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Biden – 366k (63.7%)
Trump – 197k (34.3%)


I remember a recent president from HI who maxed out at 325k votes, with GOP topping out at 121k, as main voting center of state only grew by 2% in population over the entire decade. It seems people had been waiting for Biden this entire time.


Trump’s gain of 68k in HI is a GOP record. Hawaii added 76k new voters since 2016, and when viewing the trend, there has been a tightening since 2008, with loss of D votes all around since Obama’s first run. Historically, GOP incumbents run stronger in HI during re-election (Reagan won it and GW Bush had 45%.


Estimated excess:
Hawaii – 10k
Maui – 10k
Kauai – 5k
Honolulu – 30k


If told ahead of time Trump would receive 197k votes, I am estimating that Biden is 55k higher than would be thought possible, at most generous expectations and assigning all third party totals from 2016 to his column. More accurate margin considering ONLY excess votes is about 21.9%, with Trump near 40% in Honolulu.


All should be audited.