South Dakota

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South Dakota


Trump – 261,043 (61.8%)
Biden – 150,471 (35.6%)


Yellow – Possible/Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


SD provides party registration data which makes it easier to highlight reversals of trend. In Minnehaha County, home of the Cyber Symposium, Dems dropped 1100 from voter rolls and GOP added 4400, a sizable shift in one of the states largest counties; however, Biden picked up 10k votes after two consecutive elections of dumping votes – I’ve tagged that for 6k heavy, allowing for a 13% vote gain.


Pennington (Rapid City) is a little bit heavy, and so is Lincoln, but I can’t see any more than 11k excess Biden votes here. Minnehaha (Sioux Falls) absolutely should audit.


Audit – Minnehaha