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Trump – 1,020,280 (65.4%)
Biden – 503,890 (32.3%)


Red – High/Rampant Fraud
Yellow – Possible/Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


Something seems off when Trump gains 71k new votes in OK, and Biden cranks out 84k, especially when every single county trends more R in registration, with that indicator forecasting wider margins each election since 2008.


Biden is at least 39k heavy per trend/pop/registration analysis. Oklahoma County (OKC) is the big issue and had a contested house race. GOP outregistered Dems 5:3 after Trump won it by 10.5% in 2016, but Trump somehow barely held the county. The numbers suggest electronic fraud, Dem gain of 30k being an all-time high.


Tulsa is also ugly, Dems down over 300 net on the rolls, GOP up over 5k new registrants, Dems gain record 21k. Cleveland Co., D net loss in reg, GOP +5.6k, record gain of 10k (7k previous).


Biden appears to be 39k heavy in OK.


If 39k heavy, Trump would be 67.0% to 30.6%, or 555k.


Most in need of audits – Oklahoma, Tulsa, Cleveland