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Many have been asking me to get working on non-contested states so we can get audit groups organized. Here is a hotly requested one.


BIDEN – 3.472m (+1.025m, +16.99%)
TRUMP – 2.447m


Trump is +301k from 2016, but loses the state by 80k extra thanks to Biden’s 382k gain.


Important to note that Biden is +53K from Obama (from IL) 2008 total, while Trump is +416k from McCain and +311k from Romney… In a state with a 0.1% DECREASE in population since 2010.


102 Counties
10 Red (Obviously Rigged)

16 Yellow (Likely/Minor Rigged)

76 Green (Clean) – see Greene and Jersey for textbook Rust Belt Shift examples since 2008


Most of the machinery is connected to Chicago, no surprise. Smaller network in center of state/Champaign area.


Stronger one across river from St. Louis.


I estimate Biden is 195K too heavy before we count Cook, where he is +97K over Obama ’08. The question for Cook is “HOW MUCH?”


Likely not a Trump state, but single digits blue.