. 

We are sending you information urgent to your understanding of what has been happening in this country as far back as we can trace it right now.  We will flesh this out in more detail as fast as we can.  Right now, it is imperative that you all watch the following video and share it with everyone you know.

One of the biggest questions I’ve had has been why has it been and is it so difficult to get people in power to see the fraud in this and prior elections?  Why do they just issue blanket denials of “no evidence” when there are mountains of it?  Why do they turn a blind eye?

The answer to that question is now obvious to me.  They all know.  They have long known. 

Countless politicians entrenched in power have known for years the votes are manipulated by “powers that be”—not according to the will of the voters.  Just imagine the billions of dollars in the campaigning/election industry alone, the RNC, the DNC, that is all a sham.  Our votes are not deciding our elections.  Nefarious people/communists are.

Witnesses, including one brave whistleblower who created an algorithm to rig an election, have told government officials for years.  The criminal conduct there also ties into a CCP spying operation that was exposed but left essentially untouched. 

Question:  Was that also during the time that Senator Diane Feinstein employed a Chinese spy and served on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence?

Now with the help of great patriots, we have found additional evidence of their direct knowledge—as reflected in the video and attached affidavit.

Here’s what you need to see right now—from a hearing in 2004 that included members of Congress Jerry Nadler and Maxine Waters among others. 

WATCH: Your votes have been stolen with algorithms and computers since 2000.

We also have the Defense Department’s own interest in patents for the very processes that allow votes to be manipulated and change by unseen hands and a patent for a process to predetermine an election—just as it happened in 2020.  More on this in the next news blast.

We have truly been living in “The Matrix”—a movie I despised when it came out because of the difficulty it created in distinguishing reality from appearances.  Sickeningly, the truth is it was more real than not.

Stay tuned.  Much more to come.  The Truth will set us free.  Sidney