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Forwarded from The Lone Raccoon (Lone Raccoon)
Never gets old. But I hope soon it's just a memory
Forwarded from LadyDraza
Good morning! I am in need of help please. Well, me and all the babies in Louisiana. I was sent this by a Dr. (whom I also consider a friend) in LA. The Gov of LA (who won the seat in 2019 in a race voted on by Dominion machines by a margin of roughly 50.5:49.5) has said he will pull funding for all state senators who vote to not require COVID vaccines for school.

Anyone who could send out a request to your groups to ask people to take a second to let the LA Senate and Gov know what a horrible decision both the required vaccine and the leverage of the funding are...we would be very grateful.
Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News
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"The World Health Organisation can go to hell".

Mark Dolan rips into Bill Gates and the World Health Organisation pandemic treaty live on GB news 🔥
Forwarded from ElectionFraud20.org
Comments on LadyDraza's post

A great post by LadyDraza that everyone should read, think about and discuss with other patriots.

Repeating "Number 1" because it is so important 😊:

"Number 1 would be to clean up the system, new voter rolls maintained by the counties, no (or SUPER minimal) mail-in voting, single day in-person voting, hand counted paper ballots."

We would add a Number 2: Everything MUST be verifiable.

If a county is not able to reconcile their voter rolls with the voter history file, or if the printed tapes go missing, or electronic ballot images become corrupted (or go completely missing!), the whole election results for that state must be null and and void. In fact we need legislature to decertify elections if any of these become apparent after certification.

Furthermore all votes must be tallied within 24 hours from when the booths close. This would be a hard cut off. Again if a state can not do the count within 24 hours, the election results for that state must be null and void.

Side note: A full and thorough review of standards and procedures is in order.

The emphasis must be placed on:

- True accountability. (Not this name-calling, pass-the-buck, "weasel" pseudo-accountability we are forced to endure.)

- Establishing "secure and verifiable" chains of custody. (This is pretty basic but painfully lacking)

- Data transparency and public availability. Voter roll snapshots must be taken and preserved after each election and made available to the public. (The voter rolls are such a disaster they warrant a post of their own... stay tuned.)


Comments on some bullet points:

1) This is really clever IF they keep using the same algorithms. There is a good chance they may not. It would definitely be worth doing regardless, just to double check whether voter records get updated correctly. (Please keep a record of the date and time you make the change and double check that as well). Who knows you might be lucky and get a brand new unique database identifier too 😉

4) 5) That's the spirit 🍕🥳

6) Databases and database administration is a HUGE issue. It might require more scrutiny than this. Any database tampering should be an immediate "null and void" sentence for the whole state. (And that includes copying data from an old database to a new one and manipulating the data on the way through. The new database will look perfectly "clean"... so no new databases must be allowed to be created either.)

Thanks Draza! These are great conversation starters 😁


Reference: LadyDraza's original post (Check out the comments there too.)

KN for @ElectionFraud20_org
Forwarded from Chief Nerd
Dr. Mary Talley Bowden saw a 15-year-old patient who suffered with an itchy rash for 9 months post-vaccination - no response to steroids or Xolair. After 3 days of Ivermectin it cleared completely.


Forwarded from Nick Moseder (Nick Moseder)
Media is too big
🤯Erin Clements Presents SMOKING GUN Evidence Of Fraud to Otero County Commissioners!

(This is hands down some of the most damning evidence I’ve seen since November 3rd 2020)

Forwarded from The Professor's Record
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Dominion Voting has a socket design on their machines, strategically placed to easily add a wireless modem to their mother boards.

Why would this feature exist when the election machine provider swears they are not configured to access the internet?

Dominion CEO John Poulos committed perjury before the Michigan Senate on this particular claim.

Forwarded from Joe Oltmann
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If you are in NC listen up...
Call to action in Surry County for election integrity. Surry county is the first County to ask to remove the machine and they need your help, they need everyone in North Carolina to attend the county Commissioners meeting on Monday night 6pm. The GOP Chair is asking the county commissioners to remove all voting machines and count the votes manually. They are getting huge push back from state board of elections. Without your support this might not happen. We need 1000 people to attend from all over NC. Please attend.
Forwarded from Liz Harrington
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Gregg Phillips says illegal vote trafficking is very deep and widespread, involving BILLIONS and powerful foundations behind Barack Obama and Stacey Abrams

“As eye opening as the movie is, we know so much more...this is really just the beginning.”


Forwarded from Utah Revival

7 pm Tuesday, 24 May

Cooper Nickel Events, 2450 Grant Ave, 84401, Ogden

to hear results of Davis, Utah, and Box Elder Canvass!

Washington and Iron County results that were presented last Friday will posted soon!

For updates and more information go to www.getinvolvedutah.com
Forwarded from KanekoaTheGreat
Media is too big
Cache of emails from president’s son goes online | Sky News Australia

"The questions raised by these emails is what access Hunter Biden has been offering to Joe Biden when he was Vice President and previously as a Senator as well. One of the emails in this leak that has been put on the website suggested that there was access given to a Mexican billionaire because Hunter Biden asked for it and that included access to the inauguration of the White House..."



Forwarded from KAGBABE
Media is too big
Fox Business: Trump White House staffer Garrett Ziegler posts online searchable database of Hunter Biden’s emails https://bidenlaptopemails.com

“In this new trove of emails we’ve found new connections between Hunter Biden and the son of a Mexican billionaire.”
Forwarded from TimOhDee
Mr. Luna,

Election Integrity Idaho is a grassroots, volunteer effort to secure our elections in Idaho and to try and determine if fraud played a role in the 2020 election as evidence strongly suggests did occur in other States. So we read with great interest your letter on 'Safe and Secure Elections' dated 5/16/22.

You seem to be unaware that the conservative Heritage Foundation has ranked Idaho #38 in election integrity. Despite this dismal rating and despite the GOP party controlling both houses and the Governorship, zero progress was made to improve that ranking this past legislative session. One bill (H761) that would have improved our ranking to 24th and which passed the House with overwhelming numbers, died in the Senate State Affairs committee without a hearing - a committee controlled by Republicans.

Many of our members are Republicans. Most are appalled at the lack of effort the GOP has made getting behind improving election integrity here in Idaho. So to say that 'everything is fine here in Idaho' is not only wrong, it is dangerous. What makes Idaho immune from having happen here what has been seen in other States? In a conservative State such as Idaho, do you really want the GOP to be making statements that sound very similar to CNN talking points, that 2020 'was the most safe and secure election in history'?

The reality is that our group would not exist if the GOP was truly interested in election integrity. But too many people have had enough and are not going to sit around and be told everything is just fine. No, we have been doing the legwork to learn how our election systems work. We have been meeting with county clerks. We have been canvassing voters. We have delved into our voter rolls to clean them up. We have connected with similar groups nationwide and shared resources and research efforts. We have been pushing for cast vote records and cast ballot lists. This is the real work of securing our elections - getting to know every aspect of how they work, figuring out every way that fraud could occur and working to close any holes in our election processes to truly make them secure. We wish the GOP would get behind that effort.


Election Integrity Idaho
A true hero 🙏
Forwarded from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Zelenko Protocol) (Zev Zelenko)
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Important new update on my health.

Regardless of what happens next I just want to thank you all for your prayers, kindness and support over the last few years. It has meant so much more to me than you could ever know. Please continue to fight for freedom and NEVER allow tyranny to win.

May God bless you all.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD