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Trump – 1,852,475 (60.7%)
Biden – 1,143,711 (37.5%)


Red – High/Rampant Fraud
Yellow – Possible/Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


Very troubling map of TN. Trump up 330k, a GOP record even above the low turnout 00 election to 04. Obama +51k from Kerry, down 127k, Clinton down 90k, even with MASSIVE GROWTH in TN. Now Biden is up 273k, with at least 101k excess. State was a wipeout, even giving Biden a modern record vote gain for Dem.


Shelby (Memphis) isn’t too far from trend. Davidson should have huge Dem growth and does, flagging it for 15k, lenient. Previous high gain for D is 16k; Clinton up 5k, and that came with 13k GOP loss in 2016. Trump is up 16k, with Biden up 51k – though I’d expect a large surge there.


The most significant areas are in proximity to Davidson, with Knox being another spot with some spread. Hamilton is obvious, at least 10k heavy;


Best Trump county audit targets – Hamilton, Knox, Rutherford


If Biden is 101k heavy, Trump margin would be 62.7% to 35.3%, or 809k.