What does a republic mean to you?


  1. Mark Overstreet

    A Republic means to me what the Framers of our Constitution left us with; which is a far cry from the livestock feeding at a trough that we have now. What a disgrace, but when a nation turns from God, he (gives them over to their depravity)! I have never admired an attorney as much as I do you!

  2. Vaughn Raup

    Dear Sidney, Thankyou for your incredible dedication to humanity and freedom for every soul. I feel a special love for you.
    You must know that their is no remedy within a corrupt system and the justice system has been corrupt from its inception.NO MAN SHALL STAND IN JUDGEMENT OF ANOTHER!…. A LAW OF SACRED MOTHER/FATHER GOD.
    You will find an inspiration which will assist you in the dismantling of our ungodly system of law. I send you my true heart love and respect.
    Vaughn Raup

  3. David Meador

    Thank you so much for what you have done and are doing on behalf of this great country. I know that you all are putting your livelihoods as well as your personal safety on the line to do what you do. Know that there are thousands of Patriots and Christian believers praying for you and themselves “getting involved” and doing what they can do to not only stem the tide of corruption and fraud but to expose and bring it to account. God bless you Sydney and your team!!!

  4. Kelly Kallel


  5. Iris Tatro

    FREEDOM! that aligns with our God-given Judaeo Christ-given values, that we may worship Him in Spirit and Truth! To pursue our divine callings and destiny our Father God has ordained uniquely for each of His children, unhindered by demonic regulations, rulings, and false narratives. We are called to transform our nation and world with His love, humanitarianism, generosity, His very nature of righteousness and justice, all based upon His foundational Word, the Bible.

    Shalom & Blessings to All, You’re in My Prayers!

  6. Onesmus Mulima

    I super appreciate the mission, unity can make work perfectly. Let’s give support and continue with fighting for ‘we the people’.

  7. Abby Adams

    What does THIS Republic mean to me?
    Certainly not the chaos of today: a federal government that has taken over the responsibilities of States with no concern for anything but power. Certainly not a federal government that is insisting that our children learn to be racists in the federal education system. Certainly not a federal government which would place a man losing his mind and a woman who has no business in the White House in that position at all. Certainly not a federal government that believed they were entitled to a working man’s pay and a retired persons savings. Certainly not a federal government that would kowtow to China or any other nation; or send billions of TAXPAYER dollars to Iran or nations that are US enemies (In fact, our government should send NO money to any other country EVER) Certainly not a federal government that would bankrupt the future from our children for the next 3 generations turning them into slaves to the federal government. Certainly not a House of Representatives with persons who would dishonor themselves in such great numbers as the democrats and many republicans are doing, and ditto for those in the senate by not keeping their Oath of Office. Certainly not to see a group of young socialists in government tho that goes back to the federal education system which is teaching children to be good communists in the federal education system. Certainly not afederal government, the state government, the county governments, and the city governments to adopt the United Nations coup called Agenda 21 which has used Climate Warming/Change to gain power per Christiana Figueres retired UN climate secretary. Certainly not that God, who stood by the first arrivals and the Founders to be maligned by the federal government and many people in this nation. Certainly not to have a corrupt media. Certainly not open borders to those who would be coming for social services paid for by US TAXPAYERS without permission…tho this activity satisfies the UN’s Agenda 21. Certainly not a federal government which would close the nation for a pandemic hoax, force an experimental vaccination program upon the citizens, and keep the experimental vaccination program going even tho 30 people a day, on average, are dying from having the experimental biological jabbed into their arms.
    A Republic, the US Republic, has a main function: guarantee individual liberty. Certainly not a Federal government which does not keep the borders secure, maintain a justice system which is the same for each person, politician or citizen, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, no matter ones religion. Certainly not unequal opportunity for those who wish to reach for what ever goals are in his or her imagination, skills, or motivation to achieve. Certainly not a federal government which has less than 20 written jobs usurp all the rest of the responsibilities from the States and the People.Certainly not a republic which does not leave the people to live their lives as they see fit in peace. THAT IS WHAT A REPUBLIC, AT LEAST THE REPUBLIC THE US CONSTITUTION GUARANTEES.

  8. Gia

    A Republic is a collection of States that are united in their desire and expectation of how our government is run. A Republic stands WITH each other, for each other, when tyranny steps in. A Republic, refuses the propaganda and manipulation used to break it up, never allowing the default of save yourself only. A Republic, holds our Constitution above all, for it was inspired by God. Its no wonder why George Washington put that second amendment in. He knew how the British played dirty. And from what I’ve turned up in some old newspapers, the U.S. has been infiltrated by the Monarchy with her Privy Council, Freemasons, Priori of Zion, and Vatican with their Mafia, all in NY, working on this take over. Why doesn’t anyone understand MALTA? Every Natzi sported that cross. Todays membership consists of Obama, Biden, Manuchin, Clinton, Bush, Blair, and more. And lets not forget how Eric Prince tried to start a war with Iraq. How the Pope sends in the Mercanaries to take out African leaders. Worst of all, these two, Queen Elizabeth and Vatican, have been running the global child trafficking networks. Still do. The Dutch Monarchy started PFIZER, and needed the children for labrats. After Mark Dutrox was arrested, King Albert called Hilary Clinton, who rushed right over, and set up tne ICMEC. Monarchs and Oligarchs hate us. Because all other Countries want the same Republic

  9. Jennifer

    ONE NATION, UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for ALL Americans.

  10. Nicky

    To all my American brothers and sisters ive watched for years what is happening in your great country its treason what the cabal are trying to do president trump is a man sent by God to finish the murdering cabal scum many of us in the UK watch what’s going on im a old veteran now and don’t have many years left but I worry about my 3 children and grandkids never give up your unbeatable..Donald j trump is the real president of the u s a I say this hoo ra my friends your saving the the whole world to god bless each and every one of you

  11. Donna R Mitchell

    A Constitutional Republic, to me, means individual freedoms.
    The Pursuit of Happiness.

    Whatever that is, for each of us, we are free to pursue it.

    Audit CA – 9.4 million ballots still missing!

  12. Amy Whicker

    The United States is a constitutional Republic which means we are a government by the people and for the people. The government answers to the people and not the other way around.

    Our only laws should be found in our constitution and should always and only be for the good and freedom of the people of the United States, not for the enlargement and power of government.

  13. Lisa Frumento

    The power being held by the people and their representatives as One Nation Under God— indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

  14. Lazaro Gonzalez

    Republic is a Goverment elected by the people and for peoples with a limited period of time.

  15. Jim Downs

    I may be only 56.but i love our nation and what it stands for i served in the service during the Regan administration.As a x service men.our great Nation..and our freedom.to wich it stands for.should never die. God Bless America.

  16. Richard matthews

    It means my country. All of it. Without this we have no country. Republic is where we chose our leaders to vote for us.
    When we lose the freedoms to vote and the votes counted correctly, we have nothing.

  17. Joy Boyce

    Hello, I’m looking for a religious exemption covid vaccine form for my daughter who is attending college. I looked at the Solari website and could only find an informative form that college or employers sign. Thank you!

    • Editor

      DefendingTheRepublic.org/covid – God bless you

  18. Mickie Gaines

    A republic is a place where freedoms are protected … thank you Ms Powell for fighting so hard for all of us. I am so thankful you are in our side! Stay strong … my prayers are with you.

  19. Jesse Contreras

    I was asked today am I going to vaccinate? I said no. What rights do I have? This is stressing me out. I had a heart attack and take blood thinners. People at work are all vaccinated except me. Please advise.

    • Editor

      Please check out defendingtherepublic.org/covid. There is a form for employers attached. God bless you!

  20. Sara L Lankard

    Love you Sidney! I pray for you and your team daily. Save the Republic!!!!❤


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