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Big News!

The court in Colorado in Coomer v. Trump, et al. just granted Sidney Powell and Joe Oltmann a two hour deposition of Dominion former VP and head of Security Eric Coomer regarding his Facebook posts, their authenticity, and his deletion of any.

This will be the first opportunity to question a Dominion employee in sworn testimony. The court has ordered the deposition taken pursuant to a protective order.

1- Was it just us or was everyone stunned by the reaction of thousands of college students last weekend in football stadiums in blue and red states?

These college students, en masse, jumped, sang, cheered and had fun without masks, social distancing and fear. Frankly, it was good to see that many younger people are rebelling from the tyranny of draconian Covid-CCP rules and mandates pushed down by leftist politicians and bureaucrats.


College Football Traditions Are Back and We’re All For it

2- Oh look! Look what happened “quietly”.   This has been a claim many have been pointing to for months only to be trashed and smeared for mentioning the wide open voting systems we have leaving our elections open to cheating.

(Just The News) 

New U.S. guidelines ban network-connected voting systems, acknowledging vulnerability to attack

QUOTE: After years of warnings about state-sponsored hackers and the contentious end of the 2020 election, the federal commission that sets the standards for American voting machines has made a major change rather quietly: Going forward, vote systems cannot be connected to any digital networks, and wireless technology must be disabled too.

The Election Assistance Commission’s Voluntary Voter System Guidelines 2.0 were released earlier this year without much fanfare and nominal media coverage, even though they were the first major revisions since 2015 and the first complete overhaul since VVSG 1.0 was issued 16 years ago.

3- Everything is not great on our university campuses, as illustrated by this one professor’s story which he tells in his resignation letter. American education is a  dismal failure. This is a travisty.

(Bari Weiss Substack) 

My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit.

The more I spoke out against the liberalism that has swallowed Portland State University, the more retaliation I faced.

4-  Catch up on all the news with the Arizona audit and the important canvassing results plus much more by listening to the Wednesday September 8 episode of The War Room.

Here is a report on the Arizona canvass done by grassroots efforts over the past months. Note the photo of the empty lot from which two votes were mailed.
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5- Is it any wonder that more and more Americans turn their backs on believing anything they hear or see that is called “news”?

This story about the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid-CCP is full of made up lies that not one person who retweeted it could be bothered to check out.

Here is the truth and it is backed with facts.

(The Desert Review)

The great Ivermectin deworming hoax

QUOTE: We may not be able to do much about poisonous informational flooding, but we can all recognize it when it occurs by the sheer number of copycat stories. We can usually see who or what is behind it and boycott those groups UNLESS it is our own government agency, in which case we need to vote for some different people who will reform it. Like Henry Waxman reformed Big Tobacco, someone needs to reform our agencies before we lose more American lives.

6- It is important that you remain healthy and know what to do if you come down with Covid-CCP. It is a tough world out there once you are sick.

We recommend that you ask your primary doctor for Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment as soon as you can. This article walks through some of the challenges.

(Robert Jones)

How to Prepare for COVID (and How Not To)

As I write this, both my wife and I have COVID. My wife came down with COVID symptoms approximately two weeks ago. My symptoms started approximately a week ago. Our diagnoses were confirmed at a local clinic.

We will have more information later in the week.

Read. Share. Pray.

Hold Fast,

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