Evidence of fraud in


Now Is The Time To Act

We encourage people to contact their state legislators to demand they get involved per Article II and ensure election integrity and that the People are not disenfranchised by fraud.

If you are a resident of Iowa, click below to locate your legislator using your address.


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Trump – 897,672 (53.1%)
Biden – 759,061 (44.9%)

While OH & IA were never in play, IA matches more with MN & WI, and OH goes with PA & MI. IA is swingy. Registrations in medium to large counties all check out, and even the statewide number, just a hair in favor of Democrats, accurately forecasted a 1% drift left. Reagan won Iowa by less in 1984 than in his first campaign.

Green – Low/No Fraud

Iowa is the cleanest state I’ve seen yet. Keep in mind, “all green” doesn’t mean there is no fraud. It just means that trends are in keeping with recent political shifts, and also something IA provides us – registration by party.

One critical point, magnifying the insane Biden numbers elsewhere in the region, especially MN, with a “7% victory” (228k excess), and about 139k in WI.
IA Biden vote % over:
Obama ’08: -8.4%
Obama ’12: -7.7%
Clinton ’16: +16.1%

MN Biden vote % over:
Obama ’08: +9.1%
Obama ’12: +11.1%
Clinton ’16: +25.5%

WI Biden vote % over:
Obama ’08: -2.8%
Obama ’12: 0.6%
Clinton ’16: +18.0%