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Trump – 343,602 (56.92%)
Biden – 244,786 (40.55%)


Trump added 64k votes in 4 years, a GOP record, but curiously, Biden, while losing by 16.4%, gained 67k votes as the state registered just 58k new voters.


I think target here was actually senate race which was an 11% race between Bullock and Daines; also a gubernatorial race. Keep in mind, there is a big scrap in Missoula Co. right now over about 6,000 ballots thought to be illegally cast.


MT does not register by party, so using working class/population growth trends.


Red – Obviously Ugly (6)
Yellow – Suspect/Likely Fraud (19)
Green – Clean (31)


Estimates for excess votes based on pop. growth/trends:
Cascade – 3k
Flathead – 5k
Gallatin – 7k
Lewis and Clark – 3k
Missoula – 6k
Yellowstone – 6k


I estimate 46k excess votes statewide. If accurate, and counting ONLY excess Biden vote growth, Trump should have won this state about 61.6% to 35.6%, or 26.0% – in other words, a shellacking that tracks accurately with the progression from 2012 to 2016.