New York

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New York


Biden – 5,244,886 (60.9%)
Trump – 3,251,997 (37.7%)


NY drifted 1.5% left in reg. and another 0.7% left in vote, but it appears Biden is 292k votes heavy just based on trends. It is clear DJT did well with registered Ds in NY with 432k vote gain. Clinton improved just 70k over Obama; Biden is strangely 689k over Clinton and 440k over Obama 08.


Trump’s biggest improvements were in NYC, with 4 of 5 trending Republican (Richmond would have if clean). Trump won NEW TWO PARTY votes in NYC 180k to 146k. It appears NY did not account for Trump gains in NYC so Bronx at 0.1% and Manhattan at 4% Dem increase paints picture of true city enthusiasm for Biden throughout the US.


Manhattan, Bronx, Queens are in green DUE TO TREND. My analysis doesn’t detect what is baked in for decades.


High – High/Rampant Fraud
Yellow – Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


If Biden is 292k heavy, an accurate margin for him would be 59.5% to 39.0%.


Best audit targets – Richmond, Suffolk, Nassau, Saratoga, Oneida, Onondaga