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Trump – 771,406 (56.2%)
Biden – 570,323 (41.5%)


Red – High/Rampant Fraud
Yellow – Likely Fraud
Green – Low/No Fraud


KS is quite a bit worse off than NE, with most of the talk focusing on Johnson Co., which voted Dem for the first time since 1916 (!!) – Trump held the county by 8k in 2016 with a 21k vote dropoff from Romney, and if the registration totals by party are accurate, big shift left coming in 2020. Trump gained 18k back, not quite to Romney (158k) totals, but Biden gain is ridiculous, 54k (41%!!) improvement in one year. Obama ‘08 gained 29k and with a GOP vote LOSS. Estimate 20k high, minimum, even if flipped.


In Sedgwick (Wichita), Trump has a record GOP vote gain for one election, only to be opposed by a massive record Dem gain, estimating 15k high, minimum. Prime audit target.


If Biden is 48k heavy, an accurate margin is 20.2%, or 58.2% to 38.0%, or 249k votes.


Best GOP county audit targets – Sedgwick, Leavenworth


Need to audit – Johnson, Shawnee